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The Grace to Show Respect

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I F WE are to be successful, we need to collaborate. We don’t have the whole story. Collaboration is founded on a bedrock of respect. John Baldoni writes in Grace: A Leader’s Guide to A Better Us , “Our culture has become more coarsened. The rancor in our political system, fueled as it is by people who do not want to listen to one another, paralyzes so much of our public discourse.”

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7 Scriptures To Bring Hope During A Crisis

Joseph Lalonde

When a crisis hits, fear often comes with it. People are scared for their jobs and their health. They believe their way of living will change forever. Those things may be in danger during a crisis. And it’s okay to be scared. Yet, there is hope out there. We can… No, we will get through this crisis […] The post 7 Scriptures To Bring Hope During A Crisis appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. Crisis Leadership Faith Leadership

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Find Your Voice As A Leader

Lead Change Blog

As the late Stephen Covey said, “Leadership is a choice, not a position.” So why do you choose to lead? And in today’s blaring and hectic global community, how can you ensure that your voice stands out above the rest? How do you create your unique brand of leadership that will leave a lasting and impactful legacy?

Why Remote Work Today is a Chance to Change Your Culture

Kevin Eikenberry

You are living a long-proven principle: you learn much about your team or organizational culture in times of crisis. The move to remote work may have exposed some cracks in your culture and may have highlighted some strengths, too. This new time of crisis and the remote work that goes with it is a tremendous […]. The post Why Remote Work Today is a Chance to Change Your Culture appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Leadership & Supervisory Skills Remote Work

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How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

First Look: Leadership Books for May 2020

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Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in May 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Success Mindsets : Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership by Ryan Gottfredson. Mindsets” is a word that is used quite frequently, however, many of those who use it are unaware that mindsets are foundational to and dictate one’s success in life, work, and leadership.

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This Isn’t Helpful Advice

Let's Grow Leaders

I want to give you an insightful bit of leadership or management wisdom that will help you navigate the world right now. But my inbox is overflowing with advice. Most of it is trite. Advice that just isn’t helpful right now. I […]. The post This Isn’t Helpful Advice appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Winning Well

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What Are The Stories Leaders Need To Be Able To Tell To Drive Success?

Tanveer Naseer

Many of us recognize the importance of storytelling in leadership to improve the way we communicate. But the truth is there’s more than one story that a leader should be able to tell at a moment’s notice in order to inspire, inform and provide direction to those they lead. Click to continue reading. Leadership Biz Cafe Recent Posts communication growth leadership motivation storytelling

Cognitive Reappraisal for Wild Success

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E XTREME adventurers have to perform at their best every time, or there might not be another time. They must be able to execute a plan under pressure. The same qualities that help them succeed will help any leader perform at a higher level and especially in a crisis situation. Wild Success by Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely illustrates seven leadership lessons we can learn from the harrowing experiences of extreme athletes.

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Three Things to Stop Doing This Week

Next Level Blog

For many of us in the United States, week seven or so of the work from home (WFH) period is underway. And even as attention turns to how to get people back to the office, it’s pretty clear that we’re at the beginning of a pretty long haul of a lot more working from home than we ever thought we would. From my vantage point as a long-time work from homer and a coach to a lot of leaders and teams who are new to the scene, what I’m seeing is a slow realization that we’re in a marathon, not a sprint.

Your Stakeholders Will Be Thankful You Asked These Questions

Lead Change Blog

Developing a great relationship with your organization’s stakeholders is one of the most important aspects of leadership. Stakeholders can be anyone from your business partners to your suppliers, and the way you need to engage with them will change over time. Getting to know your stakeholders and engaging with them effectively benefits your organization and can result in stronger financials and a boost in productivity.

COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!

Not Another Video Conference: How to Manage Zoom Fatigue

Leadership Freak

You’re learning that back-to-back video conferences are more exhausting than in-person meetings. Zoom is exhausting, in part, because everything is harder during disruption. But National Geographic, USA Today, and others are posting articles… Continue reading → Leading

LeadershipNow 140: April 2020 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from April 2020 that you don't want to miss: What Post-Recession Winners Know And Do via @KotterInc. Map Your Most Strategic Relationships As Your Guide from Now to Next by @davidnour. How to Get Support You Need When Your Boss is Overwhelmed via @letsgrowleaders. Give Without Expecting Something in Return by @FSonnenberg. 20 Ways Leaders Can Take Care of Their Mental State Daily by @SteveGutzler.

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How to Enhance others’ Perception of you at Work

Career Advancement

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” ~Lou Lou Holtz. Lily, who worked in an architecture firm, felt her career was stagnating. She’d believed she was a rising star, landing promotion after promotion , until—WHAM!—she she crashed into a brick wall. Even though others continued advancing in their careers, she couldn’t seem to rise above the level she was at. What happened? she wondered.

Gaining Clarity Through Crisis

Joseph Lalonde

I’ve talked with many different leaders about the year 2020. Many of those leaders said they wanted this year to be a year of clarity. They saw 2020 and thought of 20/20 vision. 20/20 vision is when you have perfect eyesight. It can’t get any better than that. Then, the COVID-19 crisis hit. The idea of perfect […] The post Gaining Clarity Through Crisis appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. Crisis Leadership Leadership

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Why HR Technology Matters Now More Than Ever

When a crisis hits, HR technology gives business leaders the data, tools, and support to make important business decisions quickly. In this report, Josh Bersin breaks down the 4 key benefits of HR tech and demonstrates through case studies how business leaders can leverage it to solve problems and grow. Download this report to learn more!

7 Ways to Earn Respect as a New Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Peter Economy: Are you newly promoted? A recent leadership hire? Slowly advancing in your company or organization? When you ’ re the new leader on the block, earning respect from peers and employees who don ’ t even know you can certainly be a struggle. A higher leadership status won ’ t automatically give you the authority or trust with your people that you need to get things done. You’ll have to earn that authority and trust to become an effective and successful leader or boss.

Leading Thoughts for April 30, 2020

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I DEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Astronaut Chris Hadfield on the power of knowing what could go wrong: “In order to stay calm in a high-stress, high-stakes situation, all you really need is knowledge. Feeling ready to do something doesn’t mean feeling certain you’ll succeed, though of course that’s what you’re hoping to do.

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5 Ethical Dimensions of IoT Leadership (Part 4)

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Part 1 in this series on 5 Ethical Dimensions of IoT Leadership focused on the importance of ethical foresight. Part 2 and Part 3 introduced two dimensions - Ethical Design and Legal Compliance. Today's post explores a new dimension - Human Impact.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Flashback Article. We’re still under a shelter-at-home order in the state of Michigan. Many other states are as well. This means no new movies! Oh well, there’s plenty of great movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. The last couple of Reel Leadership articles have been courtesy of Netflix. Today, we’re switching it up. I logged into […] The post Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm appeared first on Joseph Lalonde.

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Setting Boundaries While Working at Home

N2Growth Blog

Almost everyone searches for “it” in their job. Is it gaining success? Is it money? No, I am talking about work-life balance, and setting boundaries while working from home makes this even more challenging. It does not matter where you sit on the leadership totem pole. We are all human and our needs are mostly identical. While our individual ratios of work and life vary, our needs are the same. We are all craving to better manage the work-life balancing act. .

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OK Isn’t Good Enough – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

About two weeks into the shutdown, I was having a conversation with my neighbor (at a safe, 6-foot distance, of course). His organization had recently sent all of their employees home and when I asked him how it was going, I got a response that no leader ever wants to hear… It’s going…OK. As leaders, […]. The post OK Isn’t Good Enough – Remarkable TV appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

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How to Be a Smart Novice and Stop Hurting Yourself

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Novelty makes novices of us all. Every time you try something new, you’re a novice all over again. Dangers of inexperience: You thought you understood parenting until you had children. You thought you… Continue reading → Courage Failure Personal Growth Success courageous leaders Leadership Development leadership success wise leaders

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4 Ways to Stop Frustrating Misunderstandings

Let's Grow Leaders

Frustrating misunderstandings aren’t inevitable I was sitting in the car outside our house, waiting for our son to join me on a trip to the grocery store. After waiting for a while, I called his cell phone. Are you coming?” Where are […]. The post 4 Ways to Stop Frustrating Misunderstandings appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Winning Well check for understanding communication leadership management

9 Ways to Manage Costs and Prepare for Future Growth

SMB leaders are working day and night to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Successfully managing it requires the CFO and HR leader to make complex decisions quickly, without rushing into an uncoordinated response. Foremost among these decisions will be cost containment. The way organizations manage costs now will determine how well they perform during and after COVID-19. Download our guide and start preparing for the future today.

If Humility’s So Important, Why Are So Many Leaders So Arrogant

Lead from Within

The importance of humility is practically a cornerstone of leadership. So why are so many leaders so arrogant? Anywhere leadership is being discussed and defined, humility is a key concept. It shows up in books and articles and at leadership conferences around the world. But clearly many leaders are not embracing the concept—at least not for themselves. As a leadership coach, I have the privilege of access to a wide range of leaders at every level, affording me a good perspective on broad issues.

“Live in the Moment” With Hakim Marrakchi, CEO at Maghreb Industries

N2Growth Blog

Hakim Marrakchi, CEO of Maghreb Industries, shared his perspective to Live in the Moment as the advice he would give his younger self. Even though Hakim is a very humble businessman and made it clear this advice given would be different for himself and differ from what he would give others. I still think these insights are powerful and worth sharing with you. Interview Summary. HM: Start with a moral center.

How to Build Teams that Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Leadership Freak

Accountability is a dirty word because it begins in the wrong place. Leaders wrongly think accountability begins with others. What do you call someone who bulldozes people into compliance? The nice word is… Continue reading → Leading

Leading Beyond Ego – Interview with David Meltzer

Let's Grow Leaders

In this wide-ranging interview, David and David discuss how to rapidly make effective leadership decisions, how to keep your ego from derailing your influence and effectiveness, a three-step process to quickly work through strong emotions and find a productive response, techniques […]. The post Leading Beyond Ego – Interview with David Meltzer appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

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HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

Do you really want a team of all-stars? Instead of trying to hire all Type A high performers, research shows it’s much more effective to hire a mix of personalities. In this report, Paycor will explain why and how to go about assembling, coaching, and developing effective teams at work.

Why Are Smart Leaders So Dumb At Motivating People

Lead from Within

According to a recent Gallup poll, only about 25 percent of American employees say they are engaged in their work. A near majority, 43 percent, admit they’re checked out. These results are startling. Why are so many people feeling disconnected at work? The sad truth is that even the smartest leaders don’t always know how to motivate their people. So what can you do to buck the trend and keep your employees engaged?

Giving More Effective Feedback

Kevin Eikenberry

While in some cases people may not be getting enough feedback of any kind, you can rest assured that most of it isn’t effective feedback. It doesn’t matter where people are working, there is a serious shortage of effective feedback in the workplace today. We can’t fix that shortage globally, but we can address it […]. The post Giving More Effective Feedback appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

How to Move any Leadership Aspiration to Reality

Leadership Freak

Aspiration is the beginning of leadership. Clarify leadership’s 3 aspirations: Personal growth: Who do you aspire to become? Talent development: How will you develop yourself and others? Leadership achievement: What do you aspire… Continue reading → Passion Personal Growth Purpose Servant-leadership Success Taking others higher Vision courageous leaders Growth Leadership Development

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Combating Video Conference Fatigue While Working from Home


As many of us enter week six or seven of working remotely, it's amazing to think about all that’s changed – and how much we’re adapting. One of the biggest changes for us and even our clients is the significant increase in video conferencing. While it’s becoming more commonplace, it doesn’t take away from the fact that frequent video meetings are still new to many of us. And with any new routine or skill, it can be draining until it truly becomes second nature. COVID-19 Communications

3 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Culture: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ENGAGE

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention, and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. If this is an area where you need help (or if you could just use a refresher) let Paycor walk you through actionable tips and insights on how you can develop the learning culture that works best for your business.