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7 Words Why You Need Social Media as a Pastor Today

Ron Edmondson

reach. people. Christ. That’s all there is to it. Of course, you want more explanation if you’ve questioned it so far. Let me just say this: If you want to reach people, you have to go where people are… Any questions? Related posts: 7 Reasons You Need Social Media as a Christian Leader. Church Culture Ministry Missions

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Hang Your Work in a Tree Tonight

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

If you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. anonymous. An appealing thought, if it means living an integrated life.

One Question: 3 Game-Changing Responses

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post from online friend and pastor Nathan Rouse. Nathan is Lead Pastor at Raleigh Christian Community , in Raleigh, North Carolina. Check out these thoughts from Nathan: With those I lead, my words carry a lot of weight. Believe it or not people aren’t asking each other this question. It says, “I’ve got time for you.”.

Introvert CEO: 3 Keys to Leadership Success

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership You’re an introvert who’s just been named CEO. You know what got you to this point successfully, but you also know that 40% of CEOs last no more than two years in office.

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How Accountability Works

Six Disciplines

There's a lot of talk these days about accountability. For some, it's important for their professional lives (i.e., setting business goals, keeping on track, being responsible, etc.) For others, it's more personal (i.e., diet, weight loss, exercising, etc.). Here's a short course: What is accountability? Why is it important?

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Five Ways Employees Both Get Mad and Get Even

Management is a Journey

Some management teams in organizations mistakenly believe that they have all the power in their organizations. Some even resort to forcing their will or manipulating and taking advantage of their employees to obtain the results they want with little regard for their employees’ feelings.



Are you a lover of questions? Let’s just say, it’s a LOT! Probably man-years worth of time. frontpage

Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #4 – CEO Dave Balter on Humility in Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

What role does humility play in today’s leadership and how does this trait benefit leaders in facing the challenges present in today’s global market? That’s one of the questions I discuss with my guest Dave Balter in the latest episode of “Leadership Biz Cafe”. Dave Balter’s Inc.

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Is Higher Education Too Expensive for the Middle Class?

Coaching Tip

The middle class has traditionally believed that higher education was crucial for climbing the success ladder and making money. Parents of the Baby Boomer generation encouraged their children to choose college majors that would insure them economic success during their adult life. Can only the Wealthy Can Afford College Today?

3 Key Strategy Questions to Ask Your Teams Regularly

Management Excellence

In my experience, the management teams that lead the best performing businesses are those that incorporate at least three key strategic questions into almost every operational and status discussion. Leadership Management Education Strategy Key Strategy Questions for Everyday Use

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Interpersonal Relationships on Teams

Create Learning

People want to do their work and be in the best position to complete their work without confusion and frustration. And they want to ‘FIX’ them.

Christiana Shi: Women in Power

Women on Business

Christina Shi is the Chief Operating Officer at Nike, Inc. and when you look into her progress and career path she brings a whole new meaning to the company slogan of “just do it”. Through her career, Christiana has taken a lot of risks. She started as a management consultant working for McKinsey & Co. If you don’t ask, you don’t get it.”.

Executing your Strategy in Thailand and Asia

Talent Technologies

These factors can throw companies’ best-laid plans off course – and that’s understandable. Is there anything they can do? Leadershi

The Art of Effective Networking

Rapid BI

The Art of Effective Networking When it comes to business, one of the greatest tools you can have in your kit is the ability to network. It might sound obvious, but wherever you are on your career ladder, networking should always be something you can pull off. So, whether you’re in management or you’re at [.].

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Leadership Lighthouse: You Don’t Have to Lead in the Dark

Linked 2 Leadership

Bill Gates, Jack Welch, the late Steve Jobs—what do these people have in common? They are prominent business leaders who are always appearing in the media. So much so that you probably feel you know their company better simply because you are so familiar with them. Having the world know about you and your company may [.].

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"Professional Football Player" Is an Oxymoron in Some Cases

Your Voice of Encouragement

I’m a big fan of college sports, especially college basketball. I only watch professional sports on occasion. Period.

Board Chairs ? How to Direct Your Committee Chairs ? Michael.

Michael VanBruaene

A Person to Have in the Room


He is not the person you would want to make the decision, but he is a person you'd want in the room when the options are being explored. He has insights and ideas that are missed by many advisors and yet sometimes has gaps on the problems that attend execution or the political intangibles that can affect public opinion.

Two Footed Questions Fuse Arts and Science


Asking Questions : Two Footed Questions Integrate Arts and Science. The idea is to engage both sides of the brain , to increase innovation. How so?

Time To Select Your New Year's Resolutions

Eric Jacobson

Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop smoking. Read more. Shop less. Volunteer. But, have you identified your New Year's resolution for your workplace life?

A Postal Love Note

Steve Farber

On Thanksgiving day, Paul Chaffee celebrated his 27th year at the US Postal Service. He tells me that he’s very thankful, because, he says, “I have truly been able to do what I love in the service of people who have loved what I’ve done.” On Thursday, a couple of perfect examples of “it” came up.

What is the difference between managers and leaders?

My Own Coach

I was catching up on my reading today and came across a recent blog post from Seth Godin giving his answer to the question "what is the difference between managers and leaders?". Simply put, he wrote " managers want authority, leaders take responsibility ". Do you agree with Seth? How do you explain the difference? leadership leadership coaching

Don't Let What You Know Limit What You Imagine

Harvard Business Review

One of the most perplexing features of these troubled times is that so many capable people in so many fields look so lost and ineffective. Why are so many smart executives so ineffective? One answer may be that all this experience is itself a problem. Or, to put it differently, the most effective leaders demonstrate a capacity for vuja dé.

The Four Waves Every Successful Business Goes Through - Recap

Six Disciplines

Every successful company once started small. Rather, we encourage you to view this as a map that provides guidance as to where to go next.

Five Steps to Assess Your Strengths

Harvard Business Review

As discussed in my previous post, your personal value proposition (PVP) is why an employer should hire you or promote you over someone else. It's the foundation of your career strategy. A product's value proposition only works if it's true, if the business has the organizational competencies needed to deliver the value proposition. He wasn't happy.

Favorite Science Fiction Inventions


I cannot tell you how many times I have longed for the Star Trekian ability to be transported to distant locations within seconds. No groping.

What We Really Know About Consumer Behavior

Harvard Business Review

Some fifteen years ago, in a period that seemed full of change and uncertainty in marketing, I asked my colleague Ted Levitt where he saw our field heading. Levitt, who had a marvelous talent for speaking in epigrams, responded, "The future of marketing will be more like its past than anyone imagines." Work by Eric Johnson and others reveals why.

Defending Yourself


This is a must-read article: Sam Harris on the three principles of self-defense. The Gavin de Becker book cited at the end is also excellent. [HT:

Communication Matters

Talent Technologies

This image appeared in today’s Bangkok Post, which we thought was emblatic… of something. What do you think? Talent Technologies.

Major Decisions


Knowing what to: Ignore Forgive Confront Embrace Learn Improve Forget


Top Companies for Leaders


A few weeks ago, Fortune Magazine released it’s 2011 list of the 25 Top Companies for Leaders. These 25 companies were voted the companies with the best leadership development programs. While the first few companies aren’t surprising (IBM, General Mills, P&G) the list takes a surprising turn. Leadership leadership development

You're Probably a Micromanager

Harvard Business Review

My recent post on why people micromanage triggered over 100 comments, stories, and suggestions — many of them relating experiences on the receiving end of micromanagement. What was striking was that only two readers actually admitted to being micromanagers themselves. One said: "I have been micromanaged and guess what?

Will on the Gobblers


A market research firm found that people who buy the $43,000 Chevy Volt (seats four in space not taken by its 400-pound battery) or the $34,500 Nissan Leaf, and who get a $7,500 government bribe (a.k.a. tax credit) for doing so, have average annual incomes of $150,000, and half of the buyers own at least two other vehicles.

Get More Done: 3 Distraction Busters You Should Use Now!

Management 4-1-1

Email, instant messaging, knocks on the office door, cell phones… Lion’s, Tigers and Bears… Oh My!!! In today’s world of information overload, instant gratification and a never ending barrage of distractions – it’s a wonder that we get anything done. And I admit it!! I’ve had my share of difficult times staying focused on some