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Nathan Magnuson

I’m happy to announce that last week I posted my first ebook Trusted Leadership Advisor: Accelerating the Leadership Journey of Others. Trusted Leadership Advisor is a compilation of some of my previous posts on this topic.

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How Introverts Can Succeed in Business and Leadership

C-Level Strategies

I came to understand that if I wanted to receive top assignments, get promoted, and garner support for my ideas I needed to approach the challenges of business and leadership in a uniquely savvy way. . I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be launching the eBook at #Blogchat!

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Special Leadership Savings at

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Applied to leadership development , thin slicing is about isolating thin slices of learning and delivering powerful insights from a single bite-size concept. It is our hope that you will enjoy reading and learn from this new guidebook focused on developing leadership skills.

Make Way for Introverts in Business and Leadership!

C-Level Strategies

I’m an introvert – and a very proud one at that – who has spent her entire career in the world of business and leadership. As many of you now know, I was inspired by my blog readers to write a series of similar blog posts that has now been turned into an eBook!

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Strong for Leadership - The Story Behind the Ebook

Building Personal Strength

I suppose because of my military background, I preferred quotes that relate to leadership and being a high-achiever. Recently, I decided to pick my top ten favorite quotes in 40 areas of personal strength for leadership. Personal Strength Leadership Books Encouragement

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Marketing your book on Amazon – five tips to boost sales of your Kindle ebook

Krishna De

With the increase in interest in ebooks as a great way to demonstrate thought leadership as part of your content marketing plan, many organisations are starting to use platforms such as Amazon to promote their publications. Source: via Krishna on Pinterest.

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New eBook: Our Top 16 Blog Posts of 2016


Included in our latest free eBook are the most popular leadercommunicator blog posts of 2016, recapping the most read, tweeted, and shared leadership and communication advice. What better time than the start of a new year to look back as a way to look forward.

The 3 Best Leadership & Communication eBooks of 2013


Here are the most popular (meaning helpful) eBooks we published in 2013. Number 2: The Courageous Communicator Quest This eBook is designed to be your guide as you navigate the journey to great leadership and communication. You voted, and the results are in!

A Reference Guide to Build Leadership Skills

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Developing commitment in a world of "free agents" and "volunteer" talent is not an easy assignment.and… requires effective leadership skills. . Leadership is basically an interactive conversation that pulls people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment. . From 1975 to 1995, according to the Library of Congress, books on leadership appeared at a rate of about 24 a year. Buy all eBook formats at S mashwords: .

Leadership Caffeine™ for the Project Manager eBook Now Available!

Management Excellence

Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leadership Caffeine Podcast Project Management Project Leadership Resources for Project ManagersWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

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My First eBook and Conquering Fear

Lead by Adventure

Well, today is the first official day of the launch of my eBook, 4 Steps to Choosing the Best Team Building Activities. I’ve learned a lot not only about the eBook process, but also about stepping out in the midst of fear.

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The Introvert’s Guide to Boosting Your Career Through Blogging

C-Level Strategies

Mack was kind enough to invite me to co-host with him and officially launch my new eBook with a Community that feels like it’s made of real friends. This is why –generally speaking- extroverts are more comfortable in the “outer world” of biz & leadership. HER eBook: [link].

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Visionary Leadership: Proof of Power in Pursuing Passion

C-Level Strategies

Now, as a consultant with the Content Marketing Institute I was quite familiar with the use of eBooks by individuals and companies to position themselves in their markets as thought-leaders. The eBook that started it all, “ 31 Days to Clean &# is also available for just $4.99!

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Understanding Leadership

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A person's conception of leadership matters because it will likely have a strong influence on how he or she processes the writings, leadership coaching , and development practices he or she experiences. Leadership starts with an ownership mind-set. . Leadership is a team sport.

[Quote] What is Leadership?

Dave Bratcher

Claimed your FREE copy of my ebook, Picture Book Manifesto on Leadership ? Your email: Leadership @davebratcher Dave Bratcher leadership quote Source: Pintrest. Leave your email address below.

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Ego Free Leadership

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Resolving those conflicts with a win-win mindset can unlock untold dividends in the form of a shared sense of purpose and commitment according to "EGO FREE LEADERSHIP: Ending the unconscious habits that hijack your business" , by business executive Brandon Black and executive coach Shayne Hughes. EGO FREE LEADERSHIP provides an in-depth examination of the habits and beliefs that hold executives and their teams back and offers solutions to removing crippling ego dynamics.

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The Great Leadership Development and Succession Planning eBook

Great Leadership By Dan

I'm pleased to announce the availability of my first eBook! Now I can cross "write a book" off my bucket list and I can include "author" in my official bio. (-: There will be no book signing tour - after all, it's an eBook. Jennifer Miller - Leadership author, speaker, and consultant.

New eBook: Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for Your Leadership Toolbox


If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of when it comes to leadership and communication, it’s strategies that work, best practices, and life lessons. Want more leadership communication tips?

Parents as Leadership Developers

Lead Change Blog

Parents are well positioned to be the first leadership developers of their children. And yet, many parents do not take a deliberate approach to growing leadership in their kids. A good place to start is just weaving some leadership discussion into your every day conversation.

Getting Back to the Heart of Leadership

C-Level Strategies

What brought us all back together was the heart of leadership - vision and values. Thus, the heart of your leadership beats with the passion of your vision and the conviction of your values. Look at the heart of your own leadership. I wrote this eBook for you…. “

You Can’t Microwave Yourself To Leadership

Joseph Lalonde

You Can’t Microwave Leadership. I’ve run across people who want to microwave themselves to leadership. These so-called leaders want: To read one book about leadership and be done. To take one leadership class and know everything. Leadership is a process.

Interpersonal Dynamics @ Work

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Why is it that, in the age of expensive management consultants and ubiquitous leadership training courses , a whopping 70% of employees continue to self-report as disengaged and unhappy? Can't Get Enough Leadership (ebook at $.99). ebook at $.99).

The CEO’s 2013 Leadership Pledge

C-Level Strategies

Having read my recent post, “The Introvert’s 2013 Business and Leadership Success Pledge,” a colleague asked me to write something similar specifically focusing on CEOs. The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership. I wrote this eBook for you…. “

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Leadership Influence the Go-Giver Way

C-Level Strategies

But as someone who often writes about the critical importance of a “giving” approach in leadership and business, I fully connect with Bob Burg’s “ go- giver ” theory. This is leadership. The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.

The Leadership Secret

C-Level Strategies

” As I wrote in my review and believe wholeheartedly, Chris does a masterful job of distilling the intricacies of leadership down to a critical truth: “There isn’t good or bad leadership…You are leading or you are not.” I wrote this eBook for you…. “

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New Communication eBook: The Courageous Communicator Quest


So it was with that my latest eBook – The Courageous Communicator Quest – was born. You will face new leadership challenges and when it’s all over, you’ll be a true leader by nature. Tackle common leadership fears head on. Want more leadership communication tips?

Leadership and Corporate Reinvention

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The second is poor leadership,” explains co-authors John Mattone and Nick Vaidya in their new book “CULTURAL TRANSFORMATIONS: Lessons of Leadership and Corporate Reinvention.”. Transforming culture is the real leadership work. Can't Get Enough Leadership.

Gratitude in Leadership: When Gratefulness Fuels Giving

C-Level Strategies

My first real experience with leadership was in college when I was named Vice-President of the Indiana University Student Foundation , the largest student foundation in the country. ” I loved every moment of my IUSF leadership experience.

The Tragedy of Insecurity in Leadership

C-Level Strategies

We expect them to put aside their personal issues and rise to the occasion that their leadership demands. The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership. FOR SPEAKING & MAGNETIC LEADERSHIP PROGRAM INQUIRIES: LISA@CLEVELSTRATEGIES.COM.

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Leadership How-To: Thanking Your Team

C-Level Strategies

The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership. Are you an introvert looking to use your introversion to your advantage in business & leadership or an extrovert interested in leading introverts more effectively? I wrote this eBook for you…. “

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New eBook - The A-List Part 2: Strategic Leadership Through Big-Picture Communication


In the second of my two-part ebook series, I’ve brought together the best of the leadercommunicator blog—including all of the most popular and most valuable checklist blog posts. And in case you missed it - the first ebook in the series focused on “Getting to Know Your Employees.”

Mindful Leadership

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Deeply Valuable Lessons in Good Life Leadership. A pressing point that emerged strongly in mindful leadership manuals, such as Plato''s Republic, is that we are all leaders of our common destiny and we all lead best when we lead from the front. . The leadership model offered in the writings and lives of the great leaders who inspired the world''s great wisdom traditions could be described as unity-based leadership, or non-personal power-based leadership.

The Leadership Impact of Rationalizing Away Your Gut Instinct

C-Level Strategies

If we do, the leadership impact includes: A message to our employees that money is more important than doing the right thing. A weakening of our ability to garner trust, and thus a weakening of our leadership and effectiveness. I wrote this eBook for you…. “

The Introvert’s 2013 Business and Leadership Success Pledge

C-Level Strategies

The Introvert’s 2013 Business and Leadership Success Pledge: 1. The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership. I wrote this eBook for you…. “ The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and LeadershipeBook is NOW Available!

Trust in Business Leadership

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The Trusted Executive: Nine Leadership Habits That Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation” helps leaders develop a strategy for building organizational trust. Source: “The Trusted Executive: Nine Leadership Habits That Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation”.

Personal Ecology: Change Your Life to Change Your Leadership

C-Level Strategies

My fellow Lead Change Group author William Powell has written a brilliant eBook entitled, “ Personal Ecology: Self Management and the Art of Cultivating Healthy Relationships.” Four lessons from the eBook that resonated with me and I believe are critical: 1.

Two Words Changing Leadership and the World

C-Level Strategies

Join Steve Woodruff and me as we welcome Angela Maiers , creator of the You Matter Manifesto , as our Guest Host this week at Leadership Chat , where she’ll share her wisdom about the impact these two words have on our biology and our leadership success. “You Matter.

Get the New Free Ebook! The A List: The 17 Most Read, Most Commented On, and Most Thought-Provoking Lists for Communicating Your Way to Great Leadership


I'm happy to announce my new two-part ebook, The A List: The 17 Most Read, Most Commented On, and Most Thought-Provoking Lists for Communicating Your Way to Great Leadership. Who doesn't love a list?

Top Five Secrets of Great Coaching in Leadership

C-Level Strategies

Leadership is a gift; you are entrusted with the responsibility of fulfilling the higher purpose of the organization, creating a vision of the world when that higher purpose is finally attained and executing clear strategies to bring the vision to life. The Coaching Aspect of Leadership.

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Five Leadership Keys to “Getting the People Right”

C-Level Strategies

You complete the loop by ensuring they have proper resources and support to get their job done, and by providing them a clear leadership vision to work toward, a values-driven environment and a nurturing, empowering culture. The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.