July, 2017

How to Motivate Yourself When You’re Exhausted

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5 Leadership Lessons I Learned by Walking the Camino de Santiago

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T HE Camino de Santiago is a network of ancient hiking paths that all lead to a shrine to St. James in northwest Spain. I first walked that trail – 435 miles over 29 days – in 2013 and have returned twice since.

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One Thing People Want From Their Leaders

Kevin Eikenberry

Ask leaders what they want from their team members, and you will get a fairly consistent list: They want people to: Work hard Be productive Be safe at work Listen Be trustworthy. Fill in your blanks. Fundamentally, on top of all of that, they want their people to follow them. So, if […].

Six ways of being an approachable leader


Never underestimate how important being approachable is to the work that needs to be done in your organization. When you are approachable, people can connect and relate to you. They understand what is needed for success and are willing to roll up their sleeves to get the work done.

Leadership at Two Levels

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Mark Miller: Leadership is a fascinating quality. There are countless articles, studies and opinions about what makes good leadership.

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Team Development Is a Key Leadership Responsibility

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Too many talented individuals get overlooked when managers don’t view development as their responsibility. Unfortunately, there’s a common misbelief that the best way to get talent is to go out and hire “winners.”

5 Success Tips for Introvert Women

Women on Business

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Two Truths About Humans that Leaders Must Always Remember

Kevin Eikenberry

I am about to outline two truths that you already know. Wow, that is a great way to get you to read…) I am going to remind you of these universal truths and help you see them in a new way to give you something critically important to remember and think about. This view is […].

Stretching past your fear


Very few leaders will claim that they are fearful of anything. Other words might be used because the word fear in itself is frightful. They might say that they “avoid” something, “mistrust” someone, or have “anxiety” – perhaps more acceptable terms to use.

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Three Behaviors That Will Convince Your Boss You’re a Rock Star

Let's Grow Leaders

Yesterday “Doug,” a participant in one of our Winning Well workshops, asked, “Karin, if I were to walk into your office right now with the goal of convincing you I’m a rock star, what behaviors would get your attention?”.

The Mathematical Corporation

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Y OU WILL SOON be able to give over almost half of your cognitive work to the machine. This is not to say that you will lose control, but rather, it points to the fact that the human role will become even more critical.

Why Does Elon Musk Insist On Bamboo Flooring In His Car Plants?

Strategy Driven

Tesla hopes that by the end of next year, it’ll be churning out more than half a million cars a year, a significant uptick from the current rate of about 100,000. And where will all of those cars be inspected? On a bamboo floor right at the end of the factory’s production line.

3 Powerful Podcasts for Business Leaders

Women on Business

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Company Culture is a Game of Follow the Leader

N2Growth Blog

Company culture is driven from the top-down. While not often designed and constructed deliberately, company culture is truly a game of follow the leader. If leadership lacks integrity, the culture will run fast and loose when it comes to the facts.

Team Alignment Is For the Birds!

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Do an Internet search for team alignment and you’ll find plenty of articles – why your team needs to be aligned for superior performance, how to align your team, and what alignment looks like. And you’ll see images like these to depict high performance teams.

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How to Change the World Through Effective Problem Solving

Joseph Lalonde

4 Steps To Solving Any Problem The magnitude of the problems we solve will determine the size of the impact we make on the world. Since 2005, I’ve been coaching and mentoring people to live their greatest life. Everyone I’ve worked with wants to make an impact with their life.

Effective Communication is about Understanding Emotion

Lead Change Blog

Imagine a world in which you wouldn’t experience any emotion whatsoever. What would your life look like? No, it wouldn’t be drab, as that’s an emotion. Nor boring, peaceful or any other state of mind which implies an emotion is being experienced.

7 Classic New Leader Mistakes

Ron Edmondson

I’ve worked with a lot of new leaders over the years. Even more so – I’ve been one. Numerous times throughout my more than 35 years leadership career I’ve been the new guy. And, learned lots of lessons the hard way.).

Playing by the Brain’s Rules to Make Communications Stick

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Tim Pollard: Despite the fact that the stakes of business communications are often high, it’s sad reality that most are really not very good. Survey after survey reveals that only about one quarter of internal business presentations are rated as good or better by their audiences, while 75 percent languish as mediocre, poor, or terrible. And for those critical sales presentations that companies make to customers, the score is no better.

Leadership From A Glass Half Full: My 10 Favorite Optimism Quotes

Terry Starbucker

The foundation of my More Human leadership practice and philosophy comes from what I call “ half-fullism ” – dealing with the literal world in a favorable way.

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5 Surprising Reasons Your Ideas Aren’t Being Heard

Let's Grow Leaders

Have you ever felt this way? You’ve got great ideas. You care deeply. AND you’re frustrated. Why is no one picking up what you’re putting down? Don’t give up. Take a careful look at your idea in the context of your other behaviors and interaction with the team.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Spider-Man: Homecoming

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article We first saw Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the film Captain America: Civil War. His role was brief but fun. Now we are treated to Tom Holland’s first full outing as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And it is an amazing blast.

5 Summer Books That Will Make You A Better Leader

Tanveer Naseer

As a leadership writer, I get asked from time to time to share a list of my favourite leadership books; books that I found to be the most informative either for those new to leadership, or for those looking for new insights on how they can build on their existing leadership skills.

Monday’s Preparation Brings Friday’s Success

Ron Edmondson

In one of my consulting opportunities I was asked to help someone think strategically. We were looking at this person’s ministry, trying to design a system, which would allow for continual growth and improvement.

What You Have to Know about VAT Recovery

Women on Business

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How I Leveraged A Big Leadership Fail Into My First Leadership Win

Terry Starbucker

I’m pleased to present another chapter from my “More Human” book manuscript. It’s a personal memoir that traces the discovery and development of my More Human Leadership philosophy, a practice guided by 8 core principles.

Do You Lead a Remote Team? We Want to Hear From You!

Kevin Eikenberry

I’m writing a new book with my co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute, Wayne Turmel. The book, which publishes next April is titled, The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership, and we want your help.

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The 7 Biggest Blunders of The Experienced Leader

Leadership Freak

Forgetting who serves who. Leaders serve others so others can serve others. It’s easy to begin thinking the people around you are there to serve you. Repeat to yourself, “I’m here to… Continue reading → Mistakes Leadership Development

Great Leaders Look Back

Joseph Lalonde

Casting a great vision is required of any leader worth his salt. He has to be able to look forward and KNOW where the organization he is leading will go. And that’s what we’re told. Great leaders look forward. Unfortunately, this statement is often followed by bad wisdom.

10 Easy Phrases Which Point to a Healthy Team

Ron Edmondson

Do you want to be a part of a healthy team? Do you like simple? Maybe we’ve made this more complicated than it has to be. I think there are values we can strive to attain which can help make our teams healthy.

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How Are You Balancing Things?

Women on Business

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Thought Leadership – Piercing The Bubble

N2Growth Blog

News Flash: If you value your own opinion more than others do, you might be suffering from a common form of self-delusion. Referring to yourself as a thought leader makes you a tone-deaf narcissist; not necessarily a great thinker. For my part, I’m in the process of trying to eliminate the term “thought leadership” from my vocabulary. This week, after months of reflection, I’ll be instructing our team to remove all references to thought leadership from our materials.

Peter Drucker on The Effective Executive


Ultimately, leadership is all about ability to act on the ideas. In that sense, anyone who thinks of the self as a leader has to be good at executing things.

How to Confront Situations You Should Have Dealt with Sooner

Leadership Freak

If you think it’s difficult to have a tough conversation today, waiting makes it worse. Time makes elephants fat, complacent, and harder to confront. Patience: It’s not patient to tolerate poor performance. It’s… Continue reading → Accountability Anger Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success