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Ten Morning Habits that Promote Greater Success

Kevin Eikenberry

Do you want to get more done, reach more of your goals, and make a bigger difference? If so, the morning is when that can all begin! However you came to read these words, I’m confident you are interested in greater productivity, achievement and success. Perhaps you want that for yourself, or perhaps you want [.].

Women Small Business Owners Are America’s New Job Creators [Infographic]

Women on Business

Did you know that 99% of the employers in the United States are small businesses? Using information from the U.S. Via: Bolt Insurance.

What You Need to Know About Why People Fail

Leading Blog

“There are thousands of books on success. But very few on failure,” begins Siimon Reynolds in Why People Fail. Yet mastering failure is surely a vital step in achieving your aims, hopes, and dreams.”. He is passionately driven to take the "taboo" out of failure. As Reynolds suggests it is a "forbidden subject. They are: 1. Optimism), Are you calm?

Stress 105

The 10 Best Brand Names Ever

In the CEO Afterlife

My ranking of the “Best Brand Names” has no time constraint. If fact, every quantitative measurement has been removed. Wrangler. Southern Comfort.

Brand 104

Could You Lead Your Meetings Google-Style?

Kevin Eikenberry

This isn’t post lauding Google’s business model, working environment (per se), or their tech sensibilities. It is a post talking about a decision Larry Page made, that all leaders could make; a decision about meetings – what they are for and how to run them. In [.].

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3 Things Great Leaders Know About Managing Change

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Leadership Coaching. I’m working with a client right now who is leading his organization through a massive restructuring. He engaged me to help with the inevitable human reactions to monumental change. Change Management Leadership Coaching Change Character-based Leadership

Coopetition: Embracing Millenials In The Workplace

The Leadership Advisor

They encourage “friendly” competition, which can often not be too friendly. Millenials embrace the conversation.

5 Insights on Creativity from Osho


Creativity is at the core of building quality in design. People rarely innovate when they simply follow instructions. Creativity is a paradox.

What if Everything is Perfect?

Leading Blog

This is a guest post by Scott Hunter. Hunter asks us to take another perspective. What if everything that is happening is happening for our own good?

7 Ways I’ve Made Leadership Easy

Ron Edmondson

I’ve quit trying to take people where they don’t want to go…. Choosing to leave things at status quo…. I Made the Alltop Team. Leadership

Goal 71

5 Not-Quite-Rocket-Science Ways to Build Leadership Trust

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development This statistic stopped me cold: 60% of the participants in a 2009 international study trusted a stranger more than they trusted their boss. Yikes, how sad. In doing a quick mental tally of bosses I’ve had, unfortunately this figure didn’t seem too far off my experience.

6 Steps to Sustainable Teams: Start with Strengths

Linked 2 Leadership

A great leader does what they can to make themselves and people around them succeed and excel to their fullest potential. If you as a leader aren’t doing this, then it’s time to focus on becoming a “Maximizer.”

Why are Organizations Slow to Respond?

Leading Blog

Organizations are only human. Organizations share many characteristics with the people that populate them. Organizations are born, they mature, they age, and they die. The life expectancy of most is about 15 years and only 5% last longer than 50 years. Some are locked into mental models and become driven by habits. Some become bureaucratic.

When God Tries to Speak to You

Ron Edmondson

So Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if He calls you, say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:9 NIV.

Success: A Breeding Ground for Complacency?

Great Leadership By Dan

Here's another exclusive guest post from John Kotter. Great advice on how to battle "complacency cancer": Success: A Breeding Ground for Complacency?

Defining Moments In Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to instigating a Character-Based Leadership Revolution. This summer Lead Change Tulsa hosted a panel discussion about Defining Moments in Leadership.

What Do People Want From Work?

Next Level Blog

Other than the basic requirements - food, shelter, healthcare - on the hierarchy of needs, what do people really want from their jobs? Last week I attended a presentation from Peter Cappelli, a Wharton professor and thought leader on talent management, where he addressed that question.

One Measure of Effective Friendship

Ron Edmondson

How effective are the friendships in your life? “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Could they say that to you? I know.

Two Barriers Entrepreneurial Leaders Must Overcome to Empower Success

C-Level Strategies

The topic was how to be an entrepreneurial leader. It was a fascinating discussion with two key themes recurring througout the conversation: 1.

9 Ways Social Media Can Make You a Better Leader (The Video)

Terry Starbucker

It was a great experience, and thanks to PSU, I’m happy to share the result (here is the link if you don’t see the embed: [link] Lead wel

Video 56

Are You Managing or Just Nagging?

Great Leadership By Dan

Four universal truths about management: 1. Managers are responsible for the performance of those that report to them. One of the core responsibilities of a manager is to take action when an employee’s performance is not up to par. In other words, they feel their manager is a nag. Performance issue. It’s what an employee gets paid to do. Work habits.

Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus

Ron Edmondson

Book Giveaway: Hell Is Real, but I Hate to Admit It. I Hate Job Titles. Encouragement Jesus

Books 59
Books 59

Dialog as a Radical Act


If you have ever attended a professional classical or jazz music concert and really listened to the music, you know what a dialog can be like. The music has an ebb and flow that is beautiful to listen to. The musicians must stay close to the music, listening carefully for their cues. So it is with a form of conversation called dialog. Time flies.

30 Secrets to Successful Leadership

Leadership Freak

** Successful leaders exhibit these 30 qualities, behaviors, and skills. Item one is first because it’s most important. The rest are listed randomly. You’re ready to lead when you: Know yourself and live in alignment with that knowledge. Follow well. Fully adhere to organizational values. Practice influence rather than coercion.

Do You Suffer from a Lack of Coachability?

Coaching Tip

The biggest reason that new hires fail is a lack of coachability. The 2012 hiring season is here and 46% of the people about to be hired will fail within the first 18 months on the job. And the real surprise? They're not going to fail for lack of skills; they will fail for lack of attitude. What do job seekers need to know about getting hired?

10 Words of Hope When the Dream is Dying

Ron Edmondson

Have you lost your way? Have you given up on the dream? Would you like to begin again? I believe that hope is ultimately found in person of Jesus Christ, but sometimes our attitude towards receiving that hope determines our reality of living it. Perhaps you need a change of attitude. Rest – Struggles drain us personally. You believed in it.

The Joy of Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Self Leadership How is your joy of leadership? How do you know? As you read those questions, a third question may arise – What does joy have to do with it? My answer is “everything!” When you think about leading a team, initiative, or organization, does it bring an inner sense of confidence and joy? The answer, [.]. Self Leadership

Team 46

15 Questions Guaranteed to Create Clarity

Leadership Freak

Confusion, instability, and chaos describe organizations with poor leaders. Confusion and leadership, however, are partners. Sometimes you create and encourage others to work through confusion. It’s the path to solutions; it’s innovative and invigorating. The dance with confusion is dangerous, however. Confusion is never an end in itself.

Three Ways to Avoid Taking the Wrong Job (and What to Do About It When You Do)

Next Level Blog

You may have missed the story with all of the coverage on the New Hampshire primary, but White House chief of staff, Bill Daley, resigned this week after just about a year on the job. Daley is a high profile example of the oft cited statistic that anywhere between 25% and 40% of newly hired or promoted executives don’t last.

7 Spending Encouragements to Make Life Better

Ron Edmondson

Spend more time looking towards your future than at your past. Spend more energy on what you can change rather than what you cannot. Spend more time reading a book than watching television. Spend more time extending grace than holding a grudge. Spend more time listening than talking. Spend more time dreaming than dreading. Do you have more?

Leadership Creates Momentum (Inspiring Video)

ReThink HR

Whether or not you win this thing, you got to decide how you are going to walk out of here when it is all said and done! We all need momentum.

Video 43

Responsible Management Education: UN Principles

Leading in Context

What is the Purpose of Management Education? The purpose of management education is obviously to develop capable and responsible managers. But what does that mean?

The Root Source of Discipline

Kevin Eikenberry

I believe you can have mentors that don’t even know you – people whom you watch, observe, and model for your own growth and development. The ultimate extension of that is that you can have mentors that aren’t even living! Today’s Powerquote comes from one of my mentors. “Self-respect is the root of discipline; the [.].

Don’t Quit the Ministry because You’re an Introvert

Ron Edmondson

Whenever I post about my introversion, the introverts come out from behind their computer. I re-posted 7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Pastor and received numerous Twitter messages from like-wired pastors. I also received the following email: Ron I read you article about the pitfalls of Being an Introverted Pastor. Pastor __. (I Be honest.