Sharp Insights

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Simply put, the biggest challenge most teams have in forming sharp insights is that they become complacent and stop looking beyond their own four walls. A deep and sharp insight into a problem permanently changes the way we look at it , and when we have a new perspective, a clear solution will present itself, often in days or even hours. There is a difference between information and insights.

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2013

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Taking Smart Risks : How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High by Doug Sundheim. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January. Infectious : How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within by Achim Nowak. Real Influence : Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen. Admired : 21 Ways to Double Your Value by Mark C. Thompson and Bonita S. Thompson.

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Leading for a Higher Purpose

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Karen is the CEO of the New York-based strategic technology, staffing and project management company Sharp Decisions. Uncategorized Charity Honor Sharp Decisions V.E.T.S. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

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There’s More To Goal Setting Than Making Them SMART

Tanveer Naseer

His latest book is Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High. The following is a guest post by Doug Sundheim.

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The Next Generation of CEOs: 10 CEO Ready Leaders

N2Growth Blog

As someone who earns their living as a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, I always keep a sharp eye peeled for up and coming leaders. Disclosure: My company, N2growth has worked with many of the organizations represented on this list.

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Real Leadership: Defining Your Personal Leadership Paradigm

Let's Grow Leaders

That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. ” - Margery Wiliams, The [.] “Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you…It doesn’t happen all at once,’ You become. It takes a long time.

Silly Putty Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

And lets not forget that in certain circumstances, Silly Putty can break if it is submitted to a sharp blow. What are those “sharp blows” that have the potential to get you off track?

The Power of Habit - The Myth of Self Discipline

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When the mind is not sharp (as in tired from use), it reverts to the habit or the norm. I love early mornings. I get so much done. There are so many high payoff things I like to do in the morning that for years, I would push myself to wake up earlier and earlier.

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Satisfied Employees = Satisfied Customers = Profitable Companies

Great Leadership By Dan

When it comes to understanding how to balance the need to keep a sharp eye on the bottom line and keep a workforce fully satisfied and productive, some managers and companies seem to get it while others don’t have a clue. Actually, one of the reasons that company is so successful is that they keep a sharp eye on costs and wastes.

The Purposeful Life–According to Aristotle & Jefferson


The virtue of a knife, for example, is sharpness; among the virtues of a racehorse is speed. Aristotle. The Purposeful Life. “A virtue is a habit or quality that allows the bearer to succeed at his, her, or its purpose.

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What is "Perspective"?

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Sharp Insights. Also known as worldview, mental model or mind-set , our perspective of the world is based on the sum total of our knowledge and experiences.

Why your employees are not working efficiently!

Bernd Geropp

Surely it makes more sense to use a sharp axe or even better to use a chainsaw. Why are your employees not working efficiently? Photo: Yuri__Arcurs/ Resource:

Focus: 4 Ways Leaders Use It to Their Advantage


This is great for portraits where you want a fuzzy background and the subject is in sharp, crisp focus. Focus. I am an avid photographer, and when taking pictures I am focused on focus. Without focus, the shot is a bust. What do I want in focus? and What do I want out of focus?

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Frame Your Work


I paid good money for a sharp lens and a great camera sensor, and I won’t be able to return to some of the places I’ve photographed. Expertise in one field can often apply to other fields. In photography, I have been studying framing.

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Is A Commanding Leadership Right Style For You?”


Or is it someone who gets the job done but not without using his sharp elbows in the process? [Editor''s Note: This is a guest post by Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins are co-founders of Isis Associates, an executive coaching and leadership consulting firm. They are also co-authors of Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence.]. Think of a leader you know who has a commanding leadership style. Who comes to mind?

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Buy a Book to take a Self-Assessment

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Sharp Insights. There have been a number of books published that allow you to take a self-assessment within the book or authorize you to take one online and then provide a more complete understanding of who you are within the book.

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Mental Rehearsal: The Secret to Superior Performance

Your Voice of Encouragement

When he was at the peak of his career, world-renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus , revealed one of the secrets to his success: “I never hit a golf shot without having a sharp picture of it in my head.

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6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 7 of 7

Strategy Driven

Today’s world is one of sharp contrasts. Silent Killer #6: Modern Indentured Servitude. As a society, we have more choices, opportunities, wealth, and prosperity than at any other point in human history. Yet, we are also more depressed, dissatisfied, and despondent than ever before.

5 Core Values For The Workplace

Tim Milburn

It’s that among the sharp-elbowed hordes pushing through Washington’s corridors of power, they didn’t even stand out.” This is a guest post by Robert L. Dilenschneider, author of A Briefing for Leaders: Communication As the Ultimate Exercise of Power.

Take the Red Pill


” You had another just-as-sharp pencil in your bag as a backup, next to your mini ruler (just the right length for underlining your notes) and both a yellow and green highlighter. by Gary Cohen Leadership Reality: Achievement vs. Intimacy.

Focus: 4 Ways Leaders Use It to Their Advantage


This is great for portraits where you want a fuzzy background and the subject is in sharp, crisp focus. Focus. I am an avid photographer, and when taking pictures I am focused on focus. Without focus, the shot is a bust. What do I want in focus? and What do I want out of focus?

Shift Perspective to Get Innovation Right

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Sharp Insights. All beliefs are built upon a set of assumptions. . Our assumptions/beliefs are the elements we use to construct new ideas in our imagination, and they constrain us to what we readily accept and believe is possible. When these intangible assumptions/beliefs change, there is a corresponding effect that changes what we imagine and then in turn what we create. Knowing who we are and what we are meant to do allows us to focus our energy and achieve sustained high performance.

Dancing in the Dark - An Old Ax Gets Sharpened

Building Personal Strength

2013 Photo by Kathleen Scott I met Warren at the farmer's market in downtown Fredericksburg, Texas. I live out in the country and I always keep it sharp. So for just six dollars I got a nice, sharp edge on my old beat-up ax, plus a gift I hadn't bargained for.

Guest Post: Dilenschneider on Workplace Core Values

Eric Jacobson

It''s that among the sharp-elbowed hordes pushing through Washington''s corridors of power, they didn''t even stand Out." Today, I welcome the following guest post: 5 Core Values for the Workplace By Robert L.

The Business Case For Sleep

The Idolbuster

Without recovery time, can you be creative and sharp? Chapter 9: Paint Your Environment Part 15. There will be times when your manager asks you to drop everything and put something together for her. When that happens, don’t be afraid to delay another deliverable, with a quick note to the other stakeholder explaining why it will be late. I found that transparency is respectful to the other party, and over time builds mutual respect.

The Cosby Show – Revisited

Ron Edmondson

Also, Clair Huxtable kept her husband in line with sharp wisecracks as well as warm understanding. I am a Bill Cosby fan, so when I was asked if I’d allow a guest post in honor of his birthday this week, how could I refuse? This is NOT a sponsored post.).

4 Questions with Brad Lomenick about “The Catalyst Leader”

Ron Edmondson

He’s sharp, connected, and passionate about what he feels called to do. I have loved working with Catalyst over the last few years. Love what they are doing. Love how they are impacting the church by helping us think and lead bigger and better.

Research: The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral

Harvard Business Review

Generate high levels of social engagement, sharing, and brand interaction, which can lead to sharp increases in digital brand advocacy.

You've Been Fired: Now What?

Harvard Business Review

For example, if you developed a reputation for having sharp elbows and were too frequently involved in unresolved conflict with people from other departments, you may well need to improve your skills in influence, collaboration, and conflict management.

Coronavirus Crisis: Reasons for Hope During These Dark Times

The Practical Leader

Based on this sharp change, he predicted all of China would improve in two weeks and stop in China by the end of March. Stock markets should bounce back more quickly than the six years it took the Dow Jones Average from 2007 to 2013 to recover. As Heather and I work from, and stay home, to be part of the solution, I found myself gorging on way too much negative news. As my sleep and mood deteriorated, I went looking for an antidote to the pessimism plague.

Univision's Ratings Win Underlines the Power of Hispanic Marketing

Harvard Business Review

population — even if there are sharp declines in immigration. It''s been a good summer so far for Univision. The Spanish-language network hit the number-one spot in the sought-after demographic of television viewers aged 18 to 49 in July. It beat out channels like Fox, NBC, and CBS.

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How Female Leaders Should Handle Double-Standards

Harvard Business Review

But, at the same time, they must "tone it down" or risk being labeled as having sharp elbows. IMF head Christine Lagarde tells a story about a woman leader she met who took over at a tough moment in her country's history and resolved to be different.

Would You Rather Have Brazil’s Economic Problems or America’s?

Harvard Business Review

But in sharp contrast to the situation in Brazil, productivity has been rising faster than wages in the U.S. It’s been a great millennium for Brazil, so far.

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How Apple Stores Can Keep From Turning Sour

Harvard Business Review

I recently set up a Genius Bar appointment at my local Apple Store, for 9am sharp (when the store opens). What follows is a customer experience cautionary tale, illustrating the kind of lapse that can happen even at a company with a global reputation for being customer-centric.

Your Job Ads Are Driving Away Talent

Harvard Business Review

If we want to hire sharp people in our organizations, we need to market to them. Unfortunately, too many HR chiefs and hiring managers labor under the delusion that sharp and switched-on people are dying to apply for their jobs, even when they're not. I read job ads in my spare time.

Why Less Choice is More in Health Insurance Exchanges

Harvard Business Review

Not surprisingly, these so-called “narrow” networks have been met with sharp criticism from advocacy groups, reform skeptics, and providers. Many studies have concluded that consumers will be highly price sensitive when they shop on insurance exchanges.

The 21st Century Economy Will Be Urban, High Tech, and Green

Harvard Business Review

In my experience, even very sharp business leaders tend to misunderstand three facts when thinking about climate change. Given our current rate of emissions, we''ll need a sharp slope towards a "carbon zero" world in order to stay within that budget.

Who Wants to Work for a Woman?

Harvard Business Review

Perhaps even more important is the sharp rise in Americans who expressed no preference, even when cued to care. The year my husband was born (1953), only 5% of Americans preferred a female boss. That number has climbed to 23%, according to a new Gallup survey.

Five Challenges China Must Meet by 2034

Harvard Business Review

Their future prosperity, however, will depend on sharp increases in domestic consumer spending.

Those Grammar Gaffes Will Get You

Harvard Business Review

They're short, sharp, and fleet. People see your language as a reflection of your competence. Make lots of mistakes in your e-mails , reports, and other documents, and you'll come across as uneducated and uninformed. Others will hesitate to trust your recommendation to launch a resource-intensive project, for example, or to buy goods or services. They'll think you don't know what you're talking about. Consider pronouns.

The Politics of China’s Economic Adjustment

Harvard Business Review

China’s economic adjustment necessarily involves, in other words, a sharp reduction in the rate at which the state and the political elite have been able to benefit from the growth of the past thirty years.

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Why HR Needs to Stop Passing Over the Long-Term Unemployed

Harvard Business Review

One of the very bad things about the Great Recession is that those who were not doing well already got hurt the worst, and that also seems to be the case for the economic recovery. Hiring has picked up, but not for the long-term unemployed, those out of work for more than more than 26 weeks.

Praise Entrepreneurs, Not Cubicle Capitalists

Harvard Business Review

As the meeting progressed, it was clear that these Ivy-schooled individuals were slick, sharp, and well-structured. Last week, I observed six senior Fortune 100 executives discussing a desperately-needed digital strategy.