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Moments That Matter

Joseph Lalonde

It All Matters Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments in your life where clarity was immediate? I have had many moments like this over the last three decades as an entrepreneur, teacher, and parent.

Stop Social Loafing: 6 Ways to Get Everyone Working

RapidStart Leadership

How come 1+1+1 does not equal 3? You would think that the more people on a project, the greater the output. Sadly, that’s not always the case. A phenomenon called Social Loafing leads some team members to do the minimum possible. They drag down group productivity like a boat anchor.

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7 High Costs of Leadership Every Leader Should Pay

Ron Edmondson

Leadership should be expensive. If we desire to be leaders it should cost us something. Leadership is a stewardship. It’s the keeping of a valuable trust others place in you. Cheap leadership is never good leadership. Here are 7 high costs of leadership: Personal agenda.

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Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before You have a Difficult Conversation

Kevin Eikenberry

Tough conversations. You know, the ones we need to have, but are concerned about. The ones that remind us of the similar conversations that didn’t go so well in the past. Popular books have been written about these types of conversations, and have changed what we call them.

Seven overused leadership strengths


Knowing your strengths allows you to capitalize on them, and use them to be a better leader. Who wouldn’t want that? Yet, there are strengths that can be overused. When that happens, they can undermine your best efforts at becoming a great leader.

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10 Qualities of a Successful Female Entrepreneur

Women on Business

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Avoid a Common Leadership Mistake: Empower Your Team


Effective leaders make shared goals clear. They also clarify the role we each play in achieving them. Leaders empower their team members and hold them accountable for delivering agreed results. However, to inspire and empower you must have a connection with your team members…a relationship.

7 Ways to Correct a Team Member in a Healthy Way

Ron Edmondson

All of us make mistakes and occasionally need someone to help us become better at what we do. This should always be the end goal of correction. Avoiding the corrective procedure keeps the organization from being all it can be. It keeps people from learning from their mistakes.

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How to Create Space to Think

Next Level Blog

A lot of thinking is really just reacting. On any given day, there’s so much coming at us that we just react or reflexively respond to the input. That’s not all bad. A lot of stuff gets done that way. But who’s stuff is getting done – yours or someone else’s? To get your own most important stuff done, you have to create space to think. How, when and where do you do it? I’ve been asking my clients a version of that question for years – where or when do you get your best ideas?

Why Every Organization Should Focus on Making Managers More Coach-Like

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Michael Bungay Stanier: “Coaching” is one of those buzzwords that has been flying around human resources and leadership conversations for a few years now. By now we know how effective coaching can bridge the gap between HR and talent development. Trouble is, not everyone really knows what coaching means. It’s easy enough to see why that is — coaching comes in a few forms.

The Joy of Leadership

Terry Starbucker

A More Human Short Story – My Path To Leadership Joy . It was early in 2010… We thought he was indestructible.

Increase Your Influence – Stop Talking!

Lead Change Blog

If your life was a silent film, could the people in the audience discern your influence? We leaders have become a communicative group. I just Googled “leadership,” and got 861 million hits. We’ve written books on leadership, blogs on leadership, articles on leadership, and white papers on leadership.

Really Important Personal Branding Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

Women on Business

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Why Make Managers A Strategic Priority?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage: What would your organization be like if every employee had a great manager? What would happen to productivity, quality, morale and customer satisfaction? In every organization, managers are a key leverage point to drive higher performance and better business results. Managers maintain service and quality standards and ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. They also drive engagement and retention of employees.

Would You Hire You

Leadership Freak

If we aren’t careful, as time passes, leaders expect more from others and less from themselves. Would you hire you, if you interviewed yourself? You expect the people you interview to answer important… Continue reading → Personal Growth Growth Leadership Leadership Development

10 Questions Managers Should Ask When Their Team Won’t Listen

Let's Grow Leaders

One of the most challenging management experiences you’ll encounter is when it feels like your team won’t listen. You share your vision of the future, what the team’s capable of achieving…and are met with shrugs and silent stares. You share a new […]. Communication Winning Well communication credibility influence leadership listening management vision

Building Respect, Trust, and Authentic Connection

Lead Change Blog

I’m sure her intentions were noble, yet her actions conveyed a different message. I want to collaborate with you on a project, she wrote in an email. Let’s schedule a phone conversation. Her assistant set up the call, which lasted less than 10 minutes.

How to Build Your Brand As A Digital Marketing Agency

Women on Business

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9 Ways to Fall Back to Sleep When You Wake Up in the Night

Leadership Freak

In the U.S. 40% don’t get enough sleep. Sleep-time has decreased over one hour per night since 1942 in the U.S. Get enough sleep, if you’re serious about bringing your best. Think of… Continue reading → Success Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development leadership success

Interrupt Peer Pressure to Allow Culture Change

Change Starts Here

The culture of an organization is commonly defined as “the way we do things around here.” More accurately, it’s also “the way we don’t do things around here.” Culture is the set of unwritten rules for how people should act, and is reinforced by correcting how people shouldn’t act. Influence

Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #22 – Andy Molinsky On Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone To Succeed

Tanveer Naseer

There’s a common saying shared often in our social media streams that you achieve success, we need to take a leap out of our comfort zone in order to access that space ‘where the magic happens’ But is this really what we need to do to achieve success and personal fulfillment?

The Importance of Saying What You Need to Say Now, With Quiet Courage


Mom and Me, as Avi gets ready for her first horseback ride on Junebug. I spend a lot of time talking to leaders today about the importance of being authentic, and saying what needs to be said. I know how difficult that can be.


How to Take Charge of Your Leadership Trajectory Today

Leadership Freak

Growth isn’t an accident. We grow on purpose or not at all. You’re stuck if you can’t identify the leadership behavior you’re developing today. If you can’t describe it, it isn’t happening. Take charge:… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Growth Leadership Leadership Development

How to Win the 1st Project with a New Consulting Client

David A Fields

Capturing follow-on business from current clients is relatively easy. But how does your consulting firm win that crucial, first project at a new client? By offering an irresistible PIE. The most powerful force in any type of employment, whether contract (i.e.,

5 Top Leadership Articles for the Week of October 9, 2017

Let's Grow Leaders

Each week I read leadership articles from various online resources and share them across social media. Here are the five leadership articles readers found most valuable last week. Click on the title of the article to read the full text. I have […]. Winning Well

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Weekly Round-Up: 60 Personal Effectiveness Tips, 6 Executive Communication Tips, How Not to Hate Change, Set Yourself Apart, & 7 Fears to Overcome


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts. 60 Personal Effectiveness Tips From World-Class Experts By Richard Medcalf ( @rmedcalf ), Quadrant “Effectiveness is more than productivity.

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Let’s Get Real with Temptation

Leadership Freak

We grow weaker every time we succumb to temptation. But Emerson said, “We gain the strength of the temptation we resist.” Temptation and immediacy: Suppose you’re tempted to ignore a performance issue. … Continue reading → Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Leadership Development

A Gift of Time

Lead Change Blog

Time, in my opinion, is one of the most precious commodities. It waits for no one. When it passes, you cannot bring it back. In essence, there is no rewind and there is no way of pausing it. You have a choice to stay in the moment or let it go by.

The Return on Leadership

Coaching Tip

Rest on your laurels, coast through meetings, agree to disagree, and your leadership mojo drains away. To reverse the trend, you must question the status quo and find ways to deliberately walk yourself and those around you to places outside the group's traditional zones of comfort.

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Empower Others and Help Them Believe in Themselves – Courageous Communicator Quest Challenge 13


You made it! From the last Challenge – Give Others Feedback and Be Open to Input – how did your employees respond to your feedback? Were you open to their feedback as well? Effective feedback is a powerful learning experience for everyone involved. When done well, it can only move us forward.

3 Ways to Energize Employees

Leadership Freak

Treat people like tools – they act like zombies. Machines get things done, but people have heart. What are you really doing? Tee-ball: The tee-ball coach is teaching Freddie to hit the ball… Continue reading → Motivation Passion Personal Growth Taking others higher Coaching Leadership Leadership Development

Falling Out of Love

Lead Change Blog

In 1991, psychiatrists Kevin Passer and Julia Warnock wrote about a patient named Mrs. D., a 74-year-old married housewife with a remarkable ailment. She had originally received the diagnosis of atypical psychosis because of her belief that her husband had been replaced by another unrelated man.

Quit Fooling Yourself—You Have Groups Not Teams

Management Excellence

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Five Ways Managers Screw Up MBWA

Let's Grow Leaders

No matter what level leader you are, if you want to really make an impact on your team, get out of your office. Walk around. Connect with the human beings you’re supporting, and their customers. Listen to them. Act on what you […]. Communication mbwa skip level meetings

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