2021: What Will Your Legacy Be?

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Guest post by Bill Jensen The next five years are likely to be the most crucial in your entire career. If I’m not careful in how I pose the question, when I ask leaders about their legacy, I might get … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Learning future leaders legacy passions priorities progress strategy transformative disruption Uber

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How the cloud is reshaping small business productivity

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Guest post by Shyamal Parikh According to a research by Cisco, cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads by 2021. Businesses are changing the way they work.

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10 Shocking Statistics About Employee Engagement

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Global Talent 2021 Study Oxford Economics and Towers-Watson, 2012. Global Talent 2021 Study Oxford Economics and Towers-Watson, 2012. The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey , Deloitte, January, 2015. 2015 CEO Challenge Conference Board Report , The Conference Board, 2015.

Should We Be More Optimistic About Fighting Climate Change?

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By 2021, $150 billion of U.S. products will be sustainable. Economics & Society Sustainability Digital Article

How you treat your Employees will determine the FATE of your company

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7, 2021) to help struggling employees amid the pandemic. I am saddened to see so many companies quick to terminate employees—companies making profits, who don’t have to terminate staff and still choose to do so. Tough times reveal our true colors.

Preparing Your Business for COVID-19

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In a perfect scenario, we will have a vaccine in late 2021. Due to the current concerns and widespread COVID-19 pandemic, companies are in the midst preparing for business disruptions that can last for at least a few weeks—if not longer. Preparations include creating a disease outbreak response plan, preparing for event cancellations, enforcing a more stringent cleaning process for offices, and cross-training employees in case some get sick or need to take care of family members who are.

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Startup in Year One

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With financial security in place, you won’t need to worry about your labor and your investments going to waste as you’ll be prepared for your next great step into ecommerce profits for 2021.

Investing in Enterprise-wide Security

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Worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services is predicted to eclipse $1 trillion for the five-year period from 2017 to 2021.

Do You Ask Enough Questions?

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” Watch out Corporate America in 2021. Recently, while looking for a document on an archive drive, I stumbled across an unfinished draft from 2001. It features a “23-month-old son,” who today is almost 17. Ahhhh, the lessons we learn from little ones… “Wha’zat?

The Process Required For Trademark Renewals

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For example, you registered your trademark on August 1, 2016, you can file for renewal as early as August 1, 2021 or as late as August 1, 2022, since the former is the start of the fifth year after the registration date and the latter is the beginning of the sixth year since registration.

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

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Without disclosing the source, take this question as an example: “What must we all start working on now and over the next 18 months to realize year-over-year double-digit growth by 2021 without jeopardizing profitability or employee satisfaction?”. Simplicity in the Age of Complexity.

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The Deficit Dilemma

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trillion by 2021, the President got no love from Congress. Guest post by Lena Rizkallah (learn more about Lena at the end of this post). Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago. It was also the day that President Obama released his 2012 Budget, but despite all the proposed tax and spending cuts that would reduce the deficit by $1.1

10 Technology Problems Modern Business Owners Have To Deal With

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But by 2021, it’s estimated that the black-hat “cybercrime” market will be worth $6 trillion. Overcoming Common Tech Issues. To set your business up for the greatest success, you need to understand the sort of issues you’ll deal with regularly, and have some plan of action to handle them.

INTERVIEW: Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose Officer at PwC, on CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

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By 2021, PwC will reach 10 million students with access to curriculum and will train 100,000 teachers and guidance counselors and mentor 10,000 students. "Inclusion Without Exclusion". Adaptability is one of the mainsprings of diversity.

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Avoiding Decision Paralysis in the Face of Uncertainty

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The numbers showed that Target Canada wouldn’t be profitable until 2021. The best leaders know how to keep moving forward in ambiguous situations. Whether it’s a shifting industry or a PR emergency, they’re expected to make decisions even in extremely uncertain circumstances.

Why Target’s Canadian Expansion Failed

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Target CEO Brian Cornell decided to close the stores after determining that they would not become profitable until at least 2021. It was a brief stint for Target in Canada. Less than two years after opening there, Target announced last week that it would close its 133 Canadian stores.

Research: How Customers Decide Whether to Buy from Your Website

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Global e-commerce sales exceeded $2 trillion in 2017, and are on pace to more than double by 2021. Caroline Stirling/Getty Images. Sally’s finger hovered over the “Purchase” button. After hours of online sleuthing, she was pretty sure the green chair would complete her living room.

We Need to Approach AI Risks Like We Do Natural Disasters

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Similar intelligence will be critical to curb the impact of potential smart device shocks as artificial intelligence evolves and the number of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices, sensors and actuators reaches over 46 billion in 2021, according to Juniper Research. Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Getty Images. The risks posed by intelligent devices will soon surpass the magnitude of those associated with natural disasters.

Hackers Are Targeting Your Mobile Phone. Here Are 15 Ways to Slow Them Down

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billion by 2021. Multi-bits/Getty Images. Mobile phones have become the new prey of choice for hackers and other nefarious individuals. Once compromised, our phones offer easy access to our personal and financial information, giving hackers the ability to sell that information on the dark web and to ransom our information. But despite the growing threats to our smartphones, most people — even most corporate executives — still don’t take basic security precautions.

You Can Make Your Sales Data a Lot Better with a Little Discipline

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billion industry by 2021, but its solutions are only as good as the data behind it. Vincent Tsui for HBR. Business intelligence is projected to grow to a nearly $26.9 IBM determined that inaccurate data took a $3.1 trillion bite out of the U.S. economy in 2016. That’s why decision makers require spot-on data and efficient, streamlined systems to maintain it.

The Logic Behind Facebook’s Recent Moves

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A few Facebook data scientists had great fun by posting their analyses showing that Princeton University would run out of students by 2021 and that the Earth would run out of air by 2060.

The Sequestration Cuts that Are Harming Health Care

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Unless repealed or replaced, sequestration requires $109 billion annually in new federal cuts each year through fiscal year 2021. Between October 1 and 17, the federal government ceased all nonessential operations because of a partisan stalemate over Obamacare. Although it is premature to declare this the greatest example of misgovernance in modern U.S. Congressional history, this impasse ranks highly.

Software Asset Management: A New Defense Against Cybersecurity Threats - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

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By 2021, worldwide cybercrime damage is expected to reach $6 trillion— double what it cost businesses in 2015∗ Of course, companies cannot protect what they cannot manage. To combat cybersecurity threats, companies are spending millions of dollars in malware protection, firewall solutions, and security consulting. Yet even with these expensive measures, most are unaware of their greatest vulnerabilities.

Robo-Advisers Are Coming to Consulting and Corporate Strategy

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trillion by 2021. CSA Images/Printstock Collection/Getty Images. Does a robot manage your money? For many of us, the answer is yes. Online and algorithmic investment and financial advice is easy to come by these days, usually under the moniker of “robo-advisor.”

Value-Based Health Care Is Inevitable and That’s Good

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicts that without major change, it will account for more than 20% of GDP by 2021, up from 5.2% Vaccines. Anesthesia. Penicillin. Bypass surgery. Decoding the human genome. Unquestionably, all are life-saving medical breakthroughs.

A Business-Friendly Climate Agenda for Obama's Second Term

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A carbon tax starting at $20 per metric and rising at 6% a year could raise $154 billion by 2021, according to HSBC analyst Nick Robins. President Obama has some unfinished business to attend to, and taking care of it will require help and support from corporate leaders across the country.

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How to Set More-Realistic Growth Targets

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Note that the table implicitly projects limited investment and a slow start to the new growth initiatives, with no new revenues in 2017, modest new revenues in 2018, and significant new revenues really only beginning in 2020 and 2021. Many executives are fond of promising to deliver growth, but far fewer realize those ambitions. This is because many fundamentally mismanage the growth gap, which is the difference between their growth goals and what their base businesses can deliver.