Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

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I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. Participants essentially create their own agenda and self-organize into groups to discuss topics that matter to them. Help People to Grow Really Listen employee development harrison owen influence large group facilitation leadership leadership development listening open-space open-space technology small groups

Executive Coach Leaves Participants With Action-Oriented Takeaways

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He is an outstanding workshop and group facilitator who leaves participants with action-oriented takeaways they can’t get anywhere else. —Hector Velez Chief Development Officer | Chief Sales Officer .

The Future of Leadership Development

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There are pros and cons to both group and individual leadership development. Groups facilitate networking and shared learning, and are efficient, but may miss the mark for some.

Integrative Listening – Is Anyone Truly Listening Anymore?

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She runs Wise Ways Consulting , which specializes in executive coaching, group facilitation, and high-engagement training. These days, it seems that the art of communication is being lost. All too often within society, conversations have become one-sided monologues with witnesses or even worse, people gathered together in one space while all looking at their devices. When people stop talking in the workplace, morale drops followed by productivity.

Five Ways to Equip People to Change

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For groups, facilitate difficult conversations so important issues are discussed and resolved. As change agents at work, we spend much of our effort on motivating people to change. However, even if someone is motivated to do something differently, they still need to be able to do it.

How to Perform When the Room Doesn't Work

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Negotiate and Move If You Can:   Back in the days when I did a lot of group facilitation, we had a joke that the first thing you learn as a facilitator is how to move furniture.

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Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

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Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. Executive Coaching and peer coaching groups were established to highlight and sharpen existing great behaviors and actions. Set-up plus facilitation of monthly internal customer focus group meetings. During these focus group meetings the leadership was able to hear what is needed for continued success and progress within the organization.

Facilitation is Your Work, Use Your Judgment

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If you ask 100 different facilitators you will get 100 different answers. In the context of a ropes course program you can see how facilitation being “work” can be identified and defined in at least three different ways. Your effort …today I worked really hard facilitating that group 2.

Sky Bottle Commander: Team Building Activity

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Props Needed: 10 – 12 water bottle per group (for this activity the water bottles must have a “loop” or something that can easily be hooked and picked up). Group Size: 10 – 15 per team. Facilitator Notes: This can be confusing.

From "Knowing" to "Doing" - The Problem with Leadership Training

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I was introduced to my own listening and group facilitation skills in a six-week course back in 1976. A manager has to facilitate her own learning and development in the real world of work, every day. Or something might go wrong in her group.

The ROI of going for it on 4th down with 2 yards to go.

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How to Manage a Narcissist

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Although a very talented individual, he was seen as a nuisance within the group. It wasn’t surprising that most of group did not like George and found it very difficult to deal with him. A group setting makes dysfunctional acting out more noticeable, more controllable, more discussable, and therefore less acceptable. Peer pressure will push the narcissist to adapt to the group’s norms.

Don't Neglect Your Power to Bring People Together

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To explain, let me share a quick example, in two acts: In Act One, the manager of a corporate engineering group was tasked with reducing the cost of common materials used by a number of different product teams. And the truth is that many managers are not skilled at group facilitation.