April, 2011

Keeping It Simple

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. One of the most effective ways to order your world is to simplify everything you encounter. However the problem is that keeping it simple often becomes very difficult when our basic human nature is to over-complicate everything we touch.

Larry Page Is Leading Google To War | Business Insider [del.icio.us]

Weekly Leader

Interesting take on "peace-time" and "war-time" ceo's/leadership. Not sure I agree but food for thought. ceo leadership behavior practice

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7 Reasons People Disappear from Church

Ron Edmondson

One frustration I have had in ministry is watching people come to church, get excited for a time, then disappear. You spend energy and heart on people, grow to love them and get excited about them, and suddenly they are nowhere to be found. These people don’t transfer to another church.

Energy 101

Greater Than Yourself Leadership: How to Change the World

C-Level Strategies

“The basic and seemingly paradoxical truth of GTY (Greater Than Yourself) is that truly great leaders in life,&# said Charles Roland, “become so because they cause others to be greater than themselves.&#. The words sounded familiar. “Who said that?&# I asked Charles.

Quitting is a business strategy

The Leadership Advisor

I was recently presented with a great opportunity. It was lucrative and would have supported much of what I do on a very large scale. I won’t say what it was, but trust me that most people who do what I do would be thrilled stupid to have this as an option.

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5 Ways a Leader Responds Under Stress

Ron Edmondson

Every organization and team has times where everyone is stretched, stress abounds, and even times where it seems things are going backwards for a while. During those times good leadership is more critical than ever.

Stress 101

Five Signs You’re a Magnetic Leader

C-Level Strategies

Are you a “magnetic leader,&# the kind that draws others to you? If not, are there behaviors and skills that you can work on that would enable you to be more magnetic whilst driving results?

COO 77

Emotional Commitment And Your Bottom Line

The Leadership Advisor

Bottom line profits are truly where it’s at for businesses. Nearly everything a business does is referenced to its affect on profit.

Ethical Interpersonal Behavior Graphic: Red, Yellow and Green Zones

Leading in Context

This blog post features a Leading in Context® Graphic that shows red, yellow and green zones for interpersonal behavior in an ethical workplace. Full graphic available in the Leading in Context® Store. Context Ethical Leader Ethical Organization ethical ethics graphic interpersonal behavior Leadership leadership development Respect

Four Ways to Recharge Your Leadership Batteries


You are a really hard-working leader. Long hours are often required over extended periods of time. By working harder and longer, you think you are making a dent in the workload. Yet – have you noticed that there is a point of diminishing return? When you are spinning your wheels yet things aren’t getting

Why Servant Leadership is the Future

Modern Servant Leader

5 Ways to Attract Young People to Church

Ron Edmondson

If a church is more interested in protecting traditions than it is in creating a future, then it will most likely fail to attract young people… At least that’s been my experience.


The Extravert’s Guide to Leading Introverts

C-Level Strategies

Well, you had to know this was coming. We’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on how introverts can succeed in leadership and business, and now it’s time to switch gears a bit and put the spotlight on extraverts.

3 Employee Engagement Mistakes Every Company Should Make

The Leadership Advisor

To give you some insight into how deep my nerd tendencies run, when I was 5 years old I asked my mom to buy a set of encyclopedias because I wanted to “know everything by the time I was ten&#. My mom looked at me like I was from another planet and then gave a chuckle.

Google Research Confirms Basics of Management

Tony Mayo

The New York Times recently ran a nice article about how Google–in its usual highly-analytic, data-driven way–measured the results of different management behaviors amongst its own workforce. The recommendations that emerged from this research will be familiar to readers of this blog. I wish these were practiced as often as I preach them! Google’s [.]. For Executives Management Micro-Managers

How to Get the CEO to Listen to You

Next Level Blog

Last month, I did a customized webinar for about 70 managers in a client company on “How to Build Executive Presence.” To prep the content for the session, we asked about a dozen C suite and direct. Please click the headline to read the whole story. executive presence Personal Presence

How to Create a Thanking Culture


Something on a PowerPoint slide at a presentation recently captured my attention and fancy. The point on the slide was about the “thinking culture&# of a particular company, but the word “thinking&# was misspelled to “thanking&#. Hmm (I thought)….a a “thanking culture&#. What might that look like? We so often hear that a paycheck is thanks

Weekend Giveaway: Mustard Seed Devotional

Ron Edmondson

I’m feeling generous this weekend and, since I’ve been working this week on my new book, I thought it was time to share the one I already have.

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Leadership and Loyalty: Why It Must Start Within You

C-Level Strategies

A year ago this week my Leadership Chat Co-Founder/Co-Host Steve Woodruff and I met at the SOBCon conference here in Chicago.

B2B Social Media Case Study: Dell Vostro V 130 #TradeSecrets Campaign: getting the small business community talking

Krishna De

Are you looking to build more visibility about your business online through outreach and connecting to your customers?

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Are you rowing, riding, or resisting?

Tony Mayo

If you’ve done any white water rafting, you know how exciting it can be. On the first rapid of my first trip I remember the guide yelling, “Row. Row fast!!!&# I didn’t want to go fast. I wanted to slow down, to take the rapid nice and easy. I’ve since learned that if you [.]. For Executives Quotes and Aphorisms Resistance

Book Review: Traction

Managing Leadership

Traction – an apt and reassuring title for one of an increasingly rare breed of truly satisfying and rewarding management books.

When You Coach, This is What Happens


I’ve been teaching managers how to coach for several years – in groups, and also 1:1 in a coach/client relationship. Having worked in the corporate world, and having an “aha&# moment when I learned the process and skills in coaching, I find it an extremely valuable tool for managers to use at the right

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7 Suggestions When the Marriage Isn’t Working

Ron Edmondson

All marriages go through periods where things just aren’t as they should be. It’s a natural occurrence in any relationship involving people. (I I suppose that would include most marriages). The stress and pace of life causes tension in the best marriages.

Three Lost Truths About Valor in Leadership

C-Level Strategies

I was having lunch recently with a CEO of a private company who I am fortunate to have as a friend and he mentioned the concept of “valor in leadership.&# He was concerned that it was, in essence, becoming a lost art.

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning: 10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

It’s almost May now, and you’re starting to feel a little restless. A little stale, maybe. You’ve had your head down and your team focused for 120 days straight, and with the days now getting longer and the temptation to start “coasting&# getting even stronger, you’ve hit a critical time of the year. It’s time to do a little spring cleaning. You need to freshen up your leadership, so you can keep your team hitting on all cylinders.

How to enable bookings for your hotel from your Facebook Page

Krishna De

Are you in the hotel business and have a Facebook Page? Are you looking for a way to enable bookings from your Facebook Page? I see a number of hotel websites trying to integrate their booking engine within their Facebook Page but mostly these take you back to their website booking engine.

100 Systems Thinking Resources for Leaders

Leading in Context

Systems and connections are the stuff we and organizations are made of. To begin to solve today's complex problems, systemic and connected thinking is the kind of thinking we need to use. Ethical Thinking business ethics blogs ethics in leadership leading ethically in organizations

What Success Looks Like


As a very busy mid-level executive in a Fortune 100 company, he took to coaching like a duck to water. He was ready to work on himself. When we first started our work together, he thoroughly studied the 360 feedback he’d received and focused on learning from the leadership development training he’d just had.

7 Actions When You Can’t Respect the Leader

Ron Edmondson

I received a message from a staff member of another church recently. He is struggling with the current leadership and wondering how long he can continue to be where he doesn’t support the vision and direction of the pastor. He wanted my advice on how he should be responding during this season of ministry. This situation is obviously not unique to churches, but also happens frequently in other organizations.

Leading Your Customer: Four Lessons from Lincoln and Steve Jobs

C-Level Strategies

Steve Woodruff and I decided to make tomorrow night’s (April 12th) Leadership Chat topic about leading your customer. Is it even possible to actually lead your customer? Absolutely.

The Best Leadership Advice I Ever Got

Marshall Goldsmith

Like many young Ph.D. students, I was deeply impressed with my own intelligence, wisdom and profound insights into the human condition. I consistently amazed myself with my ability to judge others and see what they were doing wrong. UCLA Professor Fred Case was my advisor and head of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission - where I was doing my dissertation research. At this point in my career, he was clearly the most important person in my professional life.

Why Diversity Has Become A Problem

The Leadership Advisor

It’s quite unfortunate that the rally cry for diversity has companies scrambling to make sure that they appear diverse to the outsider. You may think that this statement is cruel, but let me unpack it a bit before you summon the executioner.

Easter Is For Leaders

Linked 2 Leadership

Easter is a holiday celebrated each spring in many countries throughout the world. It is a Christian religious celebration based on the scriptures which indicate that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Arise and Shine Each year we celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Interestingly, Easter can be considered [.]. Servant Leadership