Fri.Aug 09, 2019

How To Live Out Your Faith In The Workplace

Joseph Lalonde

Navigating the somewhat tricky landscape of faith and business can be scary.

The Ultimate Pursuit of Leadership isn’t Success

Leadership Freak

The ultimate pursuit of leadership is humility, not success. The more I think about humility, the less I know about it. The more I pursue humility, the more it escapes my grasp. Everything… Continue reading → Humility Marks of leaders Personal Growth arrogance

What Business Leaders Can Learn from JFK’s Powerful Speech that Brought Us to the Moon

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dick Richardson: A simple definition of leadership is “Leadership is influencing others to do what they would not do if left to their own accord.” Consider the most memorable speeches meant to persuade people: Martin Luther King Jr.’s

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Tips For Planning A Successful Business Event

Strategy Driven

Organizing a successful business event takes time and careful planning, whether you’re holding a small event for 20 people, or arranging a huge company-wide conference for hundreds of attendees.

The HR Playbook: Reduce Turnover with Employee Benefits

Companies with the right mix of benefits saw a 138% drop in employee turnover. Learn how you can lower your employee attrition rate and retain top talent.

Weekly Round-Up: Trusting Your Team, 3 Communication Tips, A Secret Comms Weapon, Leadership Tips & Insights, Increasing Employee Email Opens


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts.

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How the Internet Could Significantly Narrow the Gender Gap

Strategy Driven

We are all aware that the business gender gap has existed for centuries. However, it was not until recently that this alarming disparity has taken centre stage within the global economy.

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Protecting Your Personal Finances When Starting a Tech Business

Strategy Driven

Are you finally ready to build your dream of starting your own tech business? If so, you may be concerned about how your business will impact on the personal and family finances that you are responsible for.

Need to Make Your Business Data More Secure? Consider a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Women on Business

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Relocating Your Business Internationally: A Guide

Strategy Driven

Deciding to relocate your business can come down to a number of factors. Perhaps your service or goods would find more success in a different country. Maybe you’re ready for a new challenge, or a family reason has prompted the move.

Leadership Mistakes You Make When You’re Scared

Let's Grow Leaders

Are you holding back? Is fear keeping you from leading well, advocating for your team, or confronting a poor performer? Or are you worried about making a mistake or how you’ll look? In this episode David examines how fear can cripple […].

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How to Build a Competitive Benefits Package

An attractive benefits program can be a highly effective recruiting and retention tool. But to make benefits a competitive advantage, employers must get creative with their benefits strategy or risk losing out on the best talent. Learn how to build a benefits package that your employees will love.

The Perfect Implementation of Ideas to Boost Your Startup Ventures

Strategy Driven

When we talk about initiating a start-up, there are two thoughts that one must always keep in mind.

Should Inoculation of All Children Be Made Mandatary by Law

Coaching Ourselves

E’er since the design of the low variola vaccinum more two centuries ago, thither has been plenitude of arguing ended the ethics, morality, effectualness, and condom of inoculation and immunisation. It has late been argued whether laws should be introduced that generate roughly or all vaccines obligatory for all children (Vocalizer, 2009). Parents, healthcare specialists, nurses, teachers, and children all sustain an significant wager therein outlet.

A Guide To Starting A Home Mechanic Business

Strategy Driven

Anyone that knows their way around under the hood of a car and is looking for a rewarding way to earn money from home should consider starting their own mechanic business.

Great Mentors Focus on the Whole Person, Not Just Their Career

Harvard Business Review

There’s a lot more to us than our jobs. Leadership & Managing people Coaching Developing employees Digital Article

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

7 Tips for Organizing Your Business Projects

Strategy Driven

If your life is a jumbled mess at work, you’re not alone. Many people feel like they’re running a circus when they walk into their office. Too many business projects can negatively affect your performance unless you learn how to manage them properly.

Better Work-Life Balance Starts with Managers

Harvard Business Review

Company policies can only do so much. Work-life balance Organizational culture Leadership development Digital Article

Developing Trust With Your Customers

Strategy Driven

People tend to think that it’s the quality of a company’s products or services that determine how much success they’re going to have.

To Win Support for Your Idea, Think Like a Marketer

Harvard Business Review

Develop a campaign, not a pitch. Communication Influence Digital Article

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Examining five years of anonymous data from over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit has discovered that a culture of innovation can be measured – with a 99% statistical confidence level – by a metric called "ideation rate." Download the eBook now for an in-depth look at this groundbreaking study.

4 Tips To Running A Successful Hotel

Strategy Driven

A hotel can offer a lucrative and rewarding business venture, but it is crucial that you take the right steps to ensure that your business grows and becomes a success. With this in mind, here are four tips to running a successful hotel. Choose the right location.

Using Algorithms to Understand the Biases in Your Organization

Harvard Business Review

They can provide transparency and improve decision-making. Decision making Technology Personnel policies Organizational culture Digital Article