May, 2010

What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision

C-Level Strategies

I recently attended a conference at which a number of CEOs and marketing executives were present. One morning when at a breakfast table with seven others the discussion turned, as it often does, to how we could be of help to each other

CEO 105

Rejoice in Life

Tony Mayo

This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little

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One Way To Guarantee That Your Suggestion Is Ignored

The Recovering Engineer

I have noticed one behavior many of us use that almost guarantees that our suggestions, solutions, and opinions will be ignored when we offer them: We tell people what to do before we have heard their whole story

FAQ 78

Improvement Deficiency Syndrome

Chris Brady

There are excellent books on how to improve our lives in all areas. There are wonderful seminars conducted by some of the sharpest minds about how to identify our blind spots and grow personally. Mentors and coaches and helpers who

The Personal Strength of Honesty - Your Credibility Depends On It

Building Personal Strength

The other day my wife was telling me stories about her time as a young commercial banker in Houston in the 1980s. Oil prices had fallen drastically, so her client portfolio consisted mostly of “work-out projects”—finding ways to help businesses repay loans before they defaulted.

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Communication Tips: Connecting With Outgoing, People-Oriented.

The Recovering Engineer

Remember these suggestions the next time you interact with people who are fast-paced and people-oriented, and you will improve the odds that they list

Tips 67

List to the Lee

Chris Brady

No rewind on life. Our grasp has no grip. There's not a thing we can do. To slow down this trip. Open your eyes wide. See all that you see. Gales blow to the rocky shore. We list to the lee. We kick against goads

What Entertainers Can Tell Us about Personal Strength - 13 Quotes

Building Personal Strength

I've been collecting quotes about personal strength since 1972. One thing I've learned is this: wisdom comes from everywhere! No one group of people - philosophers, for example - have a lock on wisdom.


Chartered Management Institute

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What I Learned About Networking When I Asked a Stranger for a Kidney

C-Level Strategies

It was June of 2006. I was on home-based dialysis because both of my kidneys had stopped working the previous summer. Every night at around 9:00 pm I would head to my bedroom for the night, hook myself up to a dialysis machine via a

Mayo 88

Meditation Builds the Brain

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo shares some of the latest brain research on the benefits of meditation practice

Communication Tips: Connecting With Outgoing, Task-Oriented People.

The Recovering Engineer

Remember these suggestions the next time you interact with people who are fast-paced and task-oriented, and you will improve the odds that they listen

FAQ 64

Only You Can Stop You

Chris Brady

IMG_0457 I've studied for years the many people who have achieved tremendous things in life, and one thing I find common to them all is the audacity to follow their own inner voice. If you think about it, much of our unhappiness comes

The Teamwork Formua - Five Magic Questions

Building Personal Strength

I enjoy working alone. In fact, on a typical business day I work at my computer in isolation all day long. But that fact is misleading. I coordinate my work dozens of times a day with my coworkers through email, instant messaging, a private forum, and phone.

Management by Walking Around, a.k.a. Leadership


How We, As Leaders, Give Our Power Away | C-Level Strategies.

C-Level Strategies

How we, as leaders, unknowingly give our power away

Power 21

What Makes a Great Teacher? Leadership

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo shares some actionable insights for executives that emerged from the study of excellent teachers

Effective Communication Skills: Use And More than But

The Recovering Engineer

This is a simple, straightforward communication technique that you can use immediately to improve your ability to connect and communicate with others: Use “and” more than “but”. Imagine that you and I are in a conversation and that you

You Told Me Otherwise

Chris Brady

I thought her a beauty. And took to her smile, But you told me otherwise. Suspecting her guile. I liked his stories. And thought them a laugh, But you told me otherwise. Said don't believe half. Their group took me in

Habits That Threaten Your Health - Do You Have the Commitment to Change?

Building Personal Strength

I’ve written here and elsewhere about how hard it is to break a habit and establish new behavior patterns. This is particularly true when it comes to changing health habits, like losing weight and quitting smoking.

0105 | Steve Farber


Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated—an organization devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in the business community. His latest book, Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson In Leadership , is a Wall Street Journal® and USA Today® bestseller. 0:00 Introduction. 1:25 What is GTY? 2:06 What lead you to write GTY? 4:08 Talk about the differences between mentoring and GTY. 8:29 What are the three tenets of GTY?

Focus - Concentrate on one thing at a time.

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you have a lot to do, it's tempting to multi-task. But you'll actually get more done if you concentrate on one thing at a time. In this video I explain why focusing your attention is more productive than trying to handle multiple

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Work Life Lead: Creating An Open Culture of Gratitude

Weekly Leader

More and more it is becoming evident that organizational leaders are not just decision-makers and systems managers, but the creators of a culture for the achievement of impact. Borrowing from the open source software movement

Communication Tips: Connecting With Reserved, Task-Oriented People.

The Recovering Engineer

Remember these suggestions the next time you interact with people who are slower-paced and task-oriented, and you will improve the odds that they list

FAQ 59

Pleasure, Pain, and Purpose

Chris Brady

We strive mightily to make things perfect. But would we really like them that way? What would a game of golf be like if every drive and putt were perfect every time? What would be the fun in hunting if every outing produced record game

FORTUNE COOKIE: More thoughts on Initiative

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday I posted a story about how in 2004 a series of hurricanes chased us out of a Florida paradise into the Texas Hill Country, which is a paradise of a different kind. I find I have more to say about the personal strength that made the biggest difference back then - initiative.

Memorial Day Leadership Lessons

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Is Memorial Day weekend just another holiday, or does it mean something more to you? While this weekend simply signifies a long awaited prelude to summer for some, it is much more than

Women Entrepreneurs and Business Development

Coaching Tip

Management Craft: How to Manage Up - Five Ways

Management Craft

Communication Tips: Connecting With Reserved, People-Oriented.

The Recovering Engineer

Remember these suggestions the next time you interact with people who are slower-paced and people-oriented, and you will improve the odds that they li

FAQ 56

Let Your Light So Shine - Bumpers in the Sun

Chris Brady

166485790_d81e954f71_o How much conflict, trouble, and strife could be avoided if we who are believers in Christ were better beacons of his example? My favorite verse is Matthew 5:16. Let your light so shine before men, that they may

BP Oil Spill - A Contrasting Spirit

Building Personal Strength

On the one hand, you have politicians who worked next to the President of the United States who were part of the oil establishment and who willfully let companies like BP write the rules they wanted and enforce themselves. Instead of doing the right thing for safety, you have greed and hubris.

Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: General Douglas MacArthur's.

Leading Blog

Distinguish Yourself! This Plumbing Company Did!


In a world in which it is so critical to Distinguish Yourself, as a person or a company or a team, Ed Oakley had a real-world chance to test two plumbing companies. Watch how ONE of them Distinguished Themself big time