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Resilience: It’s All In Your Head

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I remember sitting on the edge of my bed crying. I have a variety of issues with my back. A few years ago they were acting up. One day I rolled out of bed about 4 pm because I couldn’t get up any sooner. I had a “why me?” moment. “Why is this happening to me?”

How You’re Perceived as a Leader May Be More Important

Ron Edmondson

Than how you lead I have learned how your team sees you may be more important than who you are as a leader. The perception people have about you matters greatly. Obviously, character is most important. Integrity matters even more than perception.

15 Ways to Talk so People Will Listen

Leadership Freak

We’ve all had leaders we wished would sit down and stop talking. Don’t be one. 15 ways to talk so people will listen: Decide if you care about great communication skills. Are you… Continue reading → Communication Leadership Development

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The Disposition of Attitude

Chris Brady

The following excerpt was taken directly from Chris Brady's critically acclaimed book, Rascal: It has often been said, “Attitude is everything.” Author John Maxwell, however, offers a great. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Happy 241st Birthday to the United States Army!

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage” US Army Values. Happy 241st Birthday to the U.S. The U.S.

The Struggles Of Being A Remote Leader With Yengyee Lor

Joseph Lalonde

Answers From Leadership Podcast #40 Virtual or remote leadership is becoming more common. You have the ability to lead teams outside of the office. But what do you do to help keep the team connected and working together? Yengyee Lor knows these struggles.

4 Connected Trends Shaping the Future of Leadership

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Our understanding of good leadership is advancing. In this video, I describe 4 powerful trends that are increasing leadership expectations and shaping what leaders need to be prepared to handle in the future. By Linda Fisher Thornton Our understanding of good leadership is advancing. In this video, I describe 4 powerful trends that are increasing leadership expectations and shaping what leaders will need to be ready to handle in the future.

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Celebrating Westerns



Delegate and Grow Ambassadors to Build Employee Engagement


The employee engagement journey is a continuous one and isn’t the result of an “event”. It is a continuing process. You must work every day at it, and when employees see you making that extra effort, they’ll do the same.

Antonio Carlos Jobim


Cultural Offering provides the essential mixes


Interview: Prosilience: Prepare for Change Before It Happens

Change Starts Here

In this episode, Dr. Linda Hoopes, author of Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World, joins the show to share how you can prepare yourself and others for change before it happens.

Keeping the Western Alive


True West : The world's greatest collection of western posters finds a home


Multinationals Have a Bright Future, If You Know Where to Look

Harvard Business Review

Jennifer Maravillas for HBR. The rising tide of economic nationalism has caused many observers to announce that globalization is not just in retreat, but near death. To be sure, the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump (as well as the popularity of various far-right European politicians) raise important questions about the future of free trade. But the future health of the multinational corporation is not in doubt.

Flag Day


Today is Flag Day in the United States. The International Business Times has a straight-forward story on the day. Newsweek takes the low road and injects politics into what should be a unifying story. [HT: HT: Suzanne Stork

AI Can Comb Through Your Data to Create More Compelling Customer Experiences

Harvard Business Review

Neasden Control Centre for HBR. The world has more data than ever before. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, we’ll produce 44 zettabytes every day. That’s equal to 44 trillion gigabytes. One gigabyte can hold the contents of enough books to cover a 30-foot-long shelf. Multiply that by 44 trillion. That’s a lot of data — too much for most companies to process.

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Great Book Titles


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To Survive, Health Care Data Providers Need to Stop Selling Data

Harvard Business Review

Most data-driven healthcare IT (HCIT) providers aren’t going to survive. Their business models are at serious risk of failure in the next three to five years. To beat those odds, they need to evolve dramatically, and fast, to a point where they are not selling data at all. Like any number of industries, healthcare is being transformed by the explosion of low-cost data. In healthcare, the transformation is driven in large part by electronic medical record adoption and digitization.

Best Movies of the 21st Century


Ross Douthat gives his list in The New York Times


When Leaders Are Hired for Talent but Fired for Not Fitting In

Harvard Business Review

Over and over again, organizations are unable to appoint the right leaders. According to academic estimates , the baseline for effective corporate leadership is merely 30%, while in politics, approval ratings oscillate between 25% and 40%. In America, 75% of employees report that their direct line manager is the worst part of their job, and 65% would happily take a pay cut if they could replace their boss with someone better.

"Worlds Apart"


A very interesting Heineken commercial on political/cultural differences. Well done. Have a beer

What Nursing Parents Need to Know About Pumping During Work Travel

Harvard Business Review

Any new parent who is returning to work is coping with a challenging professional and personal transition. Regardless of how well the employee has planned for their return, the reality of it is startling. But if the new parent’s return involves business travel, and that parent has chosen to nurse, it’s even more complicated. They need to quickly become an expert on the necessities and nuances of pumping on the road.

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