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Are you letting conflicts fester?


Report 234

Decision Making 101 – Check Your Emotions Before You Decide | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

How we feel when we make a decision one time can impact how we make a similar decision in the future

FAQ 81

Positions Ponder. People Purchase.

Tony Mayo

Fear Can Kill Your Career

Survive Your Promotion

How many times growing up did you hear the words “be careful”? We call this caution, right? Good parents teach their kids to be

A Life That Risks the Wasting of Itself

Chris Brady

Success doesn't happen by accident, and if it does, it's not really success and it won't last. True success happens on purpose.

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Move or Lose

Chris Brady

There are two reactions people exhibit when confronted with challenges. The first is the most common.

How do you know if you have the right people in the right jobs?


Awareness and Gratitude - Foxes and Jays

Building Personal Strength

The foxes are back. Last year, every evening when the sun went down, foxes would visit our front yard. And then, three months ago, they stopped coming.

Course 22

Lost Generation

Survive Your Promotion

Beautiful new twist on the palindrome – what negative thoughts can you turn around this way


The Most Rewarding Hobby?

Chris Brady

People are endlessly interesting. Everyone has a story, a history, a network, a past, and a future. May I suggest a way to entertain yourself

Time Management Thailand | Management Training | Time.

Talent Technologies

Time & Productivity Management is available in Thailand as a public training seminar with the next session on Thursday 25th February 2010.

The Road Trip, the Goats, and Mindfulness

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday I posted about mindfulness. I must have mindfulness on my mind, because I have more to say. And that's how he approaches his road trip.

Don't be that guy…

Survive Your Promotion

You are standing on the pitcher's mound playing baseball with some friends. Suddenly some guy comes onto the field with a soccer ball and

Grown-ups Should Make Sure That They Have

Chris Brady

Children are wonderful, bright-eyed, positive, full of ideas, and as curious as can be imagined. Truly, they are a blessing from God.

European Young Professionals networking event

Talent Technologies

The European Young Professionals are hosting their first event of the year at Q Room, Landmark Hotel. Cloud Nine is one event not to be missed.

Twitter Log XVII

Tony Mayo

A collection of pithy and motivating quotes for managers collected by top executive coach Tony Mayo

Introducing GRASP – A New Model for Goal Management

Survive Your Promotion

OK, I know – we need another acronym like a hole in the head. But this one came to me in the car the other day and I really liked it.


Contingency Theory


Maybe leadership isn’t about who you are, what skills you have or how you act. Maybe what defines effective leadership is about more than just you. This inquisitive contemplation brought forth the idea of Contingency theory, and moved the field of leadership theory forward by another drastic step. Useful Lies. Intro to Leadership Theory.

Let’s discuss it…shall we?

Anese Cavanaugh

We’re getting a lot more traffic to this blog – which is fantastic! We’re getting some great comments and input, and with that, we’re also getting a lot of spammers. It will help us when we moderate comments if we know that it is in fact a real live conscious reader out there who wants to engage in a real conversation.

Blog 2

The focus is on YOU


Flower at Esplanade Park, Finland (By Tanmay Vora). This morning when I was praying, God gently put His hand on my head and lovingly said -. "My My Son, Those who wait for an opportunity never get it. I have given you hands and head so

How I Graduated from the Billy Joel School of Life And Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Billy Joel (This is a true story. Mostly.) I started out in Wisconsin wanting to be a Piano Man. Don't Ask Me Why, but I just thought that it would be a pretty glamorous life. Before long I was Movin' Out to Texas and those dreams faded

Book Review: The Starfish and the Spider


Why is the greatest military in the history of the world still fighting a war against a network of terrorists who can barely communicate from cave to cave? Why can’t a team of the highest-priced lawyers stop teenagers from downloading free music via peer-to-peer software? The Spiders are the standard, top down hierarchal organization.

The cost of control

Crossderry Blog

I saw a great post by Ron Ashkenas on how controls create complexity. We've been struggling with this issue in our transformation program. We have put stronger controls and more frequent communications in place

#QUALITYtweet at Reflection Leadership (Thanks to Tom Glover)


Tom%20Glover-1[1]. Tom Glover is a “Leadership Friend” who hosts Reflection Leadership Blog. I came to know Tom via our common leadership community over at Twitter. We have been exchanging ideas and thoughts on leadership via Twitter

Hello world!

C-Level Strategies

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging

Blog 2

Leaders Can Be Human Too: In Praise of Touchy-Feely

Terry Starbucker

j0387795 My first executive leadership opportunity came very early for me – at age 27. A brilliant (but oh so eccentric) entrepreneur who had already amassed a large fortune was looking for more, and tapped me to oversee the operations

Asking vendors partnership-promoting questions

Crossderry Blog

As I closed my Q&A with Gary Cohen, I asked about working with oursourced resources. Service and technology providers are integral parts of many projects, but too often I see them treated like arms-length vendors rather than true

Decision Making 101 – Check Your Emotions Before You Decide

The Recovering Engineer

In summary, his research found that we tend to

Drive Your Success

Eric Jacobson

Team Building Vision Sharing General Management Skills Making Decisions Leadership Skills

The Tiger Woods Apology - Repairing a Failure of Integrity

Building Personal Strength

No doubt half the planet has viewed the recording of Tiger Woods' public apology. I'm not one of them. He seemed like a hero. And he's not a hero.

Our Unique and Precious Gifts

Women in the LEAD

IStock_000009494535sm-dk Each life holds a precious and unique gift that carries its own meaning and reason for being here.

Little Known Secrets of Performing Self-Retrospectives, The Agile Way!

Utpal Writes

If you have few years of experience in project management, most likely you have come across agile practices. For agile practices, such retrospectives

Personal Financial Revolution Webinar

Orrin Woodward

Stephen Covey states to begin with the end in mind. What is the end in mind for your finances? Is it net worth or is it quality of life?

The Personal Strength of Flexibility - Another Great Encouragement from Meredith Bell

Building Personal Strength

I've become a regular fan of Meredith Bell's encouragement videos. This blog is a treasure! This video is about adapting to the unexpected.