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3 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Leadership

Leading Blog

T HE RESPONSIBILITIES that fall under a leadership title vary significantly at each company. Still, one thing is true for all—organizational leadership must be effective for teams to succeed.

Ethical Thinking: 3 Questions to Ask in the New Year

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Each year I raise questions that help leaders stay current as ethical expectations change. Here are 3 new questions to ponder as we head into a New Year.

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6 Characteristics Of A Leader

Joseph Lalonde

A Guest Article. There are millions of books and theories that teach leadership techniques and skills. Much can be learned from the experiences and concepts of other successful leaders, though there are six key concepts upon which a leader can focus, that are easy to remember, and can be used every day to achieve success. The first concept […] The post 6 Characteristics Of A Leader appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. Guest Posts

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4 Things All Remarkable Managers Learn to Notice

Leadership Freak

The skill of noticing moves you from a victim of circumstances to focused and directed. You walk past people without noticing them.

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

How the Best Leaders Encourage Open and Honest Dialogue

Next Level Blog

The best leaders I work with as an executive coach encourage open and honest dialogue. They’ve learned and understand why it’s so important for the people on their team and in their organizations to be completely comfortable with speaking up. First, you really want people contributing their best ideas on a regular basis because that’s how you win. Second, if your people aren’t contributing, speaking up and sharing the truth as they see it, you’re going to be flying blind as a leader.

How To Take Your New Business Idea To The Next Level

Strategy Driven

When you come up with a great business idea and begin to lay the foundations for your dream to become a reality, you might find that you are being held back by certain restraints that can stop your concept from truly flourishing.

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Aim Higher: Servant Leaders are Humble

Skip Prichard

Leadership and Humility. Arrogant leaders require everything to go through them, and that weakens the team.” Skip Prichard. What one trait of servant leadership is absolutely crucial to the other eight? Humility.

On The Leading Edge to Cut Wasteful Employee Engagement Efforts

The Practical Leader

There’s a direct line between levels of employee engagement and service/quality, productivity, innovation, safety, revenue, profitability, and other key results. That’s well documented, and most leaders strongly agree. Where agreement falls apart is how to boost engagement levels.

Leadership Caffeine Podcast #32—Marc Effron

Management Excellence

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Leadership Caffeine Podcast #32—Marc Effron

Art Petty

This is the single best discussion I've ever had on pursuing high-performance as an individual! I can't say enough good about my interview with Marc Effron and the science-backed content in his new book, 8 Steps to High Performance: Focus on What You Can Change (Ignore the Rest).

HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

Do you really want a team of all-stars? Instead of trying to hire all Type A high performers, research shows it’s much more effective to hire a mix of personalities. In this report, Paycor will explain why and how to go about assembling, coaching, and developing effective teams at work.

How Responsibilities, Activities and Initiatives (RAI) can redefine workflow

CEO Insider

The demands on your business are unprecedented: the volume of work is ever growing, complexity is increasing and digital is confusing. There is a need to create greater capacity for valuable initiatives through assessing and remediating the draining activities.

CEO 52

How to Explain That Gap in Your Resume

HR Digest

To make sure your sabbatical isn’t holding you back from getting your dream job, here are a few tips on how to explain that gap in your resume.

Leadership and the Power of Humility

Lead Change Blog

It’s been said that there are two types of leaders: those who have been humbled, and those who are about to be. Humility is often a result of humiliation.

Married BlackRock executive fired for failing to disclose office romance

HR Digest

BlackRock’s head of human resources, Jeff Smith, who suddenly left the company in July, was apparently fired for indulging in an office romance with a colleague, reports Bloomberg. This year two senior executives of the $6.8 trillion asset management company, have been let go.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Culture: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ENGAGE

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention, and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. If this is an area where you need help (or if you could just use a refresher) let Paycor walk you through actionable tips and insights on how you can develop the learning culture that works best for your business.

7 Thoughts For Pastors on Preparing For Christmas Services

Ron Edmondson

As a pastor, I often told our staff that “Christmas is the new Easter”. It wasn’t something I could say as easily on Sunday morning without receiving the ALL CAP Monday morning emails. This requires a bit of an explanation. Easter will always be the most important holiday for believers.

Keys To Effective Negotiation


Mike Figliuolo, thoughtLEADERS’ Managing Director, sat down with Jim and Jan of The Leadership Podcast to discuss Negotiation. In continuation of our new collaboration with The Leadership Podcast, Mike, breaks down some of the basics of negotiation in this short form “chalk talk.”

Can You Invest in Property Without Much Cash?

Strategy Driven

As is suggested by the word property ‘investment’, you do need some money in order to be able to get into property.

For Alibaba, Singles Day Is About More Than Huge Sales

Harvard Business Review

The world’s biggest shopping day pushes the e-commerce giant to innovate, collaborate, and break down silos. Collaboration Motivating people Innovation Organizational culture Operations management Retail & Consumer Goods Digital Article

New Overtime Rules Take Effect 1/1/2020. Are You Prepared?

On September 24, the Department of Labor (DOL) released much-anticipated changes to overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Any business that employs workers with salaries under $35,568 will be directly affected by the new regulations and face a decision: provide affected employees with a salary increase or pay them overtime. Download Paycor's latest guide to learn key details about the new rule and how it could impact your business.

The Good and Bad of Modern Airports and the End of an Era at Google

Harvard Business Review

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir discuss the good and bad of modern airports. They also discuss the end of an era at Google/Alphabet, with the co-founders now stepping away from their operating roles. Leadership transitions Reorganization Strategy Audio

Research: Gender Diversity on Start-Up Boards Is Worse Than You Think

Harvard Business Review

Only 7% of board seats in private, venture-backed, U.S.-based based companies are held by women. Gender Boards Digital Article

The State of Nanotechnology

Harvard Business Review

One of the leading pioneers in the field of nanotechnology, physicist Sonia Contera joins Azeem Azhar to discuss how advances in biology, computing, and physics are bringing about another tech revolution that will change our lives. Technology Economics & Society Innovation Audio

Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People

Harvard Business Review

Leaders create the conditions that lead to burnout — or prevent it. Employee retention Motivating people Stress Digital Article

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.