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7 Easy Ways to Support Your Pastor this Sunday

Ron Edmondson

In 16 years as a pastor, I learned two things well. First, Sunday mornings are a stressful time for pastors. Second, most people who attend church love their church – and love their pastor.

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5 Shared Characteristics Needed to do Church Planting or Church Revitalization

Ron Edmondson

Church planting is a difficult, but rewarding assignment in ministry. So is church revitalization. In 16 years as a pastor I was blessed to participate in two of each – two church plants and two revitalizations.

5 Steps to Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

Ron Edmondson

Do you want to improve the relationships of your life? Tremendously improve them. Every. Single. Whether in business, ministry, marriage or friendships – whether you are a leader or serve on a team – if you improve in one area, every relationship of your life will improve. Guaranteed.

5 Words which Can Keep a Church From Growing

Ron Edmondson

I’ve spent more than 15 years studying church growth – and church decline. I am frequently asked, especially by pastors in declining churches, what keeps a church from growing – what causes a church to decline.

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10 Prayers of a Christian Leader

Ron Edmondson

A leader’s most effective tool may be prayer. For the Christian leader, especially, prayer should be critical to how we lead. I’m 54 and I’ve not mastered this yet – even though I know how powerful prayer is for the believer.

10 Suggestions for Healthy Grieving

Ron Edmondson

For 16 years, part of my work was helping people grieve. And, honestly, it was helping people learn how to grieve. It was not one of my favorite roles, because it always stemmed from the reasons why they needed to grieve. It meant someone was hurt. It represented brokenness.

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7 Hard, but Hopefully Helpful Words for Pastors

Ron Edmondson

This is for all my pastor friends. It may not make as much sense to readers who haven’t served in that role. One thing that sets me apart from some pastors is the amount of time I spent in the business world is greater than the time I have been in ministry. It has given me a unique perspective.

7 Attributes of a Mature Leader

Ron Edmondson

The best leaders I know don’t have all the answers. They haven’t got everything figured out yet. Most wouldn’t even consider themselves “experts” in the field of leadership. (I I certainly don’t consider myself to be one.)

4 of My Proudest Memories of Being a Pastor

Ron Edmondson

This month I transitioned into a new role with a non-profit organization called Leadership Network. In another post, when I understand it more myself, I plan to share more about what I will be doing. In short, we support pastors and the church.

7 Suggestions for Parenting Adult Children

Ron Edmondson

I was talking to another dad. We were comparing notes. Both of us are empty nesters. We equally recognized that being the parent of adult children is sometimes more difficult than when the children are still at home. That’s hard for some parents with teenage children to believe, isn’t it?

7 Qualities of an Easy to Follow Leader

Ron Edmondson

Are you easy to follow as a leader? I might ask – are you followable? Followable may not be a Scrabble approved word – or even a word, but the application and the intent of the word is huge. A followable leader has people who want to follow. See how elementary I can be?

One Way to Enjoy Life (and Leadership) More

Ron Edmondson

Are the routines and details of your life getting you down? Is the direction of your life not turning out as you planned? Are you stressing so much about things that are happening — or not happening — that you can’t enjoy the good things already in your life?

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7 Rookie Mistakes New Leaders Should Avoid

Ron Edmondson

I deal with a lot of new leaders. I’ve been one myself numerous times. In fact, I’m there again now. I’m the “new guy” I don’t know as much about the organization I am supposed to lead as many of the people I’m supposed to be leading.

7 Ways Extroverts Can Better Engage Introverts

Ron Edmondson

I write a lot about introversion, because I’m an introvert. I released my book The Mythical Leader in 2017. One of the parts I receive the most positive feedback on is the part I write about introverts.

4 Random Leadership Principles Learned the Hard Way

Ron Edmondson

Here are four random leadership observations I’ve learned the hard way. And, some I repeated many times. I hope you can learn them from me without having to repeat them. Don’t make solo decisions involving people. The hardest decisions a leader makes always involve people.

7 Ways Leaders Frustrate Their Teams

Ron Edmondson

No leader sets out to frustrate their team. Yet, chances are we do it everyday. Or, at least we do it often. We are human. Every leader makes mistakes like everyone else does. One of my favorite verses is in the book of James. “Elijah was a man just like us.” ” (James 5:17) The great prophet of God was human. Normal. Not perfect. Thank you, God for the reminder I’m not supposed to be perfect.

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7 Things Healthy Teams Refuse to Allow

Ron Edmondson

I think healthy teams are intentionally created, so wherever I serve I’m consistently trying to make our environment better. Over the years, I’ve learned some things will not develop healthy teams.

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12 Indications a Church is Making Disciples

Ron Edmondson

I’ve often heard people say you can’t measure discipleship. I don’t know if that’s true.

10 Ideas for Teaching Children Generosity

Ron Edmondson

I have had conflict most of my life between what I think I want and what I really need. My suspicion is there are many people that share this conflict with me. This conflict also appears in children as well. We don’t have to teach children to struggle with determining between wants and needs.

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Hard Advice for Young Leaders

Ron Edmondson

I have some hard advice for young leaders. Before I share , I feel the need to be clear, in case you’re a new reader or don’t know me well, I’m a supporter of young leaders.

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One Terrible Leadership Mistake We Make as Pastors (And Leaders)

Ron Edmondson

There are many leadership mistakes we make as pastors. I’m certain I make one nearly everyday. This post is only about one mistake. Only one, but one of the worst. And, frankly, I’m as guilty of this one as anyone. I think most of us are prone to making this mistake.

4 Do’s and Don’ts to Help Ministers at Christmas

Ron Edmondson

I have posted some of these thoughts several years ago, but decided the subject needed mentioning again. One of my goals in ministry is to help protect the ministers and their family. Through this blog I reach thousands of men and women who serve God in a vocational role.

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7 New Year Resolutions Which Could Change Our World

Ron Edmondson

Whether or not you do New Year resolutions, we could all stand to improve some things in our life. And, if we do, I’m confident we could also improve the life of others. In fact, with a whole lot of improving – it might become contagious – and we might just change the world.

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7 Common Traits of the Best Leaders I Ever Followed

Ron Edmondson

I’ve been a wisdom seeker all my life. Thankfully, I have had some great leadership influencers in my life and I have sought to learn from each of them. Beginning with my high school principal when I was student body president.

12 Killers of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

In my experience, and some I learned the hard way, there are a few killers of good leadership. I decided to compile a list of some of the most potent killers I’ve observed over the years. Any one of these can squelch good leadership. It’s like a wrecking ball of potential.

Leaders, Let Them See You Sweat

Ron Edmondson

Never let them see you sweat. Or, so they used to say. Apparently the phrase, “ Never let them see you sweat” came from a 1984 Gillette company deodorant commercial. It’s a great phrase. When I was younger, it was a popular cultural saying.

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3 Places to Find New Church Leaders

Ron Edmondson

I was working with a church a few years ago that was facing a growth barrier. They had experienced rapid growth, but the staff was stretched beyond what they could do. There were holes of responsibilities not being filled.

10 Ways to Handle Conflict in a Healthy Way

Ron Edmondson

Where life involves people – whether among family, friends or co-workers – there will be potential for conflict. Any disagreement there? Want to fight about it? In fact, if relationships are normal, conflict is inevitable. But, conflict doesn’t have to destroy relationships.

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10 Of My Biggest Leadership Mistakes

Ron Edmondson

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in leadership. One of the primary purposes of this blog is to help others learn from my experience. So, I want to share some of the mistakes I’ve made. I hope at least one of them encourages other leaders.

7 Traits of a Great Team Member

Ron Edmondson

In the business world and in the church, I’ve learned having a good team often makes the difference in how well we do at reaching our objectives. I have been blessed with some great teams in the past. As a result, I frequently get asked if I have any openings on my team.

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7 Biblical Characters and their Leadership Tensions

Ron Edmondson

I know people who shy away from terms such as leadership when talking about church. One comment I hear is they don’t want us to become too business-like. They believe Christ is the leader of the church and we are simply servants under His command.

My Best Advice for Leaders When Things Are Going Wrong

Ron Edmondson

In my pre-ministry business days, Cheryl and I owned a small manufacturing business. We owned another business prior to this one and it had been extremely successful. We were able to sell it and purchase this new venture.

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3 Questions To Help Discern Difficult Issues

Ron Edmondson

I frequently receive questions I can’t easily answer. Usually the questions involve a dilemma someone is facing, which has no direct and easy answer. The exact answer is not clearly spelled out in the Bible. I’m left to my own wisdom, which I may or may not have about the situation.

What to Do When You Don’t Have Courage

Ron Edmondson

Here’s a quick tip I’ve had to use many times in life when I couldn’t find the courage I needed to make the hard choices – and do the things I knew I needed to do.

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Excellence Often Comes With Quirks

Ron Edmondson

I heard of a very well known band who demanded Skittles and M&M’s in their dressing room prior to the show, but there was always one color, which had to be removed. The color consistently changed.

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10 Life Lessons from “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Ron Edmondson

“It’s a Wonderful Life” has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. I have probably seen it thirty times or more. I read recently, the movie was not a success the first few years after it’s release. No one could sit through the hard part to get to the happy ending.

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3 Reasons Your Policies Might be Wasting Your Volunteers

Ron Edmondson

3 Reasons Your Policies Might be Wasting Your Volunteers. Daniel serves in the parking area at one of our church campuses. We intentionally put him in the parking lot where parents with preschoolers prefer to park. If you knew Daniel, you’d know why.

4 Reasons Every Pastor Needs a Good Pastor Friend

Ron Edmondson

Every pastor needs at least one good pastor friend. I’m thankful to serve and have served in churches with a good number of staff members I consider not only co-laborers, but friends. It’s a blessing to do ministry with people you actually enjoy being with each week.

9 Things You May Not Know About Introverts

Ron Edmondson

I’ve been an introvert all of my life. I was born that way – or at least I’ve been this way as far as my memory carries me. As a child, I remember at social gatherings people asking me if there was something wrong with me.

10 Disciplines I’d Recommend Everyone Start in Their Twenties

Ron Edmondson

This is one of those posts I hope someone learns something, which can help them in life. I hope that for all of my posts – otherwise why am I writing, but, I see this one as a life-giving post for those who will read it and take some of it to heart. My specific target is those who are in their 20’s, who are starting out in their adult life and career.