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The Economics of Charity Telemarketing

Harvard Business Review

Nobody seems to like charity telemarketers. I have heard this statement so many times I can only assume it comes pre-recorded in the human frontal cortex at birth: “Charity telemarketers pocket 95% of every dollar you give. The telemarketer just got paid $25 for making 100 calls.

How Health Practices Find New Ways To Expand Their Revenue

Strategy Driven

Many are using more time-effective telemarketing methods from services like Chiron Health. If you run a private practice and you’ve done for any serious amount of time, then you have probably already realized that you need to think about medicine as a business.

5 Suggestions for Teaching Children Honesty

Ron Edmondson

5 suggestions to encourage your children to be honest: Model it – If your children see you being dishonest, even on the telephone with the telemarketer or with your employer as to why you are not going to work, they are learning bad habits.

On leadership: My video interview with serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker!

Bernd Geropp

There he started his first business on telemarketing. With his company Group Live2Sell Chris offers quality inbound call center services and Telemarketing services for B2B and B2C. Serial Entrepreneur Chris Ducker. Two weeks ago I attended the New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

Are You Managing or Just Nagging?

Great Leadership By Dan

Examples include (correlated to the performance list above): - Not following up on telemarketing leads. Four universal truths about management: 1. Managers are responsible for the performance of those that report to them. One of the core responsibilities of a manager is to take action when an employee’s performance is not up to par. Confronting an employee performance problem is one of the most difficult (and also the most avoided) discussions a manager can have with an employee.

B2B Salespeople Can Survive If They Reimagine Their Roles

Harvard Business Review

For 50 years, pundits have repeatedly proclaimed that salespeople would soon be rendered obsolete by the emerging media or technologies of the day: catalogs, telemarketing, dot-coms, online reverse auctions, and now digital search.

Finding A Prospect vs. Creating A Prospect

Strategy Driven

People buy something when they cannot resolve a business problem AND they have gotten appropriate buy-in from those folks and departments who will be involved with a new solution (stakeholders – usually unknown to sellers) AND whose buying patterns match a seller’s selling patterns (Remember telemarketing? You place a call to get through to the decision maker. You call to find someone who needs your product or service. You try to get an appointment.

Change management and sales: influencing the buying decision path

Strategy Driven

Sales, marketing automation, and the new telemarketing field, ignore the change management aspect of what buyers must accomplish and instead focus on figuring out how and what and to whom to pitch their solution. Buyers want to solve a problem in a way that causes the least disruption, and the last thing they want to do is bring something new into their environment.

The Twelve Sales Metrics that Matter Most

Harvard Business Review

Seventy percent of inside salespeople perform lead generation and telemarketing activities. Sales is both an art and a science. It is the skillful combination of emotion and logic, people and process, free-thinking and organization.

The Social Cost of Bad Online Marketing

Harvard Business Review

In the B2B world, it’s all about lead generation: getting people to hand over their email addresses and phone numbers so that you can spam and telemarket them into submission, where “submission” means actually buying your product.

Closing the Gap Between Blue Ocean Strategy and Execution

Harvard Business Review

At the highest level, there are three propositions essential to the success of strategy: the value proposition, the profit proposition, and the people proposition.

Supplementing Your Income With A Home Job While Building Your Business

Women on Business

Telemarketing is another common way to work at home. Not all telemarketing jobs at home are high pressured sales or require you to call out. Guest post by Traci L. Dillard-Bell (learn more about Traci at the end of this post). Building a home business can be physically, emotionally, and especially financially exhausting, but there are ways maintain a steady stream of income by taking on a part-time home job early on while creating your business.

Credibility Crisis: 4 Sure-Fire Strategies for Cultivating Consumer Trust

Strategy Driven

While the retail industry crisis has been well-reported, particularly with respect to dwindling foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

Marketers, Go Back to Basics

Harvard Business Review

Sometimes, marketing strategies are dropped for good reason: the smart money got out of telemarketing a long time ago, because no sane person would talk to a salesman after the advent of caller ID. Marketing is changing so fast, it's easy to get our heads turned by new, high-tech developments. Doesn't my company need a smartphone app? How should we leverage augmented reality? What about gamification?

Morning Advantage: The FTC Needs You to Stop the Bots

Harvard Business Review

The Federal Trade Commission is offering $50,000 cash to anyone who can come up with a way to eliminate telemarketing robocalls. While the FTC outlawed commercial telemarketing in 2009, the legislation hasn’t put an end to the continued barrage of pre-recorded messages interrupting people’s dinners across the U.S.

Protest Oregon's Proposed New Fundraising Law

Harvard Business Review

Related to this, the law reinforces bad analysis of telemarketing — which is sometimes the only fundraising option available to less popular causes. Often we hear that a telemarketing firm takes 90% of what it raises. If that were true, there'd be a lot more people in the telemarketing business. But it's an amateur analysis that ignores the telemarketer's costs.

Can We Finally Eradicate Bad Products?

Harvard Business Review

We use do-not-call lists to avoid telemarketers; DVRs to record TV programs and fast-forward through ads; online pop-up blockers to avoid unwanted Web promotions; and settings on the latest browsers that enable us to prevent marketers we self-identify (including online ad networks and third-party ad servers) from inserting ad messaging on our Web pages.