It’s called human resources for a reason

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It was a great day when the personnel department changed the name on the door to human resources. Why I became an advocate of human beings at work. I started out as an information technology professional. Manage those human resources in a way they can engage.

Human Resource (HR) Manager Challenges

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Once a new employee is in place, there are more things you can do to ensure that the perfect match becomes a productive staff member. An Human Resource (HR) manager’s work does not end once a candidate is hired. By guest author Jay Weiss of JGI Consultants.

Using Technology to Enhance Engagement and Increase Productivity

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Carnival of Human Resources at HR Observations!

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SHRM - Society for Human Resource Managment Indispensible for the HR Professional! Podcasts With John Miller » May 13, 2010 Carnival of Human Resources at HR Observations!

HR Trends in 2019: Key Human Resource Innovations

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The recent explosion of HR technology has driven a major boom in innovative HR solutions. This has inspired a projection that the global human resource management sector could reach $30 billion in the next six years – by 2025, according to G2 Crowd. The HR Digest has recognized three (3) major HR technology trends for 2019. More companies are beginning to discover this as the ultimate recipe to increase employee performance, retention, and productivity.

Carnival of Human Resources at the Talent Junction Blog!

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SHRM - Society for Human Resource Managment Indispensible for the HR Professional!

Improving Your Workplace Productivity In Business

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It’s key that workplace productivity is at it’s very best, all the time. Any dip in productivity and the business growth and success will suffer as a result. Here’s how to improve your workplace productivity in business. Invest In Technology.

4 Aspects Job Seekers Are Looking for in 2019

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If you are concerned that taking away five hours of work time a week per person will result in less productivity, the opposite will probably occur.

Six Resolutions for a Winning Corporate Culture

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Sincere leaders who are transparent about their decisions, upbeat but honest about the company’s future, and show a genuine interest in their workers create an environment that fosters loyalty, creativity and productivity.

4 Virtual Team Building Ideas for Remote Teams

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Team building is essential for a productive, thriving and trustworthy environment. Answers provide cues to our peers’ personalities, work styles and values that can help create common ground to maximize productivity.

Rookie Talent: Avoiding a Kodak Moment

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The largest, best-educated generation in history has become an under-utilized resource, vastly unprepared to move into positions of responsibility and leadership. This generation is the first to be raised in a post-industrial era driven by technology. Hierarchy is nearing an end and collaboration is emerging in its place because younger generations have been raised to do it, cycle times will demand it, and technology will continue to enable it. Human Resources

3 Tips to Designing a Startup Office Where People Want to Work

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If you want to make employees more productive and happier to be working for your startup, office design is key. Since technology enables always-on productivity, workers are embracing flexible hours that provide a better work-life balance.

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Why Great Brands Lose Their Way

In the CEO Afterlife

The conversation in the world of branding is well beyond product and service brand discussion by marketers and ad agencies. With the exception of niche, specialty, and some consumer technology markets, I see less and less of this in big business.

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The Moral of Workplace Morale

In the CEO Afterlife

In other words, the pundits inherently assume that their morale-lifting tactics and strategies apply to any organization, no matter the product or service in which they are engaged. Clean Oceans (conservation technologies). LNG Partners (liquefied natural gas production).

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Want to Cut Complexity? Kill Your Darlings.

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Optimists favor ‘ doing more with more ,’ placing bets that higher sales and profits will pay for the added investments in headcount or technologies; we’ve all been there at one time or another. There are plenty of generic strategic choices to drive a business forward.

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Field Workforce in the Cloud

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However, determining which technology tools to use — and how to make it all work for your team — is another animal altogether. provides information on pricing and the products your competition has added or removed from its virtual stockroom.

Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

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There’s more: a marketer’s product or service better deliver on the promise. HR’s product is the corporation’s human resource , the people required to build the product, produce it, sell it, ship it, invoice it and service it. HR brings human capital to life.

Who is the 21st Century CEO?

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That’s because success for Page and Jobs hinged on the strategic choices they made – primarily which products and applications to bet on. Human Resources Leadership Strategy Apple Business CEO Google In the CEO Afterlife Innovation Larry Page Marketing Steve Jobs Vision

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2018 Workforce Forecast | Herman Group

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Advancing work technologies are changing the ways in which companies and their employees work. ” Automation will mostly support the work of humans, not replace them. Human Resource ManagementEvery year at about this time, The Herman Group issues its annual forecast.

What Makes P&G Great?

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No matter what they do, from technology to advertising, they believe that it is not as good as it can be or as good as it ought to be. P&G people have a tremendous trust in each other, but the ultimate judge is in the data, such as market share and productivity.

7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Happy at Work

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A happy worker is more productive and more likely to stay put; low company morale and turnover hurt the overall success of any business. With today’s technology, a workday from home can be just as productive, if not more so at times, than one spent in a noisy office.

How to Attract Skilled Workers with Your Company Culture

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Almost at a gut level, we know that a great work culture leads to increased company efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction, though proving it is a little tricky. Productivity and Retention Meaningful work can be measured by the productivity of an organization.

These Are the People You Need on Your Startup Team

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If you are creating a technology empire, you will need a customer care department. They need to understand the workings of your company and its products. Culture Growing a Business Human Resource Management

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Linds Redding’s Short Lesson in Perspective

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On a productive day, aside from the mountain of dead trees (recycling hadn’t been invented in 1982), stacked polystyrene coffee cups and an overflowing ash-tray, there would also be a satisfying thick sheaf of “concepts.” This human powered b t filter was a handy and powerful tool.

4 Ways to Increase Retention and Employee Engagement

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Besides providing exemplary benefits, annual pay raises and monetary rewards, such as stock options, here are four ways for employers to boost employee engagement: Give Technology Perks. Employee Retention and Engagement.

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The ‘Old Economy’ Needs a Rocket Man

In the CEO Afterlife

These are the businesses whose products and services are having an impact across their industries and our culture. Right away, he replaced the chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, chief technology officer and chief talent officer.

A Manifesto’s Unbridled Power

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Cook said, W e’re on the face of the earth to make great products. We believe we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.

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Boost Your Business by Offering These (Affordable) Employee Perks

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Employee Motivation Tips Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees. Give your employee the option to telecommute and you will reap the benefits of a more productive workforce.

Social Media Jobs, Roles & Responsibilities with Infographic

Modern Servant Leader

With the emergence of social media technologies , this responsibility shifts from mostly push to mostly pull (inbound) marketing. Through social media channels, consumers easily identify the product and services with highest overall quality. Human Resources. Human Resources may have existed to protect the company, but it now finds itself advocating for the engagement , support and advancement of all employees.

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The World of the 21st Century CEO

In the CEO Afterlife

I also made the point that the 21 st century CEOs will not allow the changing business, social, economic or technological environments to negatively impact the performance of their enterprise. I know from my marketing background that the human brain can absorb only so much.

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The Anguish of Complexity: A Reflection

In the CEO Afterlife

This company earned that honor by re-staging a tired coffee brand with innovative packing technology and breakthrough advertising. What I did not share was the corporate strategy that resurrected this near bankrupt multi-product, multi-brand company. Times. Places.

The Rules of Retention

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Productivity slows, customer service falls short. Training entry-level employees is critical so they can be productive, autonomous and customer-oriented. Plus, consider leveraging technology and social media.

When tech and HR combine: What I saw at #UltiConnect

Surviving Leadership

As a speaker and Influencer at the conference, I got to talk to all sorts of people – product development, customers, potential customers, smart HR people, etc. What I focused on more was how technology was impacting those who were just now starting to implement an enterprise solution.

Green Company, Red Products, Black Ink | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

Green Company, Red Products, Black Ink. And although our business leaders may have the “will” to transform their companies, the “way” is continually blocked by inefficiencies, higher costs and unacceptable returns on the investment in technology. Human Resources.

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Three Steps to Create Optimism in the Workplace

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Microsoft has no shortage of firsts for technology, but they fail to generate the same buzz. ” In “Marketing for Scientists” Marc Kucher listed words Jobs used to describe his products between 1998 and 2008: stunning, revolutionary, awesome, beautiful, best, tour de force, cool, remarkable. Technology has connected us, but has also saddled us with 24/7 coverage of controversy, crimes, natural disasters and wars.

The USPS Lesson

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The one thing that has stuck out as the most missed element of the situation is the slow response of the post office to technological advances. In essence they forget the key rule for creating new products, they didn’t ask “will this make the post office easier to use?” Now the post office is playing catch up and in the world of technology that means you are already too far behind to play. The post office is nearly bankrupt, the cost cutting is not working.

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HP Headed to Hotel California?

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HP Has Decreasing Product Quality. HP used to be synonymous with great products, but lately quality is not the immediate adjective you would jump to when you describe HP Products. HP has made some controversial decisions lately, but is Meg Whitman a great strategic move or the kiss of death for this once great tech company? HP announced Whitman’s appointment on September 22, 2011 but given the public comments, customers seem to think it’s a bad choice.

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The Consumerization Of IT And It's Impact In The Workplace

Eric Jacobson

By: Guest Author, Kyle Lagunas Consumer technologies are infiltrating the workplace. From employee and manager self-service portals to the growing number of social media elements in performance and learning management, the technology employees expect to find in the workplace is changing.

7 Ways To Build An Effective Corporate Culture

Eric Jacobson

The workforce included a blend of long-term employees with a rich company, product/service and customer history, employees who had been at the company for five to seven years, and then new hires with a fresh perspective and keen sense of new technologies and techniques.

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The I'm So Corporate Carnival of HR is Here!

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Complimentary Resource – Driving Stronger Performance through Employee Recognition

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As human capital becomes the foremost challenge for companies worldwide, employee engagement has become an important strategy for success. Learn: The biggest challenges and opportunities for managing human capital. The impact of recognition on productivity.