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19 Revealing CEO Leadership Quotes

C-Level Strategies

And they share experiences and insights that enable them to leave with a renewed, energized vision and strategies to support it. Talent management.

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What to do When You’re Waiting for God to Deliver You

Ron Edmondson

Over the years, I’ve observed countless people who become derailed by the circumstances of life. I ncrease in number there; do not decrease.

10 Ways To Make Your Employees Adore You

Linked 2 Leadership

Please do not confuse adoration with lovability, or even likability. Effective leaders have a mystique about them that sets them apart from other mortals. They have an ability to garner respect, admiration, reverence, and generally high regard wherever they go. These are the elements of adoration that we will be dealing with in this article.

Our Deepest Craving

Kevin Eikenberry

William James has been called “the father of American Psychology.” ” He was a trained physician and wrote voluminously. Interestingly enough Ralph Waldo Emerson was his Godfather). He is most known for his self-trained work in psychology and philosophy.

The Best Leaders are Strong Collaborators


Today’s guest post is from Erin Palmer, on behalf of Villanova University. Collaboration, as described here, is one of my favorite leadership tools! If you’re in a leadership position, you know that performing well and achieving your goals are important for career advancement.

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Book Review: Convince them in 90 seconds

Chartered Management Institute

This is a handy-sized, pocket book, written by a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner to change the image which you have of yourself and to help you to connect – quickly, simply and easily. Review by Ann M Kelly FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The 3 Principles That Make Truly Great Tech Support Forums

Managing Communities

photo credit: @boetter Support forums exist for seemingly every form of popular technology and even for most forms of less popular and mainstream technology. They can be dedicated to specific trades or areas of knowledge, to specific brands and products and more. Interacting with Users Managing the Community

Litigation Breeding 101


Which option is taken by many organizations? Train managers and supervisors on how to address sensitive personnel issues. Follow-up that training with brief reviews of the subjects at staff meetings. Periodically review personnel practices and job standards to make sure they are defensible. Answer: 4

Question: Creating Lasting Culture Change

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Another Day You’ve been in meetings all day. Your interruptions have been interrupted. In fact, you’re not even sure which interruption started everything today. The morning, (Did you even eat lunch?) seems like light-years ago. Is it Wednesday already? Question: Creating Lasting Culture Change.

Book Review: The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Chartered Management Institute

The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Rupert Scofield is written to guide the aspiring social entrepreneur through the full range of activities of starting, building and running a social business. Rupert is the CEO of the foundation for International Community Assistance, a leading microfinance institution. Review by David Stephens FCMI.

What type of Team Building & Managerial Leadership Training do you do?

Create Learning

In this 4 minute video I explore Team Building & Leadership Development.

Mirror Neurons - Wired for the Golden Rule

Building Personal Strength

You're walking down a sidewalk and you look up to see a man, a total stranger passing by. Your natural reaction is to feel kindly towards this person.

Managing Change

Chartered Management Institute

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Finding Freedom While Developing Leaders

Leadership Freak

This is the second post based on my conversation with Bob Burg, author of: “It’s Not About You.” Leaders see in others what they don’t see in themselves; that can be frustrating. It’s frustrating to see potential in someone who doesn’t care as much as you. If you aren’t careful, it’s also arrogant because you don’t [.].

Guest Post: A Very Convenient Truth

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post by author and pastor Drew Snider. Drew is an online friend. New on Amazon Kindle: A Very Convenient Truth. Culture Encouragement

Sign the Declaration On Line

Steve Farber

Several folks have written to ask how to sign the Declaration of Extreme Leadership. Now there’s a way. So, if you’d like to step up and be counted, please click on the button below to sign the declaration and share it with others (and please do share!): Online Petition by Culture Leadership Professional Development

Confidence Builder 101: Ditch your ideals and get real

Roundtable Talk

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” ” ~Author Unknown. Most of us struggle on a regular basis with trying to live up to the picture we’ve created of our “ideal” selves. Case in point, I have a friend who’s just started a new role. Happy leading!

The Brand Gap: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design Marty Neumeier New Riders, Second Edition (2005) How to Become a “Brand Gap Guru” This is an expanded edition of a book first published in 2003. In it, Neumeier develops in greater depth several basic ideas about how to bridge a gap [.].

You asked for it: A to-do list example

The Organized Executive's Blog

Following is a guest article by Jaimy Ford, editorial director of Briefings Media Group. After my recent post “Small changes, big results: My new and improved to-do list,” some readers asked to see a sample of my to-do list. Below is a small portion taken directly from the list that I use every day. As you can see, it is nothing fancy.

Recent Study Uncovers Skills and Education Necessary in Modern Workforce

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featured online by Talent Management magazine (New York, September 26, 2011). To check out all the resources and sign up for a free subscription to the TM and/or Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, please click here. * * * U.S. unemployment hovers at 9 percent, and [.].

Have Your Customers Help You Write Your Strategic Plan

Eric Jacobson

What have we done in the past to make your biggest challenges more difficult? If you still use us, why do you continue to do so?

Goal 11

In Defense of Meetings


No one is a fan of meetings anymore. Most people seem to abhor the idea of sitting around a conference table checking off items from an agenda while their “real work” waits impatiently for their return. It seems the overwhelming majority of opinion sides with these statements and movements are underway to reduce or eliminate meetings.

The Difference between Goals & Objectives

Chartered Management Institute

The Difference between Goals & Objectives Often in business and education we talk about goals and objectives, indeed sometimes we use the terms interchangeably – but are they the same? Lets start with some history and definitions: Goal – 1530s, “end point of a race,” of uncertain origin, perhaps from O.E.

Business Schools: Their Role in Breaking Through the Glass

Women on Business

Women are enrolling and graduating from college every day. Yet the number of women in upper management and executive roles is significantly less then the number of women graduating from college. There are so many young businesswomen, or entrepreneurs, sitting in every freshmen class.

Amazon's Kindle Fire Is a Disruptive Innovation

Harvard Business Review

On Wednesday, Amazon's Jeff Bezos introduced the Kindle Fire tablet. After all, how could the Kindle Fire kill the iPad? It will be Amazon.

20 Different Things You Can Communicate About Change

Change Starts Here

Here is a list of all the things you can communicate during change (at least all I could think of). Each of these serves a unique purpose. And we wonder why communication is complicated and underdone… Vision. Strategy. Urgency. Change story. Cases and examples. Updates on progress. Rewards and celebrations. Reminders. Announcements. Feedback.

Francis Ford Coppola on Family, Fulfillment, and Breaking the Rules

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Francis Ford Coppola , acclaimed film director. For more, read the Life's Work section in the October issue of HBR. Download this podcast. Creativity



This is an example of why so many of us start our day with Cultural Offering: values, style, kindness

Facebook's Timeline Will Impact Your Career

Harvard Business Review

The advent of Facebook's new Timeline feature gives you, your colleagues, and your customers a whole new set of reasons to share your moment-by-moment news, photos, and reflections. But the business impact of Timeline will be felt long before it arrives on brand pages. And you don't have to be the CEO to worry. Communication Internet Social media

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Back by popular demand: Dusty Springfield , " I Only Want To Be With You." The Eagles , " Hotel California

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Programs, Methods, Models and Theories - Just Pick ONE And Stick With It

Six Disciplines

If you look around, you'll find there are literally hundreds of business improvement methods, models and theories - from some of the greatest minds in business, management and academic theory. Many of them are based on proven business best practices. What we need is to take one approach to improving our business - and STICK WITH IT.". Need proof?

Executive Briefing


Earlier this week, I briefed a group of executives on Equal Employment Opportunity issues. The questions were excellent and the reaction was quite positive. There is a greater level of intensity, of course, when discussing the same subject with managers and supervisors because those two groups are closer to the action.

Five Secrets to Successful Rainmaking

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Melissa J. Anderson (New York City) for The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business. Visit us daily to discover issues that matter, share experiences, and plan networking, your career and your life.” To read the complete article, [.].

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I am an American, Chicago born - Chicago, that somber city - and go at things as I have taught myself, free-style, and will make the record in my own way: first to knock, first admitted; sometimes an innocent knock, sometimes a not so innocent. From The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow