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Leadership Lessons from Yoga - Next Level Blog

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If you'd wandered into one of my group coaching sessions after lunch yesterday, you would have seen 16 people stretching their hands toward the ceiling, taking three deep breaths in and out through their noses and bending from their

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Why Networking Is Dead — Part One.

Rich Gee Group

Look, everybody does it. It's the hard and fast rule of business — to succeed in the marketplace, you need to get out there and shake some hands. Motivate the masses. Network with the crowds. Well, I say that's wrong

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Best Buy's Boss on the Lessons of Social Media | BusinessWeek []

Weekly Leader

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn on getting into social media to learn about his customers and employees—and knowing when to draw the line. socialmedia leadership ceo

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Discipline & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth How disciplined are you as a leader? Context, fluidity, and other nuanced behaviors are positive traits to

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Pixar’s Competitive Advantage? A Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

At the Technical Academy Awards ceremonies held in Hollywood, the Associated Press reported that it wasn’t the host, actress Jessica Biel, who attracted the most attention. Instead, it was an understated, bespectacled, computer engineer named Ed Catmull.

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Excuses, Excuses

Marshall Goldsmith

When Bill Clinton published his best-selling memoir in 2004, he knew he would have to deal with the Monica Lewinsky scandal during his second term. He did so by explaining it as a personal failure, a yielding to private demons. Once people reach the age of accountability, no matter what people do to them, that is not an excuse for any mistakes they make.

Are You Fully Present with Your Loved Ones?

Your Voice of Encouragement

We're lucky to live near Newport News Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the US, with more than 8000 acres of woodlands, meadows and lakes. When our daughter Alison was a child, I'd often take her there for walks and to play on

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Five Ways to Visualize Your Goals More Powerfully

Kevin Eikenberry

You've got your goals set. You're excited about them and the prospects of achieving them. Whether those are true statements for you personally, for your team/organization or both, congratulations! They're both necessary and important

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The 12 Days of Christmas: A Leader's Version | C-Level Strategies.

C-Level Strategies

Lisa Petrilli has adapted the original 12 Days of Christmas into a Leader's Version, to highlight leadership qualities of transformational leaders

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Mentoring - Learning to Keep Score

Orrin Woodward

Here is video #5 in the mentoring series with Art Jonak and Orjan Saele. It's the scoreboard that reveals the truth of your personal performance. Don't run from the data, but learn from it. In God we trust, all others must have data. Enjoy, Orrin Woodward. Main Page Leadership

The Consequence Paradox - Don't Go There

Building Personal Strength

Have you ever looked back on your life and regretted a bad decision? "If If only I had." I know I have. My first marriage ended in divorce after eight years. Looking back, I realize that I rushed into it too quickly

How To Make Your Boss & Clients Happy All The Time. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

Five simple words. Three if you don't count the hyphens: Under-Promise And Over-Deliver. But time and time again, what do we do? Over-Promise And Under-Deliver. Which one makes our boss and clients happy? Why do we do this

Oh Look, A Leadersheep!

What Do You Want From Them

Inspired by No Sheep and Leadersheep. Created using, and an iPad.) Leadersheep are a species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family. 1 They are most likely descended from the wild mouflon.

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Leadership Self Examination | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Are you a good leader? Want to find out? If you're looking to benchmark your leadership ability the

Breaking Bad Habits - A HUGE Insight

Building Personal Strength

I left the house to go to the post office. I got in my car, buckled my seat belt, and turned on the ignition. I drove down my driveway to the street, turned right, and I was on my way. So what? I'll tell you so what

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Why Networking Is Dead – Part Two.

Rich Gee Group

I can't believe the amount of comments I received (My site, LinkedIn, Digg, Email, etc.) based upon yesterday's post! Some comments were complimentary and some told me that I was just plain wrong! The one thing I try to do with

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Hospitality Management

What Do You Want From Them

I mentioned before how incompetent I felt when a kitchen employee cut his finger with a knife and I did not have a first-aid kit at hand. Oh, and how disappointed I was when the health inspector counted off a point because our outside dumpster was rusty. Managing a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/resort/. is far from easy.

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Business Intelligence: Barriers to Sharing Knowledge

Coaching Tip

A great deal of valuable knowledge gained by experience is unconscious to the individual who has the knowledge. Experts do not know that they know. They make decisions and assumptions so quickly that they often do not realize the steps they perform automatically. When they share their thought process for the first time with others, they often skip many important steps. The human mind stores knowledge for rapid processing of information, not for explanation.

Self-Discipline - Some Words to the Wise

Building Personal Strength

Kicking off this post with a Fortune Cookie. Get control of yourself, and you'll set yourself free. What you should do is often at odds with what you want to do. It's tough to stay on track and follow through, especially when you

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How To Lose Your Fear.

Rich Gee Group

Once in awhile, I bump into something that is so simple, yet effective, I just need to talk about it. Rejection Therapy might be your answer. It's a card game. a card game. Players challenge themselves to make an offer or

Careers for Servant Leaders

Modern Servant Leader

On Leadership, Optimism and The Killer Of Dreams

Linked 2 Leadership

Helen Keller. Helen Keller lived from 1880 to 1968…an incredible 88 years. Although she was blind and deaf from childhood, she played a big part in changing our world for the better

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Tip Clip #5 - How to Break a Bad Habit

Building Personal Strength

If you're like most people, there's probably some aspect of your behavior you'd like to change. Maybe some of the people around you have complained about it. Maybe you'd like to improve the way you perform a skill

Seven ?Gifts? Every Employee Wants for Christmas: How to Improve.


Innovation = People, People, People

Mills Scofield

Last week's provided great discussion on various tools and processes for innovating. Innovation3: Crowdsourcing, Tools & Culture Summit Jackie Hutter , and I did a workshop on Leading Indicators for Innovation (which I'll share soon). While there are many speakers on many topics, there are 4 I want to highlight (caution - long-ish blog!). My friend, Andrea Meyer (one of the best writers I know), opened the summit with a story about what may be [.].

5 Leadership Lessons: Finding the Right Leader

Leading Blog

The failure rate of executive transitions—up to 40 percent of all leaders fail in their new roles and are replaced or retired in their first eighteen months on the job—is one of the costliest problems any organization can face. In The Right Leader , executive career advisor Nat Stoddard and Claire Wyckoff present a process to improve the search for top-level executives.

Views from the Top - Wisdom from 15 Past US Presidents

Building Personal Strength

pol*i*tics (noun) \?pä-l?-?tiks\ pä-l?-?tiks\ tiks\ 1. The practice of people with authority to deceive others for personal gain and to increase their own power. I didn't get this definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but it's the most honest

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Leading Strategies

One of my dreams was to fly fighters. The power of this dream had carried me through many difficult things over nearly two years of Air Force flight training and education. Now it was time to complete one last hurdle … land survival

Fast Friday with Dorothy Lazovik, Authentic Leaders Edge

Roundtable Talk

Oprah does it. So does Ellen. So does Trump. Today on our e-Roundtable we took another dive into the topic of personal branding with consultant and trainer, Dorothy Lazovik of the Authentic Leaders Edge

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The Best Place To Work-Starts With You and Your Manager

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

The Best Place To Work = High Performance Work Culture. When the efforts to create a best place to work are in sync with the needs of the work culture you will find that this is a place where you trust the people you work for

"Following" and "The Caveman's Valentine" - Two Cool Movies You.

Building Personal Strength

This isn't a movie review site. But the fact is, I love movies. Now that I'm plugged into Netflix, I watch about 200 movies a year. Does that seem like a lot? It's just what I do most evenings after all the heavy-duty writing and

Rule #1: Human First, Then Leader

Terry Starbucker

As soon as we are labeled as a “leader&# , especially one in the executive suite, there is a very strong tendency to put ourselves on a pedestal. After all, we are on a higher rung on the ladder, right? If we’re not careful, this “higher level&# thinking can also have an effect on how we interact with our teammates. Suddenly, we’re more aloof, more reserved. “I’m the boss now – I cannot ‘mix it up’ as much with the team.

Top Leaders of 2010 | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Most people are familiar with the myriad of celebrity leader lists that get published this time of year

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

You're moving on up. Making your way up the ladder, dodging bullets, using every last bit of your intellect and motivation to deftly ingratiate yourself with key decision-makers. It's a high-wire balancing act many executives go through