Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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Many will argue about the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. Some believe that a high EQ is absolutely necessary in order to be a successful leader, whereas others believe that you can be a good leader even with a low level of Emotional Intelligence.

7 Skills for Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”.

Use Emotional Intelligence To Address Speech Anxiety (Part Two)

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In Part One of Use Emotional Intelligence to Address Speech Anxiety , we outlined how to address fears of public speaking through internal emotional management. ” Remember do not judge your external environment by your emotional self’s perceptions.

Use Emotional Intelligence To Address Speech Anxiety

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This fear comes from your emotional self , not your rational self. It’s not helpful for you to have fear to achieve your goal of giving a great speech, but your emotional self doesn’t know that. What do you feel when you imagine standing up in front of an audience?

What True Leaders Know About Emotional Intelligence

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True leaders at any level of the totem pole show their leadership primarily through managing their own emotions. True leaders show emotional intelligence by learning about the science-based patterns about how our emotions work and how to manage them.

Developing Emotional Intelligence for Success

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotions to be more collaborative and productive with others. Emotional Intelligence is often cited as the fundamental difference in superior decision making, performance and employee engagement.

5 Ways Leaders Can Raise Their Emotional Intelligence

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If I asked you what qualities a great leader has, chances are you’d mention traits like intelligence, vision, and determination. ” Being able to care and be in tune with other’s emotions as well as your own is something called Emotional Intelligence.

The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

Joseph Lalonde

Good leaders can be defined by their emotional intelligence , which according to Psychology Today, requires an individual to manage both their own emotions and the emotions of his or her team. Guest Posts emotional intelligence guest post

Emotional Intelligence: Ten Things You May Not Know

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Regardless of the situation, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is critical. Managing one’s own emotions as well as adequately and appropriately responding to the emotions of those around us is vital to solid leadership. How is your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence? Read ten interesting facts about Emotional Intelligence here… Author information Lyn Boyer Lyn is an author, speaker and leadership coach.

5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Workshops Fail

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Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues In the 1990’s, Daniel Goleman and other authors introduced and popularized the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Goleman, in particular, suggested that EI includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, 2002). Leadership Development Workplace Issues Culture emotional intelligence Human Resources

How Leaders Can Nurture Their Emotional Intelligence

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Posted in Leadership Development As a leader, you’re required to utilize more than your logical management skills. In order to do this you need to be connected with your emotions and the emotions of the people you are managing. Leadership Development emotional intelligence LeadershipIt is also necessary to connect and understand yourself and those around you to make informed decisions.

How to Work with a Leader Who Lacks Emotional Intelligence

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Many experts believe that a person’s emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ, may be more important than IQ. The ability to perceive and manage emotions certainly seems to be a better predictor of success, quality of relationships, and overall happiness.

Emotional Intelligence As Competitive Differentiator

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People with high emotional intelligence quotients (EQ) are easy to talk with. Cultivating and developing high EQ talent enables a business to establish the leadership needed to set direction and manage change well into the future.

5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical for Leaders

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Leadership Development Workplace Issues emotional intelligence Leadership managementPosted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues When asked to identify the necessary traits for leaders, most would propose answers that fall within a wide range of topics. Charisma, purpose, determination – these are just a few of the traits that are typically used to define a leader. However, many leaders have a single quality in common. In short, what distinguishes the [.].

7 Steps To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Your Team

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When Daniel Goleman released “Emotional Intelligence” in 1995, did anyone think that this best-selling book would transform the role of leadership? But, is it possible to create emotionally intelligent teams?

Why emotional intelligence is essential to leadership

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These traits are all traditionally associated with effective managers. But nowadays, there’s another factor that is slowly gaining reputation in the workplace: Emotional Intelligence. It’s been a big buzzword recently, but what … Continue reading → Leadership Learning effective intelligenceWhat makes a good leader? Experience? Vision? Knowledge?

Emotional Intelligence Training to Position Yourself for Personal & Organizational Success

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Developing Emotional Intelligence to Position Yourself for Personal, Team, and Organizational Success. Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies are at the heart of effective workplace relationships and productivity. Application of emotional enablers and disablers.

Nine Attitudes of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Managers

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Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues Like learning to drive, leading, and managing people is an experiential journey. I don’t know about you, but although I had practiced at managing people, I hadn’t experienced it properly until I had [.]. My entrance onto the leadership stage was when I was promoted, having stood in for the team leader from time to time.

The Three Dimensions of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders: Finding the Balance of Power, Heart & Mindfulness

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Any discussion about leadership effectiveness would have to include the idea of emotional intelligence (EI). I think of emotional intelligence occurring in 3 dimensions: Power (height), Heart (width) and Knowing or Mindfulness (depth).

Seeking Emotional Intelligence Employees

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Thirty-four percent of hiring managers said they are placing greater emphasis on emotional intelligence when hiring and promoting employees post-recession, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. Seventy-one percent said they value emotional intelligence in an employee more than IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a general assessment of a person's abilities to control emotions, to sense, understand and react to others' emotions, and manage relationships.

Does IQ or Emotional Intelligence Make a Good Leader?

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What makes a good leader — IQ or emotional intelligence? People have been debating IQ versus emotional intelligence in leadership for years. As Limaro shares, “It was Daniel Goleman who first brought the term ‘emotional intelligence’ to a wide audience with his 1995 book of that name, and it was he who first applied the concept to business with his 1998 Harvard Business Review article. So how do you develop emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence Improves Millennial Communications at Work

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How educational to understand how her behavior can affect the emotions of others and vice versa. Emotions are at the root of human communication. In fact, it is widely believed that emotions evolved as a method to communicate. When we squelch emotions, we limit communication.

Smartening Up: Boosting Emotional Intelligence

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Like the debate on whether leaders are born or made, an early debate in the emerging Emotional Intelligence research was whether our EQ, like IQ, is fixed once we hit adulthood. students were given Emotional Intelligence training (not a normal part of most very analytical M.B.A.

Managers: Do you “ask” enough?

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4 Basic Skills of Emotional Intelligence that Can Make or Break Your Career

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NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: Do you have emotional intelligence? Either way, emotional intelligence can affect your career. John Keyser of Common Sense Leadership defines emotional intelligence on The Glass Hammer blog as thatsomethingwithin us that helps us sense how we feel, enables us to sympathize with others, and gives us the ability to listen to other people when they need it. Some people are born with it, but others have to work to develop it.

How to Not Be “That” Manager

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Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Managers of people can get a bad rap. Leadership Development Self Leadership emotional intelligence Management people management Self Development

Can A Bull Manage A China Shop?

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Career Development Leadership Coaching Workplace Issues bad manager emotional intelligence people managementPosted in Career Development Leadership Coaching Workplace Issues Organizations often put Bulls in managerial positions, expecting them to deliver great things.

Emotional Intelligence at Work: Choose and Apply Your Measure Carefully


There are two popular models of emotional intelligence (EI): the ability model and the mixed model. The ability model involves emotion perception, emotion understanding, emotion facilitation, and emotion regulation for the purpose of affecting desired behaviors (e.g. A common ability measure of emotional intelligence is the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).

Management: Communication and Accountability In One-On-Ones


Few managers and leaders are conducting effective one-on-ones and when they do, often miss the mark in making them effective and useful. Two of the most important, yet under-rated skills for managers and leaders are listening and questioning.

How important is emotional intelligence to good leadership?

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I wrote last month about using emotions to influence other people. The Academy of Management Perspectives has recently released a review of how emotional intelligence relates to leadership. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

189: Dos and Don’ts of Emotional Transparency | with Jonathan Raymond

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Find Your Blind Spot: A Self-Reflection Activity for Managers

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Leadership Development Workplace Issues blind spots Coaching Difference diversity emotional intelligence employee engagement Encourage LeadershipPosted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues We humans tend to evaluate others through the lens of our own best traits. We often value people who have our same strengths and undervalue people who don’t. Are you doing this unwittingly? And if you are, what effect does it have on your team’s morale and performance?

Before you can Lead Others, you need to Manage Yourself.

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This post recently appeared in SmartBlog on Leadership : Before you can earn the right to lead others, you need to “manage” yourself. In plain language and practical application, it means that no one is going to follow or be inspired by someone who is an emotional train wreck, a red hot mess, and can’t punch themselves out of a paper bag without giving themselves a black eye. In addition to the mixed metaphors, here’s what managing yourself means: 1. Control” your emotions.

Being Mindful Of Your Emotions

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The association that manages our gated community buildings have lost the trust of its residents as they have not been very transparent about money matters. In the past, I have felt similar emotions while reacting to toxic situations at work. These emotions drained my energy levels and, for two days following the event, I hated to do anything constructive. I would find it difficult to manage these emotions, but do nothing about it.

Leaders: Do you lead, manage, or are you just in charge?

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Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues You know them: the managers who ignore the fact that human beings don’t (actually can’t) “leave their feelings at the door” when they come to work. These managers ignore conflict and avoid confrontation, especially when there’s a “pot-stirrer” in the office and everyone is just wishing the boss would step up and deal with him [.].

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with These 3 Questions

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This is especially true for the development of emotional intelligence because we can be blind to, not to mention biased about, how we express and read the emotional components of our interactions. Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements.

The New Definition of CEO Chief

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If emotional intelligence is not part of your training and development portfolio – please add it. I’ve concluded – much of what goes wrong behavioral in leading, managing, and counterproductive employee behavior, can be tied to EQ (emotional intelligemce).

How to Turn Customers into Raving Fans with One Email

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Leadership Development Value Creation Actions Authentic Character-based Leadership Commitment Courage emotional intelligence influence Management relationships Values This last Christmas, my wife and I ordered some Baylor University fan gear from Fanatics.

Can You Predict How Effective You Will Be Today?

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Like many new managers, I had been promoted because I was ambitious and good at the front-line work. My negative emotions drove me to try controlling everyone, and I saw insubordination in anyone who resisted. –all emotions “below the line.”. “Up”

Is Your Emotional Intelligence Authentic, or Self-Serving?

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It’s possible to fake emotional intelligence. Similar to knockoffs of luxury watches or handbags, there are emotions and actions that look like the real thing but really aren’t. With the best of intentions, I’ve seen smart leaders charge into sensitive interactions armed with what they believed was a combination of deep empathy, attuned listening, and self-awareness but was, in fact, a way to serve their own emotional needs. Emotional Intelligence.

The Top 3 Mistakes New Managers & Leaders Make … (from this coach’s perspective)

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Posted in Leadership Development Whether you are a newly promoted manager, recently hired executive or have been in your position for some time, odds are if you are not ahead of the game, you may make one or more of these potentially costly mistakes: Mistake #1: Ignoring the obvious What it looks like: You are the “new person on [.]. Leadership Development communication emotional intelligence Leadership management mistakes

Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn’t Work

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As he got better at managing his own anxious impulses, the resulting atmosphere dropped the gauge on stress for everyone. Improved crisis management. One tipoff: several executives in the study reported getting feedback from colleagues that described improvements in areas like empathy, conflict management, and persuasive communication. These, it turns out, are what one of us (Dan) has described as core emotional intelligence competencies.

Are You A Leader Who Can Deal With the Humanity of Others?

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” If organizations are to thrive, managers are going to have to take seriously their own health and face their own demons, in order to learn to truly lead others. Self Leadership Character Difference emotional intelligence Growth relationships Responsibility