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Leadership Quotes From Stan Lee

Joseph Lalonde

On Monday, November 13th, 2018 the world lost a giant in the comic and entertainment world. Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95. The world will feel the loss of this pioneering leader for years to come. I’m still trying to process what Stan Lee’s death means.

Busy is a Four-Letter Word

Kevin Eikenberry

Yep, busy is clearly a word of comprised of four letters. And I believe it is a word that we should banish from our vocabulary – just like many other four-letter words our moms wanted us to suppress.

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The Best Work-Life Balance Tips

Joseph Lalonde

While you can’t completely balance your work and outside life, you can do many things to make them more balanced. You can find more time to spend with your wife and children.

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Values in Dynamic Tension

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from S. Chris Edmonds : Have you prioritized your values so you know which ones are more important than the others? Or are all of your personal values “tied for first?” Here’s a way to test this idea.

Leading Views: Humility is the X-factor in Great Leaders

Leading Blog

In The Punk Rock of Business , Jeremy Dale stresses the importance of humility not only to distinguish yourself but also because it is an accelerator of success. He states that “the ability to keep a sense of humility is probably the single biggest lesson” included in his book.

The Surprising Reason Emerging Leaders Stop Emerging

Let's Grow Leaders

I met a fellow keynote speaker at a conference where we both presenting. She was a seasoned entrepreneur who had built a successful business from scratch, so what she had to share with me was surprising. Karin, I’m so intrigued by this […].

The Fine Line Between Leadership And Management

Joseph Lalonde

Leader, as defined by Webster, is a person who leads, such as someone in authority whereas leadership is the actual act of leading. Often, we automatically think that only managers/supervisors are leaders however that is not the case. Leaders can be found anywhere.

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Six Essential Practices to Grow Your Leadership

Leading Blog

T HE Harvard Business Review has enlisted the expertise of Ron Ashkenas and Brook Manville to create the Leader’s Handbook. The context of leadership has changed, but the fundamentals of leadership have not. It is still working with people. And that has never changed.

Three Things Your Remote Leaders Need to Plan for Next Year

Kevin Eikenberry

Ready or not, here comes 2019. If there is a time of year that leaders have the most to do, this might be it. Perhaps this is even more true for remote leaders, trying to coordinate year-end tasks and calendars with those they don’t see in the office. If we want to be more effective […].

Leadership Acoustics – 3 Ways to Send a Message That Gets Heard

RapidStart Leadership

“What do we have to do to make sure our message gets through?” When it comes to leadership acoustics, there are three key things to be aware of if we want others to hear what we are trying to say.

Building a Great Corporate Culture: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival on building a great corporate culture. We asked thought leaders from around the world to share their very best post on culture and to answer two pertinent questions in the process: what does a great corporate […].

The 8 Elements of Punk Rock Business

Leading Blog

O K, I’ll bite. What do the Ramones, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols have to do with leadership? The title of Jeremy Dale’s book, The Punk Rock of Business , comes from a comment Bono made to Oprah about a project Dale was working on with him for Motorola.

Trust in Two Words – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Today’s episode is the fourth in my series based on a talk that I gave to a group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. During the talk, we discussed several of the ideas in the new culture that they are creating at the school. They call it GRIT. And this week, I am focusing on […].

How to Boost Your Profits

Strategy Driven

America is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship. There are over 28 million small businesses nationwide, and a further 22 million that are solely operated. That’s a large number of businesses that contribute to the country’s economy.

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5 Possible Reasons Potential Leaders Aren’t Leading

Ron Edmondson

I talk with so many younger people, and some my age, who want to be in leadership. They may feel they’ve been passed up, haven’t been given their chance (or second chance) or they are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for a place to lead. I understand. If you are prone to leadership, or have your eye on being a leader, nothing quite satisfies you until you get to do what you think you’re ready to do. And, even what you feel God has called you to do.

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How to Defeat Self-Doubt like a Leader

Leadership Freak

Self-doubt laughs when you squander your talent. Shelves filled with books on self-confidence speak to a universal truth. We seek what we lack. Self-doubt: Amplifies the volume of your inner critic. Magnifies the… Continue reading → Leading

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Be Your Own Boss: How to Take Control of Your Career and Start Your Own Business

Women on Business

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Common Disputes Between Business Owners

Strategy Driven

It is perhaps inevitable that, at some point, commercial business owners will not see eye-to-eye with their peers. After all, entrepreneurs are hyper-focused on their business.

Is Your Organization’s Culture Bringing Out Your Employees’ Best?

Tanveer Naseer

Thanks to today’s digital technology, we have so many different platforms and communication channels that make it easier to collaborate and connect with people outside of our office walls. But is that same technology making our workplaces feel less human? That’s the question I examine in this episode of Leadership Biz Cafe with my guest, […] The post Is Your Organization’s Culture Bringing Out Your Employees’ Best? appeared first on Tanveer Naseer.

How to Manage the Bottom 15%

Leadership Freak

At WD-40 about 60% believe they can achieve their career goals without leaving the company. The strategy is simple, but not necessarily easy.* Learn Leap Repeat “Every single person in your organization is… Continue reading → Leading Growth Leadership Development

Context Matters: What We’re Learning About Food

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton A day when so many people eat too much candy seems just right for sharing new research that turns conventional wisdom on healthy eating inside out. This new research will begin to change the thinking and practices of the food and restaurant industries. Here is a sneak preview: Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking ethical lenses ethics trends global ethics holistic ethics integral ethics what is ethical leadership what is ethics

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How Impactful Is Machine Learning In Today’s Business World?

Strategy Driven

Since 2012, with the proliferation of Python in general software development, Machine Learning has become the biggest trend in the technology world. Because of the many applications that ML could have within every business, it’s quite easy to understand why the topic is so heavily looked after.

Talking to Your Boss about Work-Life Imbalance

Lead Change Blog

Dealing with the growing demands of a career and your personal life can seem like a never-ending challenge. In today’s competitive market where employees are expected to do more with less, the pressure of managing both your career and family is rising. However, the right balance varies over time depending on whether you’re single or married with children. But, a few steps in the right direction can go a long way.

Great Moments in HR


Close enough BBC: Japan's cyber-security minister has never used a computer. Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash


Do people really want to work for a competent jerk?


Photo credit: 123rf. A recent article about a study claiming that people would rather work for a competent jerk than a likable fool caught my eye and just a wee bit of my ire.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Sales With Cloud Apps

Strategy Driven

Every business strives to close as many deals as it possibly can within a given period. However, not many business owners are willing to invest in upgrading their sales processes to match or even surpass their better-performing competitors.

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Using Curiosity to Manage Conflict

Lead Change Blog

There’s that old saying that two things in life are inevitable, and they’re death and taxes. I think several other items can be added to that list, and one of them is conflict. Conflict is that nasty stuff that happens when we feel threatened at the intersection of imbalances in power, money, or values. Power conflict is prompted by disparities in control and influence. Economic conflict results when there’s jockeying for access to, and ownership of, limited or scarce resources.

Bock's Reading Assignments


I anticipate disagreeing with the conclusions reached in some of the articles included in Wally Bock's reading assignments for this week but that's fine. I read a lot of stuff I disagree with

Standing Out From The Crowd: How to Choose the Right Specialization

Women on Business

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8 Steps to Building Your Business Credit

Strategy Driven

One of the biggest issues facing small and medium businesses is financing. And the ability to secure finance is often directly related to the business’s credit score. But it’s often a challenge for small businesses to establish their credit when they have nothing to show for it.

Corporate Deformities

Lead Change Blog

The Hapsburg Jaw, also known as the Austrian Lip is the protrusion of the lower jaw, accompanied by a thick lower lip and typically an abnormally sized tongue. Though an unappealing feature, those with the condition had little trouble finding a mate. Especially if you are talking about a 16th century European royal who had no qualms in wedding within the family.

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The Diversity of Illegal Immigration


Race and ethnicity were richly diverse; yet assimilation was the collective shared goal—made easier because immigration was almost entirely a legal and measured enterprise. No one much carried for the superficial appearance of his neighbors.

Motivation and Recognition In The Workplace

Women on Business

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Leadership Inspirations – Experts

Strategy Driven

“Few men make themselves masters of the things they write or speak.” ” John Selden (1564 – 1654). English jurist and scholar of England’s ancient laws and constitution.

Office Politics and Survivor on T.V.

Leadership Freak

No one survives and thrives on their own. Think of office politics as alliance-building. But avoid unethical office politics. Rob Jolles explains that it’s one thing to get a job. It’s another thing… Continue reading → Author Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development Office Politics

Will May Remain?


The Americans and the French have their moments but it is hard to beat British politics for sheer drama. Photo by Thomas Charters at Unsplash

3 Ways Your Old PCs Cost Your Business and How to Fix the Problem

Women on Business

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