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Getting more from your training programs | McKinsey Quarterly []

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Good advice for maximizing the return on your training investments. leadership leadershipdevelopment training mckinsey

Effective Communication: What DO You Want?

The Recovering Engineer

This morning, I read a great post by my friend and colleague Kevin Eikenberry. In this post, Kevin makes a great point we can all learn from the campaign process that those of us in the United States have been watching for the last few

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Learn from Your Experiences

Your Voice of Encouragement

To learn from your experiences, it's important to reflect on what happened – for your successes and mistakes. If you don't take this important step, you risk repeating mistakes and you may not make the most of your successes

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Source Code for Success

Orrin Woodward

Imagine buying a classic Porsche 911, a luxury 2-door sports coupe made in Stuttgart, Germany. As one studies the distinctive design, the powerful rear engine, the independent rear suspension, and swing axle, one is filled with awe at

10 Ways To Stop Worrying About Your Job.

Rich Gee Group

It's still tough out there. You probably know at least one person who is unemployed (maybe more). And life in a company is a very lonely place when everyone is out for themselves (and worrying about their jobs). So what do you do

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Perseverance - Three Things to Remember when Bad Things Happen

Building Personal Strength

“I'd like people to know that you can recover from life adversity. You don't have to give up because you've been down a lot of times.” - Ray Charles, American singer-composer (1930-2004). Once you give up, the game is over

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Your Process SUCKS! I am NOT a jerk & tell me the behaviors you want.

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Process development, systems improvement. Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus. Met some friends for a focus group at a local coffee place. While waiting at the counter for my drink I noticed something new

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 50 – An Interview with.

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques executives and managers can use to improve their organization's alignment and accountability to ultimately achieve superior results. These podcasts elaborate on the best practice

Why Hiring Is Like Playing Blackjack, And 3 Rules To Increase Your.

Terry Starbucker

(Part II of a two-part series on Leadership and Team Building –click here for Part I). Once I made the decision to give up the control I worked so hard to get, and become a leader instead of a micromanager, the next step was building a

Abundance Mentality vs. Deficit Mentality

Building Personal Strength

When Kathleen and I visited Palo Duro Canyon, we stayed in the nearby town of Canyon, home of West Texas A & M, sister university to Texas A & M. Whenever we explore a new town, we always head for the town square

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Leadership Solutions Focus in Practice

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Working with a leadership team of 5 people including the COO of the organization. I was called in to facilitate and consult the leadership team with the following objectives defined; Leaders will be able to reflect upon their own

Project Management Best Practice 6 – A+ Players

Strategy Driven

Mission critical projects often impact not only large portions of the employee population but the ability of the company to be competitive and to carry out important functions over the long-term. In fact, some projects are so important

Primus Inter Pares or First Among Equals

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"On Second Thought" - Outsmarting Our Hard-Wire Habits

Building Personal Strength

I've been reading On Second Thought, a fascinating book by Wray Herbert that reveals 20 heuristics. A heuristic is a rule of thumb that you use unconsciously and automatically in decision making. According to Herbert's research

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0111 | Jim Kouzes


What is the Truth About Leadership? Jim Kouzes has been a fixture in the world of leadership studies for over 30 years. He is co-author, with Barry Posner, of the seminal The Leadership Challenge and the duo have just released a new book, The Truth About Leadership. References Resources. The Truth About Leadership. The Leadership Challenge. Still Surprised. The Dragonfly Effect. Open Leadership. Good Boss, Bad Boss. Multipliers. Leadership Podcast kouzes posner

Leadership Lessons from Sparky Anderson

Kevin Eikenberry

A tribute, with leadership lessons drawn from the life of baseball hall of fame manager, Sparky Anderson

The Test of Rascalinity - rascal

Chris Brady

As we have seen, Rascals are different; not only from the crowd, but even from each other. They are individually individualistic. Some are more "Rascally" than others. Taking the Test of Rascalinity will let you know what level Rascal

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Tolerance and the Burden of Resentment

Building Personal Strength

Juanita Chavez opened the door to Room 307 and made a quick visual scan. Nothing left behind, room in good order. This would be a quick one. When she checked the sink and bathtub, she felt the familiar feeling of disappointment

20 Smart Insights on Leadership & Courage From #LeadershipChat

C-Level Strategies

One of the most difficult rescue efforts ever made in Cape Town. By Lisa Petrilli. I continue to be moved my the number of inspiring and genuinely insightful thoughts being shared at #LeadershipChat each week, even though the chat is

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Jim's Longevity Diet Broth

CEO Blog

I promised something other than a book review or race report so here is something else I do. When I am at home, I make "Jim's Special Secret Organic Longevity Diet Broth" three or four times each day.

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Six Strategies for Boosting Morale

Kevin Eikenberry

A participant from a workshop I led several years ago posed a question to me last week. While she shared more details, this is the crux of her question: “Currently low morale is my major issue. With all of the changes there were

Do You Have A Career “Plan B”? | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

You just missed the last recession, hopefully things are getting better. You're getting quite adept at dodging the executioner's axe — ducking at the last minute while watching fellow peers are summarily dismissed

Bird's Eye View: TEDx Hong Kong And Architect James Law

Bird's Eye View

The experience of being a TEDX speaker last week in Hong Kong was a thrill. I've been a longtime TEDster, attending TED for years. But attending TED and speaking at TED are clearly two different levels of experience. As an

What You Need to Know About Body Language to Communicate.



The Downside of Too Much Personality


The “Big Five” factors of personality are broad dimensions used to describe human personality. The factors are openness, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability.

Vince Lombardi on Broadway?

Michael Lee Stallard

Lombardi It takes guts to bring a drama to Broadway these days without a megastar playing the lead. To top it off, the producers of the show Lombardi promise to reveal why the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers football team was

Leaders: Influencing Others By Listening « Linked 2 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

I was in a small group for a Project Management course exercise this past weekend and noticed something interesting about being there. I noticed that although I initially had very little to say about the task assigned to our group

Buffalo's Social Media Event of the Year!

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UnBook tour Tickets are available here. It started as an experiment. But then it happened…after two years and over 65000 followers he's grown his company UnMarketing to new levels! He has a #1 best selling book

An Election Day Communication Lesson

Kevin Eikenberry

How leaders should communicate – and why not to follow the lead of campaigning politicians

Statesman vs. Politician | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth It's been a while since I've weighed-in on the political front, and with U.S. mid-term elections staring us

Do You Have The Girlfriend Effect? | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

What's the Girlfriend Effect? Remember in high school, if a boy didn't have a girlfriend, it was pretty darn near impossible for him to attract one? But if the boy did have a girlfriend, all her friends seemed to flock over to him and

The Heroes of Walter Reed

Next Level Blog

Yesterday, on a rainy afternoon in Washington, DC, I had the privilege of doing something that I wish every American had the opportunity to experience. Through her company, Hooks Book Events, my. Please click the headline to read the

Leadership Development – Touch or Tackle?

Weekly Leader

I think at times leadership and leadership development can be a lot of tiptoeing through the tulips. The thousands of books and popular notions of “leadership” are by most accounts slanted toward the positive. However, the activity is

Leadership and Respect: Like Paintbrush and Paint or Oil and Water.

C-Level Strategies

Insights on the importance of respect to success in leadership, and how real leaders demonstrate respect