Setting Yourself Up to Lead in 2019

Kevin Eikenberry

I promise that when you do these five things, leading in 2019 will be more […]. The post Setting Yourself Up to Lead in 2019 appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. rThere are predictions and prognostications of all sorts at the start of a new year.

How Clear Is Your Vision for 2019?

Lead Change Blog

The post How Clear Is Your Vision for 2019? At this time of year, we often find ourselves preparing for change – personal and business – based on our vision for the year ahead. Vision, Not New Year’s Resolutions! So, when speaking about vision, I am not talking here about having stuff in your head! That lies in the territory of New Year’s resolutions! However, many know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

LeadershipNow 140: January 2019 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from January 2019 that you don't want to miss: 6 Tips for First-Time Managers by @JesseLynStoner. 25 Questions to Help You Be a Better Leader in 2019 via @DDIworld. Why You Need to Avoid These 6 Culture Killers in 2019 by @WScottCochrane. If You Think You Can, You Will by @DougConant. How To Be Successful by @sama. What if we started asking " What problem would you like to help solve? " @FahdAlhattab.

19 Leadership Traits To Focus On In 2019

Joseph Lalonde

Most people do not and they struggle to improve their leadership capacity beyond their […] The post 19 Leadership Traits To Focus On In 2019 appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. You’re never done developing your leadership skills.

Top Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Strategy Driven

There are some strong trends that look set to dictate the business landscape in 2019, and smart entrepreneurs should be looking at the coming year and finding the best ways to integrate these trends into their business models.

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First Look: Leadership Books for February 2019

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Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2019. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Leadershift : The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace John C. Maxwell. In Leadershift, John C. Maxwell helps leaders gain the ability and willingness to make leadership changes that will positively enhance their organizational and personal growth.

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February 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

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Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided Leadership Development Goals for 2019. Are you looking to make 2019 your most productive year to date? Six ways we can try to be more intentional and creative with our expressions of gratitude in 2019.” The post February 2019 Leadership Development Carnival appeared first on Lead Change. Welcome to the February Leadership Development Carnival.

Leadership Development Goals for 2019

Great Leadership By Dan

One of my most read series of posts is my somewhat yearly list of New Year’s development goals for leaders. I don’t go back and check previous years, so there may be duplicates, as there should be. Things like “striving to be a better listener” come up each year as I work with leaders from around the world. In my coaching practice, I usually start with a 360-degree assessment and use that as to help leaders identify and choose their development goals.

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Workforce Trends for 2019

Chart Your Course

The post Workforce Trends for 2019 appeared first on Chart Your Course International. Human Resource Management Millennials Recruitment Skill shortages Surveys and Statistics Talent Management Workplace Productivity work trends workplace trends

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First Look: Leadership Books for January 2019

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January 2019. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Unlocking Creativity : How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions Michael A. Roberto Leaders do not have to conceive innovative ideas, but rather open the path for curious and creative employees within their organization.

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Trending Employee Benefits Your Startup Should Be Offering in 2019

Women on Business

We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven't already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link]. Women On Business Sponsors

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4 Aspects Job Seekers Are Looking for in 2019

Chart Your Course

notes , one of the most popular trends in employee perks for 2019 is a focus on a healthy work-life balance. Another aspect that employees are looking for in 2019 is a workplace that is safe and secure.

WorkHuman 2019: The journey continues

Surviving Leadership

Okay, yes. That’s a super cheesy blog post title. But cut me some slack – I’ve been writing about WorkHuman for a really long time! The first post I wrote about it was in 2015, which feels really long ago.

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Many Thanks from an Old Dog


Let's all have a great 2019


Getting the Most from the Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2019

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This year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials was under-whelming. Even though CBS charged $175,000 a second, or $5.25 million for a 30 second spot. Even Steve Carrell couldn’t save Pepsi’s commercial this year. See,… Continue reading → Encouragement Personal Growth Success courageous leaders Leadership Development organizational success

Why Your Mindset Will Be Your Biggest Struggle

Joseph Lalonde

Do you know what the biggest hurdle to changing your life in 2019 will be? Your biggest hurdle will not be family or friends. Your hurdle won’t be your job or your title. The biggest hurdle you’re going to face is your mindset.

Tribute to a great leader and good person


Good people die everyday. Yet not all of them affirm for us the goodness in humanity and leadership the way Ted did. He passed away last week and left a legacy of positive experiences for anyone who took the time to know him – which wasn’t a hard thing to do.

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Creating A Workplace Team Members Want To Work

Joseph Lalonde

Most team members cannot remember the last time they actually wanted to go to work. Research has shown 13% of your team is engaged in their work. This is sad, isn’t it? You don’t want your organization to be part of the 87% of workplaces people go to and are disengaged.

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Lessons from Washington & Lincoln

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P RESIDENTS DAY was created in 1968 when George Washington’s birthday (February 22) was moved to the third Monday of February as part of the Uniform Holidays Bill. Today it is thought of as a day to remember all U.S.

The Critical Few: Working with Your Culture to Change It

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C ULTURE is hard to change. And we’re usually fighting against it. But what if we used the culture to change it? What if by focusing on a few critical elements we could work with our culture instead of against it?

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Thomas Jefferson's Ten Rules to Live By

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Thomas Jefferson was skilled in many fields. In December 1962, John F.

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Best places to find jobs in 2019

HR Digest

Be sure of having a very bright outlook if you are considering places to find jobs in 2019. An Employment Outlook Survey by ManpowerGroup published by Forbes predicted a net employment outlook of 20 percent for the first quarter of 2019. Among the employers from 13 industries ManpowerGroup surveyed, 12 of them reported either stable or strong hiring intentions for the year 2019. The post Best places to find jobs in 2019 appeared first on The HR Digest.

Pacing for Growth

Lead Change Blog

You can join Becky Robinson live on March 4, 2019 at 12 PM ET as she talks with Mark about how to create a culture of full engagement. Whether you’re running a race or running a company, pacing is everything. Go too fast and you’ll burn yourself out—too slow and you’re left in the dust.

Hot HR discussion topics in 2018 and HR trends for 2019 #HRBLOG

Rapid BI

So what have been the challenging topics for HR professionals in 2018 and what will business demand of HR in 2019 and beyond? The post Hot HR discussion topics in 2018 and HR trends for 2019 #HRBLOG appeared first on RapidBI. Management #HRBlog 2018 2019 CIPD HR professionals HR Trends popular discussionsMany of my followers know that I am active on LinkedIn. Over the past 2 years, I have been recording the themes and topics that HR professionals discuss. As a way […].

The Death of Integrity

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Guest post by Larry Ackerman Note from Jesse: I am honored to host this thought-provoking article by my good friend Larry Ackerman on the Death of Integrity. It’s so good I wish I had written it myself. Important and well-written!

Take A More Strategic Approach To Hiring

Strategy Driven

I thought it would be interesting to explore the concept of “strategic” when it comes to hiring. Both in terms of positioning hiring within the context of the organisation and when undertaking hiring itself.

Collecting Questions – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

We are in the middle of a series of videos about collections. And if you haven’t noticed yet, some of these collections are of “things” that you might not have thought of collecting. In fact, most of them aren’t anything that you can put on a shelf or in a room of your house.

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The Modern Leadership Challenge: An Exquisite Merger of Life and Business

Terry Starbucker

In my now 37 years in the business world, I’ve witnessed and participated in quite an evolution of what constitutes modern leadership.

IO Improvement: Making Your Computer Perform Better Than New

Strategy Driven

Over the last few decades, computers have just about taken over the world. These machines are used in business, for people’s personal lives, and to handle loads of background jobs which most people are blissfully unaware of.

Collecting Memories – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

We are continuing in our series of videos about collections and today’s video is about collecting memories. I’ll talk about WHY we should collect memories and HOW to do it better and more often.

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3 steps to creating a culture that retains your best employees

Strategy Driven

Her book is a finalist in the Leadership category of the Business Book Awards 2019. Employees can do the minimum, or go the extra mile, and the difference between these two levels of performance, multiplied by the number of employees, can make or break a company.

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The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm 10. The post The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm appeared first on David A. The whole year is open for your consulting firm to accelerate to new heights of success.

How to deal with cyber-attacks: publicly or privately?

Strategy Driven

Cyber attacks spiked 164% in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, entailing 918 disclosed breaches-according reports on broadcaster CNBC. Threats vary from sector to sector. Healthcare, for example, is more susceptible to crypto-locker ransomware like the infamous WannaCry.

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Creating the Conversations That Help Them Grow

Leading Blog

F INDING good employees is not enough. Developing them is critical to keeping them. Everyone has options. If you are not growing and leading your employees, they will look elsewhere.

Why Being a Remarkable Leader Matters

Kevin Eikenberry

Being a leader is complex and difficult. It is understandable that we can get frustrated with things we are trying to improve that are complex and difficult. Being a leader is also important. Remaining aware and ready to improve can be a challenge, unless you know why leading is important to you.

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Fond Memories: 3 Ways to Be Remembered as a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Chris Dyer : Setting the tone for those with whom you work is a must for executives in the here and now. You establish yourself as the organizational authority. You suggest what type of behavior is acceptable.

What Is Expected Of You As A Leader

Joseph Lalonde

Eekkk! You got the call. You’ve been tasked with stepping up to a new role in your organization. They’re going to give you a new title. The title of a leader! Let the celebration commence. You’ve taken a big step by moving into a leadership position. Congratulations.

Collecting Lessons – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Last week I shared my observations on the idea of collecting something. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

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Learn Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Leo Bottary: Leadership lessons exist all around us, all the time. All we have to do is pay attention. Let me offer two examples – one is about growth and the other involves the power of declaring victory.

Forget Global – What Leaders Really Need Is A “Worldly” Perspective

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece from McGill Professor (and fellow Montrealer) Henry Mintzberg. Do we need more globalization on this globe? How about more worldliness in this world?

The Truth About You

Leading Blog

I N THE January/February 2019 issue of Communication Arts , Ernie Schenck writes about two kinds of truth: authentic and inauthentic. Authentic truth is who you are. Inauthentic truth is who you are when everyone is looking.

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Henry Mintzberg’s Bedtime Stories for Managers

Leading Blog

M INTZBERG’S 20th book, Bedtime Stories for Managers , is a thought-provoking page-turner. (In In that sense I’m not sure it’s good to read just before drifting off.) The stories—a collection or repurposed blog posts —are meant to be pondered.

Create a Soulful Solstice for New Beginnings

Lead Change Blog

What new self can you bring into 2019? Personal Development 2019 new year Purpose reflect self leadership self-awarenessDecember 21 marked the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year. This is the power of the pause, a time when the earth hunkers down, when plants draw deep into the earth and shelter under mounds of dirt while drawing strength for bursting forth in spring. What a powerful metaphor for all of us.