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8 Killers of Motivation and Momentum

Ron Edmondson

Recently I wrote 7 Ways to Motivate a Leader. Leaders need to remain motivated so they can help motivate their team, but I believe leaders also need to be keenly aware of how motivated their team is at any given time.

Inspiration for Letting Go of What Holds You Back

C-Level Strategies

If you’re like me (human), you’ve probably allowed something to hold you back at various points in your life. Perhaps fear of failure, or fear of success, or fear of loss. Perhaps just the pull of old memories.

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Four Keys to Managing Social Media Use at Work

Kevin Eikenberry

George tries not to let it bother him, but when he walks by Sarah’s desk, and sees her Facebook account open he wonders, “Why isn’t she doing her job?” Susan sees half of her team seemingly always on their cell phone —not talking on the phone, but sending text messages, and she wonders if all [.]. Leadership Learning productivity social media

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Why Homogeneous Training Is Killing Your Leadership Development

The Leadership Advisor

So many companies and organizations have seen the value of training and development. There are actual growth tracks within the organization and that is absolutely awesome! It is so important for employee engagement to have a culture of development.

10 Suggestions for Raising Godly Children

Ron Edmondson

Most of the believers I know have a strong desire to raise their children to be godly; to be passionate followers of Christ. With two boys, I know the difficulty in completing that task. Years ago, before I even had children, God laid on my heart to develop a plan for my fathering.

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7 Tips for Handling Stress

Ron Edmondson

Stress is all around us. Every day I encountered burned out and stressed out pastors. Regardless of your career, it appears life is more stressful than ever. Would you agree? People often ask how I handle stress.

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When is the Time to Be Silly?

Kevin Eikenberry

Often the quotations from the ancient philosophers and poets, while wise they don’t always seem very fresh. While freshness doesn’t mean better, I feel freshness in this quotation from Horace. I hope you feel it and don’t lose the profound value in it. Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly [.]. Influence Leadership Quotations Horace silliness

Are You Too Knowledgeable?


When I begin working with a new client, one of the first things I do is to interview their stakeholders. This helps my client and me to learn more about their most effective behaviors as well as those that are potential areas for development. After doing many of these over the years, I’ve learned

The Four Hallmarks of Bad Strategy

Leading Blog

Strategy expert and author of Good Strategy, Bad Strategy , Richard Rumelt says that bad strategy “grows out of specific misconceptions and leadership dysfunctions.” In short it is goals and not action. “It It assumes that goals are all you need. It puts forward strategic objectives that are incoherent and, sometimes, totally impracticable. It uses high-sounding words and phrases to hide these failings.”

7 Personal Disciplines: A 90 Day Challenge

Ron Edmondson

I’ve always been considered a fairly disciplined person. There are certain disciplines that have made me who I am today. Lately, however, I’ve not felt as disciplined in each area of my life. I would excel in one area, but not in another.

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Anatomy of an Apology

Kevin Eikenberry

You may have heard or read about it, or if you are a Netflix customer, you may have received it in email. If you didn’t, Reed Hastings, Co-founder and CEO of Netflix wrote an apology and explanation for a significant pricing change that took place in late July. If you haven’t seen it, reading it [.]. Communication Influence Leadership Learning

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Learning from Great Leaders


They’re everywhere, yet we often don’t notice the great leaders because we’re hard wired to be critical. Where are the leadership role models? If you look with fresh eyes, you’ll observe that many leaders are there for you to model. When you don’t know which way to turn, when every decision you want to make seems wrong, when you

Reprint & Additions: My 13 Tips to making a good presentation

ReThink HR

Reprint from 2010 – with a few additions for 2011 #OHSHRM conference! I’m a trainer by trade and practice… …but I am good at a lot more. The learning aspect is just what I really love. I have been working for over 13 years.

I lived in a world before…

Ron Edmondson

I was thinking the other day about how many things have come along since I’ve been in the world.


Planning the Sales Call Checklist

Coaching Tip

As leaders we must develop our salesmanship and leadership ability to achieve the success we seek. My career focus has been to coach people to greater self-awareness , purpose , personal strengths and a sense of well-being that often translates into greater compensation, job satisfaction and practical use of skills and abilities.

Is Social Media an Excuse for Brand Positioning Laziness? | In the.

In the CEO Afterlife

I retired from the CEO's office in 1994 and from strategy and marketing consulting in 2008. Other than a casual Facebook page with a couple of dozen friends, I knew little of social media until I discovered Twitter in February

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Stress Accelerates Aging. Exercise & Meditation Help.

Tony Mayo

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn is the discoverer of telomeres, tiny units of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that protect and stabilize our genetic blueprints. Telomeres seem to act as a biological clock that limits the live span of cells–and of ourselves. psychological stress actually ages cells, which can be seen when you [.]. For Executives Exercise Meditation Stress

Solving a Problem: A Matter of Perspective

Ron Edmondson

Solving a problem is often a matter of perspective… Some days leaders feel as though all we do is address problems other people have. It could be a personal problem, a problem with a program, someone on our team, or it could be a problem no one can even identify…just a problem.

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Why Leadership Checklists Matter

Coaching Tip

by Guest Author Betty Shotton, author of " LiftOff Leadership ". Before every flight, professional pilots pull out a pre-flight checklist and go through it from top to bottom. Even if they have flown the same plane and gone over the same checklist thousands of times, they never assume that they know it all and skip that critical practice. Professional pilots know that their responsibility to the lives of their passengers is too great to risk by possibly forgetting a critical go/ no go check.

United We Stand: The Best Path to Extraordinary

Terry Starbucker

I know you hear this all the time. In fact, its become one of the most overused cliches in the business world. “Hey, let’s all get on the same page&#. Right up there with “ think outside the box &# (oh gosh, my mentor used to hate that one… ).

Why MANY smart people make bad decisions?

Rajesh Setty

Really, nobody wants to make a bad decision. Yet, everyone gets their fair share of bad decisions in their life. Thinking rationally, smarter people should make fewer bad decisions. But if you look back at your own life or the lives of other smart people you know, that is not the case.

Life Cycles of an Organization: Starting, Maintaining, Finishing

Ron Edmondson

Every organization has a life cycle. In fact, over the life of an organization, there will be many separate life cycles. I have written about organizational life cycles before HERE. Within those life cycles the successful organization develops a team skilled at separate functions.

How does your personality affect your decision-making?

Coaching Tip

Guest author Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how your psychological strengths and weaknesses determine your ability to "live long and prosper" in fast-moving markets. Do your decisions rely on data, or do you go with your gut? Think about your most recent auto purchase. Was it based on meticulous consumer research or did you go with a model that "felt right"? How about the last time you had to assemble something? Did you read the manual first or just figure it out as you went?

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The Invisible Act That Makes You A Better Leader

Tim Milburn

Had a conversation with a student leader this last week. His team is functioning well and he’s experienced a good number of successes so far in his leadership year. With everything humming along nicely, he wondered what else he should be doing. Love questions like this.

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Organizational Culture And Genetic Narcissism

The Leadership Advisor

If you’ve read 10 different posts on my blog, chances are you have read one on the subject of organizational culture. I have been quite focused on driving the point home that a quality culture must be intentional and consistently managed.

Are you waiting for God?

Ron Edmondson

Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:14 NIV. I know what some of you are thinking, and quite frankly, I understand… Sometimes I get tired of waiting as well… You’ve been waiting so long already… When is your turn?

5 Leadership Lessons: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

Leading Blog

Richard Rumelt has written an insightful book on developing the ability to identify and develop good strategy. Good Strategy, Bad Strategy is obviously the result of decades of practice developing strategy and the many case studies and classroom interactions made it personal and very readable. We’ve all been there. The big conference room as the lights dim and the Power Point slides begin.

Three Words to Guarantee Conflict Escalation

The Recovering Engineer

I tend to notice how people respond to certain words. I guess that’s something of an “occupational hazard” for me. As I watch how people respond, I look for patterns.

Importance of Leadership Development in “The Individual Age”

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Events Leadership Development Workplace Issues As the twentieth century came to a close, the industrial age ended as well. Where most employees once worked in large manufacturing firms that relied on rote tasks performed on large assembly lines – from autoworkers to assemblers in all fields, today’s workers are more likely to work in service related jobs that require diverse [.]

5 Strategies To Free Your Team From Organizational Silos

Tanveer Naseer

A few weeks ago, one of my readers left a comment on my blog asking why are there so many silos present in today’s organizations. Since replying to my reader’s query, I thought this would be a good topic to address as a follow-up to my previous piece where I shared a number of actionable steps organizations can implement to garner greater success from their collective efforts.

Employee engagement is a walk in the park away

Chartered Management Institute

I wrote earlier in the month about the productivity gains you can achieve by stretching your legs each day. My personal preference is to get out in the fresh air to do this rather than toiling away on a treadmill in the gym. New research has reported that doing just that has various positive implications for our performance at work. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Leading Horses To Water - Part II - Drink The Water

Six Disciplines

Eric Kurjan , president of Six Disciplines NWO , has authored a new article " Leading Horses To Water - Part II - Drink The Water " which has been published by COSE Mindspring (the source for small business insight in Northeast Ohio). What steps can you take to actually implement change? In other words, how do you get the horse to drink the water? In my previous articles, I explained that no matter how compelling the story and the facts, some people simply do not wish to drink the water.

Caption Contest 2011.9 (Scam Orrin Woodward out of a book!)

Chris Brady

It's been a long time since we've hosted a new caption contest, so I hope you've got your humor muscles flexed. And here's a twist: it's a video instead of a photo! The winner will Scam Orrin. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Collaboration Humor

Debriefing as Continuous Improvement

Strategy Driven

If there was one trend in the last decade of the twentieth century that anyone would recognize as important, it would be continuous improvement.