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Have You Become Your (Worst) Boss?

Kevin Eikenberry

Every boss you have had has had an impact on the leader you are today. Chances are you have had some bosses you didn’t love, and hopefully you have had some that you respected, looked up to, and tried to emulate. Most of us try to forget the worst boss we ever had. Today, I […].

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Venom The Movie

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article. Despite the Disney and 21st Century Fox inches closer to closing, 21st Century Fox still has a couple of superhero movies left in the queue. Gambit, Dark Phoenix, and The New Mutants are all upcoming Marvel movies. They’ve also recently released another Marvel movie.

Dear Founder

Leading Blog

W HAT BEGAN AS a project to provide guidance to a select group of founders in the Webb Investment Network has been expanded and offered to founders of all types and those who need to have a founder’s mindset. The result is Dear Founder written by Maynard Webb with the help of Carlye Adler.

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4 Ways I Discern Saying No to Good Opportunites

Ron Edmondson

Age and maturity has helped me better discern what I can do and should do based on my strengths, weaknesses, passions and dreams. It’s freeing when we become more certain in who God has wired us to be and who He has not.

10 Signs Your Website Is Not Working Anymore

Strategy Driven

A business’ website is the basis of their online presence and marketing strategy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that it is effective and up to date. The set up and initial design of your website is important, but so too is the website redesign.

5 Fun Staff Appreciation Ideas

Lead Change Blog

A couple of recent surveys showed that half of the respondents would stay longer in their current workplace if their efforts were recognised more by their employers. The respondents stated that those who do not feel recognised would not put in more effort than their job descriptions require. Although many workplaces do have recognition schemes in place to honour their staff, many feel that these schemes are dull, insincere, or not worth the effort required.

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Common Business Performance Improvement Opportunities

Strategy Driven

In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, no leader can afford to see his or her organization’s performance remain stagnant or, worse yet, decline. It’s become an imperative as well as a customer expectation that your company’s performance continually improve no matter what business you’re in.

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Empower Your Employees With Learning… Whatever Your Budget

Strategy Driven

As an entrepreneur, you know that your unique combination of passion, talent, skills, training, experience and business acumen are integral to the success of your enterprise.

Why Not-Liking is Easy

Leadership Freak

In 1977 Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Rich Cole, and Jimmy Marinos formed the Romantics. The Romantics weren’t as successful as other bands of the 70’s like KISS, AC/DC, Queen, or the Eagles. But their 1980… Continue reading → Success Leadership Development

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USA Gymnastics Demonstrates Failure at Leadership Selection in the Digital Media Age

Modern Servant Leader

On Saturday, USA Gymnastics announced the role of interim President and CEO will be filled by Mary Bono. In selecting Bono, USA Gymnastics joins an unfortunate list of companies failing to conduct a basic analysis of digital media , before making critical leadership decisions.

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Let Every Week Be a Pareto Week


We know it and then we slip away from its wisdom. Check out John Rampton on The Pareto Principle. And keep an eye on the vital 20%. Photo by Thought Catalog at Unsplash


4 Key Issues That Can Get in the Way of Giving Effective Feedback


Giving feedback can be one of the most difficult things to do as a leader, which is why so many leaders avoid it. Some leaders may hesitate to avoid hurting any feelings. Others are nervous about how the employee will take the feedback.

Stoicism 101


A man for all seasons Catch the lecture at The Sovereign Professional. Seneca, Epictetus, and friends will be proud of you


Successful Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Do This One Thing

Lead from Within

There’s a common thread in top leadership that will surprises most people—and in some cases makes them rethink what they know about leadership. When you think of successful leaders you probably think of people who are decisive.

Winning Arguments


There are two types of people: those who try to win and those who try to win arguments. They are never the same. Nassim Nicholas Taleb [Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash


Restoring Joy and Meaning to Learning

Deming Institute

Guest post by John Hunter , author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability. David Langford has taken his experience with applying Deming’s ideas to education to his position as the Superintendent of Ingenium schools in Los Angeles, California.

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Leadership Caffeine™—How Effective Leaders Use Reframing to Tackle Challenges

Management Excellence

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A collection of the news reports from "Rome

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If Humility Is So Important, Why Are Leaders So Arrogant?

Harvard Business Review

Martin Poole/Getty Images. A recent management column in the Wall Street Journal appeared under the appealing headline, “The Best Bosses Are Humbles Bosses.” ” The article reported that humble leaders “inspire close teamwork, rapid learning and high performance in their teams.”

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It was Toulouse that would prove to be Hannah Weinberg's undoing. That night she telephoned Alain Lambert, a contact at the Interior Ministry, and told him that this time something would have to be done. Alain promised a swift response. It would be bold, he assured Hannah, boldness being the default response of a functionnaire when in reality he planned to do nothing at all.

Help Your Team Do More Without Burning Out

Harvard Business Review

Image Source/Getty Images. As we begin our coaching session, Nick is fired up. He radiates energy, his eyes are beaming with determination, and he never really comes to a full rest.

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"The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Should Everyone Be Allowed to Invest in Private Tech Companies?

Harvard Business Review

Beata Bernina/Getty Images. The SEC Chairman recently announced a policy initiative to enable the ordinary investors to invest in private companies. Currently, only wealthy accredited investors are allowed to invest in private companies.

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The trailer for "A Streetcar Named Desire


How We Teach Digital Skills at PwC

Harvard Business Review

Photography by Bob/Getty Images. Across our society and in all industries, leaders and their organizations are racing to unlock the value of data, tech-enable business processes, and create better, more digitally-enhanced experiences for customers, clients, and employees.

How the Architecture of Hospitals Affects Health Outcomes

Harvard Business Review

mathisworks/Getty Images. A key determinant of everything that matters when it comes to health interventions — the experience, cost, and results — has been hiding in plain sight. It is the buildings and spaces in which patients are treated.

Perfect Is the Enemy

Harvard Business Review

From the Women at Work podcast: Listen and subscribe to our podcast via Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS. Download the discussion guide for this episode. Join our online community. Download this podcast. If you’ve worked your way up in a competitive field — or are anxious by nature — you may have perfectionist tendencies. Maybe you’re a hard-driving, obsessive worker who thinks a task is never quite done.