Thu.Nov 03, 2011

Top 20 Leadership Chat Quotes on Leading with Feelings and Passion

C-Level Strategies

With more than 360 participants, more than 1 million people reached and nearly 7 million online impressions generated, this week’s Leadership Chat on “Leading with Feelings and Passion” was lively, to say the least!

Does This Culture Make My Leadership Look Phat?

The Leadership Advisor

There are a number of things that point to the quality of your leadership. Often times the most common metrics people use to determine one’s leadership are usually of the operational variety. There is a concern for how successful previous projects were completed.

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Leadership Under Stress: The Jesus Model

Ron Edmondson

Are you feeling the stress of leadership? Are you in the midst of chaotic times? Are there more times of crisis right now than times of celebration? Are you facing decisions which appear bigger than you today? Are you wondering how you should respond?

Natural and Spiritual Leadership

Coaching Tip

In natural leadership , personality plays a primary role. In spiritual leadership , the Holy Spirit within each of us takes the natural qualities of personality and infuses them with spiritual qualities. While many aspects of natural leadership are similar to spiritual leadership, there are some that are diametrically opposed.

Mastery is Beautiful

Chris Brady

There is nothing like watching excellence in motion. I am always inspired by greatness in life, by someone who has mastered his or her craft, by professionals at the top of their game. In this. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Music Sports Travel

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The Global Innovation 1000 (2011): Why Culture is Key

First Friday Book Synopsis

Tom Stewart is Booz & Company’s Chief Marketing & Knowledge Officer. In a recent email update, he asks several intriguing questions: Are there CEOs anywhere in the world who want their companies to become less innovative? Is anyone calling on employees to do a better job of thinking inside the box? No—everyone’s in favor of [.].

15 Potent Strategies for Fighting Confusion

Leadership Freak

Confusion is common. Clarity is rare. Confusion and chaos inevitably rule unless someone intervenes. Any fool can create confusing complexity. Successful leaders always fight confusion and find clarity. Clarity is leadership’s secret and most powerful weapon. Clarity allows followers to know where they’re going and how to get there. Without it everyone flounders. How to fight confusion and [.]. Courage Decisions Leading Values mission & vision Leadership

I Just Attended the Wedding of One of My Best Friends, a Former Staff Member on One of My Communities

Managing Communities

In forums, I have met the majority of people that I consider close friends. One of my best friends is Jared W. Smith. I’ve mentioned Jared here on numerous times, including in my article on how much I love when people who have worked under me go on to do great things. I have [.]. Thinking

The bar to be joyful

Rajesh Setty

I was at the store today when I met my friend with her year old son. The young boy hesitated a bit before coming to me and within a few minutes we were friends. Within a few seconds he was laughing and giggling away to glory. It didn’t take much to make him laugh either.

A Female CEO Who Knows How to Balance

Women on Business

Arlene Dickinson is one of the stars of Canada’s Dragon’s Den television show and has been gaining a lot of notoriety because of the way she handles herself both on air and off. She is proving to the world and most especially, to women, that you can balance work and life in a manner that still allows you to be a massive success. She is the CEO of Venture Communications, which is one of the largest marketing firms in Canada and has a net worth of over $80 million personally.

One way to end each day

Jason Womack

Every day (up until today, that is) this year, I have written about 100 words in reflection of the day. Then, on the last line of the journal entry, I write down a single word. My intention is to take enough of a break to think at the macro level.



I keep a notepad by my bedside so I can jot down ideas and last night, while thinking about an upcoming speech to an organization, I was able to refine some earlier thoughts, connect them to a major problem faced by the organization, and produce a solution. I feel very good about that.

Sequel: How Engaged Employees Create Engaged Clients

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Every passenger wants to be treated like a first class passenger and that is exactly what Porter does – their moto… Flying Refined. Porter’s Success I was deep into my work as I noticed the snack and beverage cart from the corner of my eye. I was aware of it but not ready to disengage [.] Sequel: How Engaged Employees Create Engaged Clients. Leadership Development actions Character Character-based Leadership communication engagement influence

When Not to Insist on a Decision

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Conventional wisdom holds that a flawed decision is better than no decision. After all, you can always change direction. But, in an attempt to appear decisive, leaders [.]. Bob's blog entries "How to Cultivate Engaged Employees" Charalambos A. Vlachoutsicos Harvard Business Review.

0211 | Kevin Oakes


Kevin Oakes is co-author of The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management. He is the CEO and founder of the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), the fastest growing and largest corporate network focused on the practices of high-performance organizations. Kevin has been a leader in the human capital field for the last two decades, and was previously the Founder and the President of SumTotal Systems, the largest provider of talent and learning solutions in the world.

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: DTC Operator

Create Learning

Dimension Time Cost Operator. Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – A TRIZ tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size, time and cost. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. The DTC Operator Algorithm.

Conflict, Daggers, and Punches at Work

Linked 2 Leadership

Are you ready for the really BIG holiday season moving into high gear? Are you ready for the hectic effort to push and pull everything and everyone around you up that steep hill to profits from now till the end of the year? More importantly, are you ready for the extra stress, tension, and, you [.]. Conflict Management Organizational Health Servant Leadership business Conflict executive coaching leadership Leadership Development soft skills

Delivering an Effective Performance Review

Harvard Business Review

It's performance review season, and you know the drill. Drag each of your direct reports into a conference room for a one-on-one, hand them an official-looking document, and then start in with the same, tired conversation. Say some positive things about what the employee is good at, then some unpleasant things about what he's not good at, and end — wearing your most solicitous grin — with some more strokes of his ego.

Are Women the Adults in the Room?

Women on Business

Post by Jane K. Stimmler , contributing Women on Business writer. How many women friends and colleagues do you know who constantly (and with reverence) refer to their mental and written lists, and the importance of regularly “checking things off?” ” Are you one of them? It seems to me like there’s an epidemic of hyper-organized list-making women who aren’t happy until they’re putting lines through the items on their endless lists covering a range of subjects.

How to be a Real People Person

Rapid BI

How to be a real People Person Many of us claim to be a ”people person” but what does this mean? Are we all not people people, but just appreciate different things in each other? or is there more to it than that? In Human Resources and recruiting many people in this professionals claim to be [.]. Joke humor humour joke people person

Why Your "TQ" May Matter More Than Your "IQ"

Harvard Business Review

David Ferrucci , Principal Investigator for IBM's. DeepQA/Watson project, wants me to understand something very, very important about what makes Watson work. The algorithms, software and massively parallel architectures underlying the Jeopardy -winning technology's design are undeniably important, he says. But the essential breakthrough, Ferrucci asserts, is that Watson — like a dog, a dolphin, a killer whale or a high school apprentice — could be successfully trained.

Prevent Your Project from Collapsing

Utpal Writes

Most projects don’t collapse sensationally. They collapse slowly. But you wouldn’t know that for sitting in at steering meetings or reading monthly project status reports. Same way, businesses, countries and families collapse. Slowly. Good and bad thing about this is: It involves people. Most people have tendency to respond to urgency. People take massive actions only when encountered with an urgency.

What Successful People Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Heidi Grant Halvorson , motivational psychologist and author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. Download this podcast. Managing yourself Personal effectiveness Productivity Time management

How to communicate a renewed change effort

Change Starts Here

I have been working with a coaching client on starting up a new initiative to get a broader on-going project back on track. Together, we came up with the key communication points to introduce the new initiative to a group of high-level managers. The basic elements make a good template for how to tell the story of a renewed change effort. The recent history, how we got to this point. Where we are now. How far we still have to go.

The Four Waves Every Successful Business Goes Through - Part II

Six Disciplines

Quadrant I: The "Growth" Wave. We begin our exploration in Quadrant I, where typically a new or start-up business has a strong strategy, typically because of an important competitive advantage, which can come from offering premium products or services, availability or price.

If In Doubt


Because I consult on discrimination issues and write on workplace tact , people will sometimes ask, "I'm thinking of telling this joke at a staff meeting. Do you think it will be all right?" My answer is, "If you have to ask, it's probably not all right."

Recommended Resource – The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

Strategy Driven

The Option


Have you ever heard a group of white collar employees bemoaning the bureaucracy and petty politics of their daily grind? If each of them had the chance to work as a professional gardener for a year, how many do you think would want to return to their current job

Balancing Both Strategy and Execution

Six Disciplines

Excellence is the enduring pursuit of balanced strategy and execution. Strategy requires choosing what promises to make to all stakeholders and a roadmap for delivering on those promises. Execution requires getting there while overcoming the unending number of surprises along the way. Of the two, execution is far more difficult to achieve, but is fruitless without solid strategy. Learning how to balance these two is the key to excellence, and excellence is a journey that never ends.

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The trailers for: " Dark City " " Sin City " " City of Angels " " Fat City " " Atlantic City


Small changes, big results: email habits

The Organized Executive's Blog

Breaking one small habit last week reminded me how useful it is. I didn’t attach the file first when I began drafting an email. As a result, I suffered that all-too-common embarrassment of sending a message without the attachment. Adding the attachment first—before you even address the email—is a surefire way to not forget it. If you already have a file open in an Office program, you can choose the “Send To” command to create a new message with the file attached.



Nature in action: This is an amazing video

Amazon, the Company That Ate the World

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featured by Bloomberg Businessweek online (October 3, 2011) in which Brad Stone points out that Jeff Bezos’ new tablet, the Kindle Fire, is cheap, pretty, and puts Amazon in perfect position to take a bite out of Apple—and every online transaction we make. To read the complete article, [.].

News You Can Use: The Beauty of Turkey Brine


The Pioneer Woman gives the secret for her favorite turkey brine and warns that it should only be used on a fresh, not a frozen, turkey. An excerpt: I brine a turkey every year because it’s the right thing to do. Brining involves soaking a turkey in a very salty solution for a certain length of time, long enough for the salt to infiltrate the turkey and actually alter the molecular structure of the meat. It doesn’t turn it into a salty mess, either. It just results in a juicy, fantastic turkey.