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Dare Yourself to Face Tough Situations

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We’re nearly seven months into this pandemic, and many of us are still grappling with assembling some version of the “new normal.” Many of us have had to make tough decisions and carve new paths forward.

Game Changer: How to Be A 10x Talent

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W HAT is a 10x talent? 10x talent is, as the label implies, able to deliver ten times more than is expected, but what makes them so valuable is that they are multidimensional. They are smart, good communicators, and have interests beyond their core specialty.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Social Dilemma

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article. The Social Dilemma is a Netflix original documentary. It’s a startling tell-all expose on the dangers of social media. It’s eye-opening and a documentary everyone should watch. I sat in stunned silence as I watched the documentary roll in front of my eyes.

A Simple Strategy To Help Reframe How You Deal With Challenges

Tanveer Naseer

With many of us now adapting to remote working as no longer a short-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as the ‘new normal’ for how our organization will function for the next few years, there’s been more focus lately on how leaders and their employees are adapting to this.

Benefits in a Pandemic: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Building a benefits program for a diverse workforce has always been a top priority, but now it’s become both more important and complex with so much change and uncertainty. Download our latest guide that features emerging benefits employees expect in 2021 and beyond.

Why You Should Have a Mentor (And How to Find One)

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No matter who you are or what you do, it’s important to surround yourself with people who can speak into your life, especially if you are looking to grow.

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Ruthless Consistency: The Foundation of Success

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S TRATEGIC change fails without consistency—an uncompromising commitment to your stated purpose. A single inconsistent act can call your credibility into question and undermine your change effort. Michael Canic, author of Ruthless Consistency , can help you put the odds of success in your favor. By ruthless consistency, he doesn’t mean robotic repetition. It doesn’t mean inflexible. In fact, “varied and creative are requirements of ruthless consistency, not enemies.”

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Why You Need To Set Goals

Joseph Lalonde

Goals are the thing we aim for. We set a target and we head towards the goal. Whenever I look at my biggest successes in life, I notice there’s a common theme. The common theme is that I set a goal and I went for it. Whether the success has been the growth of this […].

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Think Tomorrow, Act Today: Making Strategy Matter

Lead Change Blog

For most organizations, 2020 was heavily tilted toward understanding – understanding COVID-19 and its impacts to daily life and business, causes and solutions to racial problems, and how to find certainty in uncertain circumstances. Today, many questions that dominated the year remain unanswered. How do leaders focus activities to keep the organization moving forward while lacking clarity from indicators often used as guideposts? Making Strategy Matter.

Leading Thoughts for September 24, 2020

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I DEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Steve Farber on doing what you love in the service of people: “It doesn’t matter whether the leaders are in the front or the rear. What matters is the way they are leading the pack. In either case, the leaders are serving other members.

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Leadership: Evaluating Ethical Awareness

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Ethical awareness may have been considered private in the past, but it has become easier to observe in a society that is always socially connected.

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How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

How to Influence others at Work

Career Advancement

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” ” ~ Ken Blanchard. Haleigh had been working for months to enhance others’ perception of her. She felt like she was slipping under the radar and needed to increase her visibility in her organization.

Business Alignment

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Do all the pieces of the puzzle fit together? Business alignment implies that all parts of an organization are integrated and functioning in a highly coordinated manner in support of its business strategy. A highly aligned business is effective (focused on the right things) and efficient (no waste). They are highly productive and successful. The organization’s structure, processes, systems, programs, and initiatives all support and align with the company’s strategy. .

How to Demonstrate Your Leadership Potential Now

Let's Grow Leaders

You know you’ve got leadership potential. But, how do you get others to see it? Particularly, now. After all, your boss has bigger fish to fry than talking about your career. But this crisis could go on for a while. And you […].

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Fortune Favors The Bold.

Rich Gee Group

"Audentes Fortuna Juvat" (in Latin). There are many articles dissecting this simple phrase - some good and some way off base. Here’s my take — to get where you want to go in life, you have to take chances, step out of your comfort zone, and sometimes do things that scare you.

COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!

Keep or Toss? – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

A man in his 90’s recently surveyed his garage which was filled with the remnants from an old business, activities and hobbies and memories. LOTS of memories. And at the request of his children, he brought in a dumpster. And after just a few hours of work, it was filled to the brim.

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How To Develop Personal Authentic Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Are you interested in self-development as a tool for leadership? Do you want to learn how to position yourself as an authentic leader in a crowded field? Bonnie Marcus, author of The Politics of Promotion: How High-Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead , discusses how to develop authentic leadership in her Women’s Empowerment Series.

How to Lead with Influence Instead of Authority

Next Level Blog

One of the things you read most often about the effects of the pandemic is that it has accelerated trends that were already in play by about 10 years. In certain aspects of work and life, it suddenly seems like 2030 instead of 2020.

How to Manage and Maximize Gifted Jerk-Holes

Leadership Freak

Fitting in is unsophisticated self-sabotage, but effectively standing out requires finesse. None of us is dumb as all of us.” Astronaut Mark Kelly* Gifted jerk-holes: Like black holes, jerk-holes suck life out of the… Continue reading → Leading

Why HR Technology Matters Now More Than Ever

When a crisis hits, HR technology gives business leaders the data, tools, and support to make important business decisions quickly. In this report, Josh Bersin breaks down the 4 key benefits of HR tech and demonstrates through case studies how business leaders can leverage it to solve problems and grow. Download this report to learn more!

Terryberry to Host Connection Culture Webinar

Michael Lee Stallard

Connection is more important than ever during this time of remote work and rising stress, which is why I’m excited to be working with the team at Terryberry to provide a free webinar focused on building a Connection Culture. .

Lighthouse Leadership: How to Lead Your Team When the Storm Hits

RapidStart Leadership

Lighthouse leadership is about knowing what direction to steer your team when the storm hits. Here's a captivating short story about heroism in a storm, and four ways to help you lead in the dark.

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How To Handle Stressful Situations

Joseph Lalonde

As a leader, you’re going to face stressful situations. These situations may pop up and surprise you or you may see them coming from a mile away. Whatever the poison, you have to be ready to deal with stressful situations. I had a stressful situation recently. How I dealt with it may help you deal […]. Personal Development

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Four Things You have that Others Don’t – But They Need

Leadership Freak

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Bonnie Ware, Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Stop working so hard to… Continue reading → Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Leadership is an Opportunity

Kevin Eikenberry

Leaders have plenty to do, with many obligations, pressures, stresses, and responsibilities. All of these come with the role and the paycheck. While we accept these as facts, often in the daily doing of all the work and accepting all the responsibilities, we forget that leadership is an opportunity.

7 Ways To Create A More Productive Workforce

Tanveer Naseer

Productivity is one of the central facets of a strong business. Get it to an optimal level, and you will help to boost your output, as well as offering your customers the best product or service possible. While you can streamline your processes as much as you like, your workforce.

Playbook for a New Leader’s First 90 Days on the Job

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Kristin Harper : The first 90 days of a leaders’ tenure set the foundation for their future success. Below are five time-tested approaches for new leaders to get off to a fast start.

How to Overcome the Distraction of Compassion

Leadership Freak

Distracted leaders are octopods spinning like tornados with sucker-filled tentacles clinging to ‘important’ trivialities. You can’t go eight directions at the same time and make meaningful progress.

How To 165

9 Ways to Manage Costs and Prepare for Future Growth

SMB leaders are working day and night to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Successfully managing it requires the CFO and HR leader to make complex decisions quickly, without rushing into an uncoordinated response. Foremost among these decisions will be cost containment. The way organizations manage costs now will determine how well they perform during and after COVID-19. Download our guide and start preparing for the future today.

The Best Deal in Leadership Development

Kevin Eikenberry

Many leadership development activities have been suspended by the pandemic.

Today is the day!

Michael Lee Stallard

Expanded and Updated "Connection Culture" Now at Amazon. Today is the day! The second edition of Connection Culture is now available on Amazon.

What Are Some Harsh Truths About Being a Leader

Lead from Within

Many people think of leadership as a glorified profession, one with impressive titles and lots of prestige and benefits. That may or may not be the case, but every level of leadership involves some hard truths.

Distraction: Defeating the Beast that Contaminates Leadership and Dilutes Effectiveness

Leadership Freak

The seduction of distraction is it makes you feel important while diluting usefulness at the same time. The habit of hurry drains fulfillment and frustrates engagement.

HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

Do you really want a team of all-stars? Instead of trying to hire all Type A high performers, research shows it’s much more effective to hire a mix of personalities. In this report, Paycor will explain why and how to go about assembling, coaching, and developing effective teams at work.