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Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2014

Women on Business

Human Resources Issues Statistics, Facts & Research business diversity diversity diversity research diversity statistics top companies for diversity workplace diversity We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. link].

What's So Great About Diversity?


The issue of diversity in the workplace continues to be a challenge for many organizations. frontpage

Becoming A Resourceful Leader: The Strong Do Survive

Lead Change Blog

Self Leadership connections networking Resources Author information Deborah L.

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

Harvard Business Review

Striving to increase workplace diversity is not an empty slogan — it is a good business decision. In recent years a body of research has revealed another, more nuanced benefit of workplace diversity: nonhomogenous teams are simply smarter. Let’s dig into why diverse teams are smarter. They Focus More on Facts.

Diversity calendar from the CIPD 2013

Rapid BI

Looking for a diversity calender with the various religious dates all in one place? This diversity calendar is being made [.].

The Language Of Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

These days, we talk a lot about the benefits of embracing diversity in the workplace. de Klerk.

The Biased Manager

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Workplace Issues diversity equality HR Human Resources Leadership managing people people management racism Let me challenge you.

How to Host a Productive Generational Conversation

Nathan Magnuson

Most diversity topics are off-limits for poking fun. Human Resources Organizational Effectiveness collaboration diversity generations training

Human Resources Is Less Gender Diverse Than You Think

Women on Business

An even bigger myth is that HR is a leader in gender diversity in the C-suite.”. In fact, 58% of CHROs are male.

Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Can Thwart Your Diversity Efforts

Harvard Business Review

She was talking about her company’s vision of diversity. Analytics Talent management Diversity Digital ArticleJob done.

The Unintended Consequences of Diversity Statements

Harvard Business Review

Pro-diversity messages are everywhere, whether you’re searching for a job, playing soccer , or watching the Oscars. Their point is simple: Diversity is good and we need more of it. The thinking, presumably, is that such statements will increase the diversity of their applicant pool and ultimately of their workforce.

Team Chemistry: Leveraging Diversity to Drive Team Performance

Let's Grow Leaders

A great resource for this is Katzenbach and Smith’s The Wisdom of Teams. The post Team Chemistry: Leveraging Diversity to Drive Team Performance appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. There is much good research on the characteristics of high-performing teams. I have been on teams that are identical in these criteria, [.]

Resources & Handouts from my #ASTD2011 Talk

Management Craft

I thought I would share the links and resources that I am recommending here so that anyone can access them. The talk is about how to create a workplace environment where learning and collaboration happen between diverse people and teams (I call it multi-directional learning). Find it here. And here is a PDF of my talk slides.

We’re Making the Wrong Case for Diversity in Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

Silicon Valley has a problem when it comes to diversity — and everybody knows it. A Social Case for Workplace Diversity. economy.

Diversity Training Doesn't Work

Harvard Business Review

What about all that diversity training everyone went through?". Lana was the head of Human Resources for Bedia, a company in the media industry that felt, at times, like an old boy's network. Diversity wasn't just a professional issue for her; she cared about it personally. Would I do diversity training? Really?" People.

Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better

Harvard Business Review

In numerous studies , diversity — both inherent (e.g., For example, a 2009 analysis of 506 companies found that firms with more racial or gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits. In addition, people believe that diverse teams breed greater conflict than they actually do.

Recommended Resources – An Interview with Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, authors of The Essential Advantage

Strategy Driven

Coherent companies direct capital, time, and other resources with purpose to those activities, products, and businesses that will extend their lead.

Five Strategies for Hiring Success

Chart Your Course

This will allow the group to gather more diverse and complete information on the applicant. Some people interview well, some people do not.

The Women’s Economy Starts Here

Strategy Driven

If female-owned businesses were to have access to more resources and tools, this would in turn have a massive effect on the state of the nation.

Why Innovation is not "Invented Here"

Coaching Tip

We need diverse social and professional connections to innovate. The payoffs of diversity and multidisciplinarity are real. Wayne E.

The Big Picture of Business – Diversity is Important for Business

Strategy Driven

Diversity is most important for business, the economy and quality of life. I have conducted many diversity audits of companies.

We Approach Diversity the Wrong Way

Harvard Business Review

I was giving a morning keynote at a diversity conference when I asked the organizer what the rest of the day's sessions would be. "In In 2012?".

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Let me be clear: leadership and diversity should have nothing to do with one another. of virtually every diversity segment. LeRoyD Amen!

Diversity at UC


Writing in City Journal , Heather MacDonald looks at the University of California''s diversity programs. An excerpt: It’s impossible to overstate the extent to which the diversity ideology has encroached upon UC’s collective psyche and mission. The university’s budget problems have not touched it.

The Right Way to Measure Executive Diversity

Harvard Business Review

Having spent the last five years of my career working hand in hand with many of the world’s most well-known companies on efforts to advance women and diverse professionals into leadership roles, I read with interest the recent study and blog post by my esteemed colleague Avivah Wittenberg-Cox. Diversity Gender Leadership

How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

There’s a “Diversity” strategy driven from one office, and a succession planning and development strategy driven by another. Your thoughts?

Music and Servant Leadership — Say What?

Lead Change Blog

Resources San Diego Servant Leadership Institute The Music of Servant LeadershipWe are asking our audience to hear the music we hear.

Invest in Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Lead from Within

Invest in Diversity. Leaders at every level understand that the world is changing, and changing rapidly. Invest In Scientific Thinking.

Recommended Resource – What I Didn’t Learn in Business School

Strategy Driven

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The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

You're Not the Boss of Me

Diversity is about achieving a real appreciation for the heterogeneous nature of the world and it’s people. I’ve always loved language.

What Separates the Extremely Successful from the Pack?

First Friday Book Synopsis

To read the complete article, check out other resources, and sign up for a free subscription to HBR emsil Alerts, please click here. * * * Most people dream of succeeding. Working Women Workplace Diversity: A Manager's Guide to Solving Problems and Turning Diversity into a Competitive Advantage

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Leveraging Military Leadership for Civilian Success

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However, a review of the transitions resources highlights a few shortcomings in the current approach. The U.S. Again, nothing wrong with this.

Importance of Leadership Development in “The Individual Age”

Lead Change Blog

Where most employees once worked in large manufacturing firms that relied on rote tasks performed on large assembly lines – from autoworkers to assemblers in all fields, today’s workers are more likely to work in service related jobs that require diverse [.]

People Quit Their Boss… Not the Company!

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’ He is the President of Human Asset Management LLC, a human resource consulting firm specializing in executive search and leadership training.

Recommended Resource – Getting to Yes

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The Latest in Corporate Bail Outs – Women

In the CEO Afterlife

The problem is outdated, entrenched male-oriented cultures that refuse to recognize or promote the value of diversity in corporate leadership.

Chief Leadership Officer: Disrupting the CEO Status Quo

Lead Change Blog

The CEO user base is diverse, yet it can be compared to an almost 100% installed “operating” system matched with immeasurably supportive “hardware.”.

CEO 43

?How to Make Diversity and Inclusion Real?

Harvard Business Review

Serendipitously, the day after I learned of his condition, a member of Campbell's OPEN network (our human resources network — a.k.a I believe that when a CEO visibly stands for openness, diversity, and inclusion, it sends an essential message to the organization. Diversity Human resources Leadership

Are personality profiles effective for determining employee competencies?

Create Learning

And these assessments are just an easy way out for managers and human resources directors from actually being accountable for their decisions and work.

How Companies Can Help Rebuild America’s Common Resources

Harvard Business Review

In short, every company benefits from “the commons,” the set of communal resources that allow firms and workers to be productive. Throughout this period, America systematically underinvested in the common resources that underpin shared prosperity. Every company benefits from an educated populace. Competitiveness Project.