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The Leadership Pipeline

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CEO Blog - Time Leadership Tuesday, January 04, 2011 The Leadership Pipeline I often read more than one book at once. The Leadership Pipeline - How to Build the Leadership Powered Company by Ram Charan , Steve Drotter and Jim Noel was awesome. Leadership Pipeline talks of leadership mostly within larger organizations. The book talks about 6 passages of leadership. Interestingly, I started my career here.

Video Book Club: The Leadership Pipeline

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The book has been around for about ten years and it’s become a go to resource for anyone charged with developing senior leaders. In the video review, I walk through the simple yet resonant model of career path transitions that the authors Charan, Drotter and Noel outline in the book. Ten years later, the model holds up as a very practical and applicable road map and diagnostic for developing leaders.

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Leadership Development Investments

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study of nearly 400 organizations by Lee Hecht Harrison has identified that 54% of employers plan to increase investments in leadership development in 2015. Only 5% of employers plan to decrease investments, and a further 41% reported leadership development investments will stay the same. Having a strong pipeline of ‘ready now’ leaders is at the heart of a high-performing talent management strategy. Team leadership 4. Can't Get Enough Leadership.

The 6 Passages of Leadership and Management

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Unless you are an heir to a throne, people usually don’t begin their careers leading a large organization. Charan, Drotter, and Noel wrote about six leadership passages in their classic book The Leadership Pipeline. However, they use the terms “leadership” and “management” interchangeably. What if we took a simplified version of the Pipeline model, and mash it with a distinction between leadership and management?

Why Middle Managers Need to “Fire” Themselves as Supervisors

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There are rich leadership lessons to be learned from politics and sports. Given that I try to avoid politics in this blog, please allow me the indulgence of referencing a headline from my favorite sport to make a point about leadership: Chiefs' Romeo Crennel fires himself. The reason they were such great Coordinators is because they were good at motivating and developing their players.

The June 2010 Leadership Development Carnival

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Walk The Talk The Dash, The Race, and Management, Training and Development Resources Workforce Management: information on employment law, human resource development and human resource management. Gilda thinks that public speaking is an essential success skill for leadership development yet many aspiring leaders still struggle with it.

Leadership Development: #1 Priority for Human Resources Leaders

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Leadership development is the number one priority for human resources (HR) leaders globally, according to Talent Management : Accelerating Business Performance , a survey by Right Management, the career and talent management experts within ManpowerGroup. Among the more than 2,200 senior HR leaders globally who participated in the survey, 46 percent identified leadership development as the top priority for 2014.

10 Principles For Developing Strategic Leaders

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A 2015 PwC study of 6,000 senior executives , conducted using a research methodology developed by David Rooke of Harthill Consulting and William Torbert of Boston University, revealed just how pervasive this shortfall is: Only 8 percent of the respondents turned out to be strategic leaders, or those effective at leading transformations. Fortunately, companies can build the capacity for strategic leadership.

Leadership Succession Matters

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An in-depth, global, executive study used as the basis of the report shows that a full half of respondents do not feel their organizations have a solid pipeline of “ready now” leadership candidates. . It’s not enough to develop leaders generically and expect them to take on the specific challenges of a company’s strategic direction,” said Noah Rabinowitz, senior partner and global head of Leadership Development at Korn Ferry. Can't Get Enough Leadership. .

What Happens When Careers Last 20 Years Longer?

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He is at the very beginning of his career: exploring the world, delaying any kind of emotional or physical settling down that, a generation ago, would have been the norm at his age. I am also experiencing an entirely new phase of adult development. I am recently remarried and developing ideas for new businesses. Lifelong learning will become an essential part of adult development. It may prove a lot easier to manage dual career couples when they both work for you.

An Integrated Leadership Team

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Science tells us that men and women use different parts of their brains and consequently have different behaviors that lead to different leadership styles. Gender-based differences play out in leadership nearly every day influencing how men and women communicate , act, react, problem-solve, make decisions and work together. One is no more effective than the other; but joined holistically within a balanced leadership team, can lead to a better business outcome.

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June Leadership Carnival

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Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit June Leadership Carnival Published by Michael Lee Stallard on June 9, 2010 12:33 pm under Uncategorized This month’s Leadership Carnival is hosted by Chris Young at It includes favorite blog posts from leadership bloggers. It’s a terrific group of leadership thinkers and I encourage you to check it out.

Evaluate Your Leadership Development Program

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Despite studies showing that succession is an essential part of strategic planning, many companies ignore leadership development to focus on more immediate challenges. But your organization’s future success depends on identifying and developing the next generation of its leaders. Establish a set of clear and defined leadership competencies , so HR and other stakeholders know whom to fast track for leadership. Leadership development Developing employees

How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals

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One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. At this juncture, what you think, what you say, and how you show up — in effect, your leadership presence — can have a direct impact on those you are now leading and managing for the first time. Set a leadership values-based goal.

Which will get you Promoted to CEO: Nasty or Nice?

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Here's the complete 8/28 press release: New PDI Ninth House Pulse on Leaders research pinpoints personality traits that can both help and hinder one’s advancement through leadership levels, and uncovers stark differences between key traits for business unit leaders and CEOs. The leadership ladder is shaped like a pyramid, with leaders vying for fewer and fewer spots as they advance in an organization, and this can breed competition — it’s a natural human tendency,” said Stu Crandell, Ph.D.,

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Rick Warren’s Saddleback Leadership Academy

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After hearing his heart and vision, if I were beginning a ministry career or even in a time of transition and felt God was calling me to be a church planter today, I would strongly consider attending the Saddleback Leadership Academy. Recently I interviewed Ron Jacobs , Director of Enlistment at the Saddleback Church Leadership Academy. Why did Saddleback start the Leadership Academy? Saddleback doesn’t see it as a pre-requisite to leadership.

How Women of Color Get to Senior Management

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Developing a diverse leadership pipeline can benefit companies in all sectors. And yet black women’s advancement into leadership roles has remained stagnant , even as the number of them in professional and managerial roles has increased. Each had been employed for at least two years and had aspirations to move into executive management or senior leadership. But companies also have a key part to play in fostering diversity in their leadership pipeline.

Five Tips for Leaders Who Are Betwixt and Between

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It’s usually a case where they’re moving from a pretty hands-on, directive leadership role and into a role in which they’re coordinating the work of a number of other leaders. This kind of shift can happen a number of times over a career. As the authors of The Leadership Pipeline point out, the first time is usually when the leader moves from manager to manager of managers. Pay attention to their development and results.

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Most Doctors Have Little or No Management Training, and That’s a Problem

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And they receive little on-the-job training to develop skills such as how to allocate short- and long-term resources, how to provide developmental feedback, or how to effectively handle conflict – leadership skills needed to run a vibrant business. Building a Physician Leadership Pipeline. Based on work with dozens of health care organizations, we have adapted the leadership development model of Ram Charan et al to outline a leadership path for physicians.

The 7 Most Important Words Any Leader Can Hear (or Say)

Terry Starbucker

However, it never stuck in my mind as much, or ultimately became as important to my leadership learning, as a little addition to that list I heard about 22 years ago. Try adding them to your leadership toolbox, and see how important they become for you. That kind of leadership was inspiring and made work enjoyable. Had a similar experience earlier in my career and did the same thing.

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Michael Fraccaro, CHRO at Mastercard, on the value of business resource groups

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I’d say we’re very focused on creating a skilled workforce and leadership pipeline that can execute our strategy. That requires us to invest in developing both current and future skills. We partner with universities to develop curriculum for students and learning programs for our employees in “hot skill” areas like cybersecurity and AI. Louis to develop a customized, cyber skills program for employees. Featured Leadership Strategy Mastercard Michael Fraccaro

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To Grow as a Leader, Seek More Complex Assignments

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Over the course of my career, I’ve spent countless hours talking to and hearing from leaders around the world. Japan’s educational institutions and cultural work ethic give its managers a jump-start in their careers, but most companies don’t continue the development process as far as it could go. Remember that, when it comes to the jobs that help leaders develop most, complexity always beats size.

Companies Are Bad at Identifying High-Potential Employees

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To help these employees prepare for leadership roles in a thoughtful, efficient manner, companies often institute formal high-potential (HIPO) programs. But when we looked at the participants in the HIPO programs, 12% were in their organization’s bottom quartile of leadership effectiveness. People who are skilled technically but lack excellent leadership capabilities need to develop those skills.

The Dark Side of Resilience

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In that sense, the best way to develop resilience is through hardship, which various philosophers have pointed out through the years: Seneca noted that “difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body” and Nietzsche famously stated “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” As Rob Kaiser’s research on leadership versatility indicates, overused strengths become weaknesses.

How the Best Global Employers Convince Workers to Join and Stay

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“ Employer branding ” is no longer simply a concern for recruitment marketing; it is also a key component of effective organizational leadership. For example, engineers tend to be far more attracted to companies that emphasize innovation, while those in more commercial roles tend to be far more attracted by leadership opportunities. They don’t pay as much attention to processes like performance management reviews and career planning.

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Authentic Workplaces Don’t Try to Make Everyone the Same

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Does your workplace reflect a relative balance of males and females in leadership positions? To attract the best people and succeed as a business, the “ authentic organization ” of the future — where people can be, and be valued as, their best selves — will need to foster environments where creativity and innovation are at a premium, employees feel engaged and committed, and leadership pipelines are carefully cultivated for future success.

Are Middle Eastern Businessmen Less Sexist than Europeans?

Harvard Business Review

Rather than defensively declaring that they run perfect meritocracies (as last week's team did, insulted at any intimation that it might not be so simple), the team sat together and honestly debated whether they were really able to identify and develop female talent without biases — conscious and unconscious. Just slightly different career cycles and communication styles. OK, I must admit, getting invited to the Middle East to work on gender balancing seemed a stretch.

Are Middle Eastern Businessmen Less Sexist than Europeans?

Harvard Business Review

Rather than defensively declaring that they run perfect meritocracies (as last week's team did, insulted at any intimation that it might not be so simple), the team sat together and honestly debated whether they were really able to identify and develop female talent without biases — conscious and unconscious. Just slightly different career cycles and communication styles. OK, I must admit, getting invited to the Middle East to work on gender balancing seemed a stretch.

A Fairer Way to Make Hiring and Promotion Decisions

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The CEB research indicates that one of the key problems is that qualified, diverse candidates are not getting due consideration for leadership roles, owing to unconscious (and sometimes conscious) bias in hiring and promotion decisions. This lack of information made it difficult to make informed, objective decisions for succession planning and leader career development. Women in Leadership An HBR Insight Center.

The Innovation Mindset in Action: Shantha Ragunathan

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Sasikala, a Block Development Officer (BDO), talked to the Kodapattinam villagers about microfinance , only Shantha, of all the villagers, saw the opportunity and took action. While most folks who heard the Block Development Officer''s presentation thought that microfinance was too much work and gave up, or froze into inaction not knowing what to do, Shantha''s resourcefulness kicked into high gear.

How to Revive a Tired Network

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When it comes to stepping up to leadership, your network is a tool for identifying new strategic opportunities and attracting the best people to them. Without a good network, you will also limit your own imagination about your own career prospects. By managing the three key properties of networks that either propel you forward or hold you back—breadth, connectivity, and dynamism—you can develop a stronger network and use it as an essential leadership tool.