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3 C’s of Successful Leadership

Ron Edmondson

To succeed as a leader you need to succeed at character, commitment and competence. Character – Character is who you are when no one is looking. It’s your level of honesty and integrity, and the way you deal with pride and humility.

Three Surprising Tips to Getting More Done: Work-Life Synergy


Some of us remember the days when we were excited about the possibilities for technology to save us time. Personal computers, cell phones, and the internet allowed us to have access to any information wherever we were, and allowed others access to us whenever they needed. We really believed that that all of this connectivity would make us more efficient. However, the reality turned out to be very different than we expected.

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A Major Reason People Fail…

Ron Edmondson

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The Surprising Results of Servant Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

As a POW in Vietnam, I was typically the junior ranking and youngest person in my cell block. This meant that I was always a follower and never a formal leader. I used to think that this meant that I didn’t have influence. But in retrospect, I see that I did have influence. And [.]. Coaching Corner Future Leadership Issues Leadership Lessons Learned Leading & Developing Other Leaders Servant Leadership business honor leadership lee ellis POW vietnam

5 Steps to Planning A Change Within Your Organization & Team

Create Learning

I wrote this in 2010 and recently used this model with a small Management team to plan a large change in their organization. They found this model and the questions to be very useful. All of us and our companies are in constant change, and we know this.

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What Gabby Giffords teaches us about leadership

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by John Baldoni for CBS MoneyWatch, the CBS Interactive Business Network. To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the website’s newsletters, please click here. Note: The photo to the left was taken before the tragic incident about a year [.].

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Useful Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

Leadership Freak

** Today’s world appreciates brevity. Useful leadership quotes inspire, distill, or direct, quickly. Will you bring your perspective and insights to this set of leadership quotes? Grab one or more and expand, correct, or modify it? 17 leadership quotes for you to play with: Great leaders don’t change people. They create environments where people can change [.]. Influence Leadership quotes Leading Marks of leaders leadership opportunities

Why is it imperative to hire for attitude

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article by Dan Schawbel and featured online at the Forbes website. In it, Mark Murphy explains why a job candidate’s attitude is more important than talent, skills, and experience. To read the complete article, please click here. * * * Mark Murphy is the author Hiring for Attitude, as [.].

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4 Words You Should Never Say To A Customer

Eric Jacobson

Author Harvey MacKay wrote the following spot-on advice awhile back in his column in the Kansas City Business Journal.

Invited Guest Talk by Prof. Norbert Kerr on 'others feelings and own cooperation' 29 February 2012, 1-2pm, Room 1014, Whitelands College, Roehampton University

Chartered Management Institute

Prof Kerr is one of the most prominent social psychologists of our time and his research on group motivation, social dilemmas, social exclusion, jury decision-making and research methodology has been widely acclaimed across and beyond psychology, namely in economics, sociology, health sciences, anthropology and law. Related Content: Calling a halt to mindless change - 13 years on, have we learnt the lesson yet? You are not watching this post, click to start watching. lecture psychology

Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm … on “Good Company”

The Practical Leader

IPO 12

What is Employee Engagement?

Talent Technologies

The question What is employee engagement? is one that is often asked and (usually) not very clearly answered. Some organisations come out with the most elaborate answers to this vexed ‘What is employee engagement?’

The Value of Trust


When people experience a failure of trust , they can easily develop a cynical perspective about humanity, never to trust again. This state of bitterness poisons many people's efforts at leadership, causing them to crash after a few bad experiences.

Do CEOs Really Have All the Power?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development In a blog post titled “C is for Silly: The New C-Suite Titles” blogger Jenna Goudreau explores the proliferation of titles elevating people to “Chief” or “C-level” status. The central premise of her piece was to question the relevance of so-called “vanity” titles like Chief Internal Evangelist or Chief Listener. In Goudreau’s post, marketing [.]. Leadership Development communication influence leader Leadership

Do you strive for compliance or commitment?

Bud to Boss

This is a guest post from Guy Harris , who draws on more than 25 years of combined professional and military experience when he consults, coaches and trains in the areas of team and interaction dynamics, communication strategies and tactics, and emotional intelligence. Guy helps people understand—and work through—the reasons that their relationships are getting in the way of getting things done.

Ray Lewis Leadership In A Losing Locker Room

Tim Milburn

It may feel like a loss is based on one play. But it isn’t. It may seem like the pain of losing will never fade. But it will. It may look like you can’t bounce back. But you can.

Strategy-Towards Hypotheses, Experiments, Involvement & Learning

Management Excellence

Few would argue that a nimble, quick-to-learn and quick-to-adapt organization is a bad thing. Given the rate of change in our world, those characteristics are increasingly table-stakes for survival and success. Why then has the approach to strategy and the notion of “strategic planning” in so many organizations remained mired in a 1960’s kind of static, top-down event-focused model? Here are six ideas to transform your organization's approach to and effectiveness with strategy.

Complexity and Childhood Education

Leading in Context

We are Beginning to Understand the Kind of Educational Leadership that Prepares Young Students for Success in Our Complex World. Forward-thinking leaders are advocating these educational approaches and roles that lead to creativity, learning, growth and innovation: Complexity Ethical Leader complexity context ethical education ethical leadership ethics leadership and management learning management and leadership

Today’s thoughts January 25, 2012

Rapid BI

How many People us LinkedIn? How many People us LinkedIn? Official stats from LinkedIn on users & usage Interesting stuff Why are they releasing this now…? Mike Morrison Blog: Training & Developing Remote workers Training & Developing Remote workers Mike Morrison Blog: RapidBI is an organizational effectiveness consultancy based in the UK but [.]. ecademy

An Introvert's Guide to Networking

Harvard Business Review

I learned the critical importance of networking, and discovered my natural aversion to it, early in my career. I was a new college graduate working in the strategic planning division of a $10 billion company, and our business unit had been invited to a retirement party for one of the top executives. The gentleman retiring was someone I'd looked up to during my brief tenure, and I wanted him to know he'd made an impact on me.

Once a Month for 30 Minutes


Idea : Once a month at a staff meeting, the group will discuss the meaning of a virtue. The discussion will be strictly limited to 30 minutes, encouraging the attendees to be brief and to the point.

Privilege: A User's Guide

Harvard Business Review

Have you ever been confronted with your privilege? I recently was, when a former INSEAD student told me that his MBA class would recognize my teaching with an award. It meant a lot, and I promised on the spot to attend the graduation ceremony and accept the honor in person. I was away from campus, so I made travel arrangements and decided to treat myself to an evening in Paris before the event.

Another Art Blog to Appreciate


Check out Muddy Colors : an illustration group blog. [HT: HT: Art Contrarian ] [Pictured above: "Men Reading" by J.C. Leyendecker

The Best Global Leaders are Local Leaders

Harvard Business Review

A few years ago, Thomas Friedman eloquently said that " the world is flat." Technology and globalization have made commerce a far more level playing field than it was many decades ago. The internet has unlocked opportunities, giving businesses access to previously unreachable customers. There's a sense of equal opportunity in markets, with geographical and historical knowledge becoming more and more irrelevant.

This Time It’s Personal


In a time of unprecedented challenge, leaders don’t just need to lead their companies. They also need to lead themselves. They need strategies for improving their effectiveness while sustaining a sense of professional well-being. Every leader has an internal source of strength and stability. Without care and consideration these renewable resources are seriously at risk. They need to practice personal leadership. Defining Personal Leadership.

To Get the Job of Your Dreams, Stop Dreaming

Harvard Business Review

"I want to be out of this job tomorrow" is a statement I've heard all too often as a career coach. We're bombarded every day by the idea of overnight transformation, instant career gratification. The media loves the A to Z candidate — you know, the guy who left his job as an accountant on a Friday and started work as a zookeeper on the Monday. We're fuelled by stories of people who suddenly made it, who unexpectedly broke through.

Today’s thoughts January 25, 2012

Rapid BI

How many People us LinkedIn? How many People us LinkedIn? Official stats from LinkedIn on users & usage Interesting stuff Why are they releasing this now…? Mike Morrison Blog: Training & Developing Remote workers Training & Developing Remote workers Mike Morrison Blog: RapidBI is an organizational effectiveness consultancy based in the UK but [.]. ecademy

Develop Leaders the Montessori Way

Harvard Business Review

When it comes to employee development, most companies traditionally follow the 10/80/10 rule : The top 10 percent are promoted, the middle 80 percent are nurtured and the bottom 10 percent are let go. At my company, Mu Sigma, we followed this advice at first too. But we found that we were losing too many from the middle 80 percent: people who had great potential were leaving because they weren't getting promoted quickly enough.

Today's thoughts January 25, 2012

Rapid BI

How many People us LinkedIn? How many People us LinkedIn? Official stats from LinkedIn on users & usage Interesting stuff Why are they releasing this now…? Mike Morrison Blog: Training & Developing Remote workers Training & Developing Remote workers Mike Morrison Blog: RapidBI is an organizational effectiveness consultancy based in the UK but [.]. ecademy

Listen to What Innovators Don't Talk About

Harvard Business Review

While working away on my laptop at a hotel breakfast, I couldn't help but overhear the four gentlemen pouring over an iPad two tables way. Their intense discussion revolved around rolling out their high-tech prototypes in a medical care complex. Since I've written about prototypes and prototyping , I couldn't help but eavesdrop. Forgive me. The foursome represented a mix of medical care complex personnel and what was clearly an entrepreneurial innovator with a potentially high-impact idea.

Mr. Clean


Some housecleaning tips at Instapundit. No leaf-blower

Is the Next Karl Marx a Management Consultant?

Harvard Business Review

Wouldn't it be nice, Francis Fukuyama writes in an article called " The Future of History " in the current issue of Foreign Affairs , if some "obscure scribbler. in a garret somewhere" would "outline an ideology of the future that could provide a realistic path toward a world with healthy middle-class societies and robust democracies.". This ideology, Fukuyama goes on: could not begin with a denunciation of capitalism as such, as if old-fashioned socialism were still a viable alternative.

Quote of the Day


The longest journey is the journey inward. - Dag Hammarskjold


Case Study: When to Drop an Unprofitable Customer

Harvard Business Review

Editor's Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. If you'd like your comment to be considered for publication, please be sure to include your full name, company or university affiliation, and email address.

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