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A Workshop Alone Isn’t Enough

Kevin Eikenberry

Even though most people would say we are in the training business, we don’t see it that way. Yes, we deliver training, and so we are intimately aware of both the benefits and the limitations of that method of transferring skills and knowledge. There are many benefits training can provide. Here are just a few: [.].

Supervisory Leadership Development Workshop

Create Learning

INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THIS TRAINING? Ask yourself; How much am I spending on bringing new people in and training them?; What is it.

Building Skills After Training

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Building Skills After Training appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

Remarkable TV: After the Workshop is Over

Kevin Eikenberry

When we come back to the office after a workshop or training event, there is almost always a long list of people to follow up with and tasks to be completed. But there are 3 very important things that we should do to help make the training and our time away to be as successful […].

Revitalizing Strategic Planning: Workshop

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The need for short-, mid-, and long-term planning will always exist as a critical factor in successful business regardless of changes in technology.

Find the Best Talent for the Job. Training Workshop

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select the appropriate link on the Registrations and Training page for the printable form. Driving Directions to Training Sites.

Team 14

How to Tell a Great Story

Let's Grow Leaders

This Summer, I’ve trained hundreds of people on my STORIES model of impactful communication. You can watch an excerpt here. S- S etting.

Finding the Right Workshop at the Right Time

Kevin Eikenberry

That is certainly true for training. Often times people don’t get the training they need, when they need it, because it isn’t available.

Communication and Collaboration. Team Building and Leadership Workshop

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Team Building & Leadership Workshop. INTERESTED IN THIS TRAINING? INTERESTED IN THIS TRAINING? Why It’s Important. What Is It?

If Developing Leaders is the Question, Training May Not Be the Answer

Kevin Eikenberry

Training may not be the answer, and it most assuredly isn’t the [.]. Leadership Learning Personal Development coaching training

Creativity to Innovation Workshop w/ Syracuse University

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The workshop is highly interactive and learner centered. Are you interested in a Creativity to Innovation Workshop ? Have Fun!

Developing Leaders: Why Training Interventions Fail?


Companies spend considerable amount of time and money on developing leaders through training programs and workshops. Stay Tuned!

Trust and Accountability within Teams. Workshop Notes

Create Learning

Working with a management team, I shared our Day 1 Agenda. Below is a abbreviated version of the slides that were used. L.E.A.R.N…Team Accountability.

Team Building & Leadership Workshops: Team Accountability & Decisions; Developing & Being a Part of High Performance Teams; Leading Team Leaders

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Within this workshop a focus will be on the ability of the individuals within the team to openly discuss their perspectives on the issues.

Online Training


For years I have resisted presenting online training. I still believe that. But the world is going online.

High Performance Team Development & Leadership Workshop with Executive MBA’s

Create Learning

Contact Mike to arrange this or a similar workshop for your team. Team development + Leadership. Handling underperformance of peers.

Remarkable TV: Persuading People to Attend Training

Kevin Eikenberry

You can tell them, you can order them or you can persuade them…but there’s only one right answer to get people to understand the importance of attending, participating and engaging in training. Remarkable TV: Persuading People to Attend Training Listen to the audio-only version of this episode.

Thinking Differently Enabling Innovation Workshop Slides and Feedback

Create Learning

Here’s photos from the workshop and feedback. INTERESTED IN THIS Innovation Workshop? Thinking Differently.

Read This Before You Attend Your Next Training Session

Kevin Eikenberry

Dear Learner, I don`t know why the training is on your calendar. Maybe you’d rather go to training than be at your desk. Maybe training means a chance to get away from home for a day or two. [.]. Maybe you are being told to go. Maybe you don`t even really know what it is about.

Leadership Mistakes are the Foundation of Our Success

Management Excellence

Career Leadership Leadership Mistakes leadership workshops Lessons Learned trainingWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

CEU Workshops


I offer several continuing education unit-certified workshops through a training broker.

3 steps to take, to take full advantage of training/learning sessions

First Friday Book Synopsis

So, yesterday, I had lunch with a man who leads leadership training sessions, especially for municipal governments. Today, I attended a morning workshop led by Tom Niesen of Acuity Systems: Consultant Workshop – The… Read More 3 steps to take, to take full advantage of training/learning sessions.

Experiential Education Train-the-Trainer

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Experiential Training & Development has its uses and abuses. One part of my work is facilitating Train-the-Trainer workshops.

Using Activities to Turn Serious Problems into Playful Activities–Workshop in Buffalo NY

Create Learning

I’ll be facilitating a workshop for the Organization Development Network of Western New York. There is no fee for this workshop … to learn more.

Team 14

Straight Talk About Rewards and Recognition

Kevin Eikenberry

Rewards and recognition is a topic often discussed at HR conferences, in leadership workshops and anyplace where leaders congregate.

Bud to Boss workshops in May

Bud to Boss

I’m enjoying a long weekend and lovely weather—as I hope and suspect many of you are—but I wanted to stop by really quickly to let you know where the Bud to Boss Training Camp will be headed this May: May 3-4: Denver. Leadership Resources & Tools leadership new managers new supervisor skills self-improvement training

20 Awesome Quotes From Jay Cross

Ravi Pratap Singh

  C2 Workshop E-Learning L&D Learning Learning & Development LearnnovatorsIs that okay? Not any longer. This is a knowledge economy. ”. “

Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Images Used in Presentations & Workshops

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12/27/13 – Images Used in Presentations & Workshops. Favorite Images Used in Workshops and Presentations 2013. Meeting Zombies.

LinkedIn Profile Tip – 4 key privacy control settings to manage your online reputation

Krishna De

{lang: 'en-GB'} If you are using LinkedIn as part of your online networking and visibility plan, have you reviewed your privacy controls?

The Demystification of Quality-Leadership. Workshop

Create Learning

I am leading this workshop in La Crosse Wisconsin on April 19. If you are in the area it would be great to meet you and learn with you.

Want to Be Trained by the Best?

Lead by Adventure

I met Mark Collard last year at a workshop in Oklahoma City. The post Want to Be Trained by the Best? More details coming soon. More fun.

Remarkable TV: Would Leadership Training Help Me Lead Better?

Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership Training Video leadership learning management professional development training You are Remarkable! […].

Learn the Skills to Move From Bud to Boss, Right From Your Office

Kevin Eikenberry

We started delivering public workshops explicitly for new leaders in the fall of 2009. Over the years we have helped hundreds of leaders in these public workshops, through workshops […]. We’ve long been committed to helping new leaders become successful in their important role.

Blocks to Creativity and Innovation. Tools to Release Creativity and Innovation

Create Learning

Blocks to Creativity and Innovation. Tools to Release Creativity and Innovation from Michael Cardus. What do you think? How do you define innovation?

Team 26

Training Prep Frenzy


Am revising a workshop based on my All I Said Was book. Completing a book on EEO Management and preparing for a Thursday workshop on How to Make Presentations to Councils and Boards. Discussions with training broker on which subject will have the greatest appeal. Getting ready for some open seminars on Preventing Harassment.

Working + Managing Across Generations: From Traditionalist to Generation Y & Beyond…An Interactive Workshop

Create Learning

Working and Managing Across Generations: From Traditionalist to Generation Y and Beyond… An Interactive Workshop. Outcomes—. We Travel To You.

Team 10

Why Most Leadership Development Efforts Fail

Kevin Eikenberry

Those in Senior Leadership saw his potential, so he was slated to attend the company’s leadership development workshop. Leadership Learning TrainingGeorge was seen as an up-and-coming leader in the organization. People that worked for him liked and respected him. George was ecstatic!

Learnnovators is about LEARNING and INNOVATION.

Ravi Pratap Singh

I had been working in the learning/training business for about a dozen years when I got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

Email Etiquette ~ Recipe for Success!

Ravi Pratap Singh

And they religiously set about training themselves and their teams in enhancing this particular skill.

Survey: Which "How to" Workshops are Wanted?


What do you think is the ideal length for such training? Can the subject(s) be offered online or is in-person training essential? Thank