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A Medical Innovation Factory in the Middle of the Desert

N2Growth Blog

Group facilitation and mindfulness training enabled team members to uncover unconscious biases, hidden baggage, and preconceived notions. This culture of candor helped create a non-judgmental environment for next-generation leaders to venture out of their comfort zones, learn from others, build trust, and ask for help when needed.

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Executive Coach Leaves Participants With Action-Oriented Takeaways

Tony Mayo

He is an outstanding workshop and group facilitator who leaves participants with action-oriented takeaways they can’t get anywhere else. —Hector Velez Chief Development Officer | Chief Sales Officer . Tony has an uncanny ability to leverage his vast experience in order to provide great value to his clients.


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10 Essential Facilitation Skills for Meeting Leaders

Great Leadership By Dan

A meeting leader needs to be able to read the group’s tone and body language in order to assess their level of engagement, candor, and commitment. Skillful group facilitation involves knowing when to turn to a flipchart or whiteboard to capture what people are saying.

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Five Ways to Equip People to Change

Change Starts Here

For groups, facilitate difficult conversations so important issues are discussed and resolved. People also need help to succeed in their transitions. Help them understand their own resistance. Listen and reframe their point of view so they can approach change from a more helpful perspective. Manage conflict so it doesn’t hinder change.

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Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Using the focus group for targeted and necessary areas of success and improvement. Mike continued to fine-tune and systemize training & development programs, plus offer continued consulting on how to implement the feedback from the focus groups.

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Integrative Listening – Is Anyone Truly Listening Anymore?

Strategy Driven

She runs Wise Ways Consulting , which specializes in executive coaching, group facilitation, and high-engagement training. Melissa Davies is an internationally respected expert on developing workplace environments where people are able to show up better.

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Sky Bottle Commander: Team Building Activity

Mike Cardus

Idea From: Jen Stanchfield, Tips and Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation – “Fill the Crate”. It is important to have the “bottle zone” far enough away from the “planning zone” so that the team cannot see and create too good a plan for success. Mike is your answer.