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Organizational culture polarities hold the key to a healthy culture

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Too much of a good thing brings out its downside. Ever had too much team time? It makes you long for a vacation on a desert island. One of the best portrayals of “too much of a good thing” was in Black Mirror’s Nose Dive (Season 3). In what initially looks like an utopian culture […].

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5 Simple Tips to be a Better Dad This Week

Ron Edmondson

I don’t know a lot of dads who don’t want to improve in their role as dad. I grew up most of my years at home without a father active in my life.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Paul: Apostle Of Christ Movie

Joseph Lalonde

I recently was invited to an advance screening of the new Christian movie Paul: Apostle Of Christ. Paul: Apostle Of Christ shares the last days of Paul as he and Luke spend time together in Mamertine Prison and Luke writes down Paul’s story.

A Leader’s Story On How To Truly Care For Your Employees

Tanveer Naseer

What would you do if your role as a leader lead to the accidental death of one of your employees? It’s a scenario that, thankfully, most of us might never have to consider.

Psychological safety, perspective and behavior


Photo credit/copyright: 123rf. Greg, a manager in a large company asked for his employees to be open with him. That didn’t go over well since he regularly dressed down those who came to him with bad news or mistakes they’d made.

How to Put an End to Complaining

Leadership Freak

I made it to 7 a.m. before complaining. This morning I decided that I wouldn’t complain all day. After some thought, I lowered my expectation to the morning. But the first thing I… Continue reading → Complaints Leadership Development

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The Loneliness of Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I was talking with a friend one day who was having to make some difficult decisions for the organization he leads. He had confidence the direction he was leading was the right one and, even necessary for the future life of the organization. He had done his homework.

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The 5 Rights All Humans Have—Are You Honoring Them At Work?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Christine Comaford: Tania is a brilliant CEO of a super successful accounting firm. Carlos, her VP of operations, is a bright and solid asset to the firm.

Three Ways to Lead a Pack of Complainers

Leadership Freak

Success always encounters complainers. But some people complain like it’s an Olympic sport. #1. Practice optimistic transparency: Don’t sweep complaints under the carpet. Expose them to the light. Reject anonymous complaining. Never represent… Continue reading → Complaints Leadership Development organizational success

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7 Things I Love About My Wife

Ron Edmondson

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22. I posted this over 6 years ago, but things have changed. My wife is a different person. She’s a grandmother (Granna). We are more seasoned as empty-nesters.

Do You “Have To” or Do You “Get To”?

Next Level Blog

What do you notice about your thought process when you’re about to start something that’s difficult or intimidating? Is your inner monologue helpful or hurtful? Here’s a hint – your self-talk is highly predictive of the result you’re going to get. There’s a simple mental shift you can make that almost guarantees a better result when you have to do something you’re not totally excited about or find a little bit scary.

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Rules for Remote Leadership with Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry

Leading from a distance can seem difficult, yet it is still about leadership, and the principles of leadership haven’t changed—they are principles. In this episode, Kevin is in the visitor’s seat to talk about the opportunities and challenges with leading a remote team.

Combining the Power of Self-Care and Leadership

Lead Change Blog

February is heart month. You might be wondering what that has to do with leadership. Lots more than you might think: if we fail to take care of ourselves, there’s no leading or serving others. Many of us spend lots of time on work and too little on ourselves, thinking self-care is something for self-indulgent sissies. That’s a thought to let go of. Years ago, when I mapped out what I wanted from life, being a statistic for heart disease wasn’t on the list.

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Empower Your Employees: How to Encourage Staff to Take Pride in the Workplace

Strategy Driven

Every business owner wants to create a more productive, passionate and focused workplace, but it can seem easier said than done. However, it doesn’t need to be. All you need to do is encourage staff to take pride in the workplace with a few key steps. Communicate the Company Vision and Values.

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Start Worrying When the Noise Stops

Leadership Freak

Our first computer was an expensive marvel that came with a 40 meg hard drive and windows 3.0. Yes, “meg” as in megabyte. The salesman said we would never fill a hard drive… Continue reading → pessimism Solutions Leadership Development Power

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Why Ethical Thinking Matters (Part 4)

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton To celebrate 7 Lenses going into its second printing, this is the fourth post in a special series focused on Why Ethical Thinking Matters. In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in the series: Why Ethical Thinking Matters (Part 1),Why Ethical Thinking Matters (Part 2),and Why Ethical Thinking Matters (Part […].

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36 Leadership Lessons From 36 Years Of Life

Joseph Lalonde

Today marks the 36th time I’ve orbited the sun. That’s right, February 16th is my birthday! I wanted to do something special for my birthday. I wanted to give you guys a gift. That gift is 36 leadership lessons I’ve learned over the course of my life. Image by Evan Rummel.

Importance of Internet Security

Strategy Driven

Internet security has never been more important. If you have poor internet security, then you are leaving yourself open to all kinds of issues. With that in mind, here are three reasons why internet security is so important. Financial.

Dear Dan: A Team Member is Sarcastic and Disrespectful

Leadership Freak

Dear Dan, I have recently been promoted to sales manager. One of my team members is not giving me the respect as a manager. He often acts sarcastically about some of my plans… Continue reading → Humility Solution Saturday Success Leadership Development organizational success

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Preview Thursday: Let’s Stop Meeting Like This

Lead Change Blog

The following is an excerpt from Let’s Stop Meeting Like This. Changing meetings from time wasting to time valued, from energy sapping to energy producing, requires a different approach to designing, leading, and contributing in meetings. It means a change in direction.

Women Mentoring Women – Sage Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Women on Business

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5 Thing I Have To Do, But Don’t Like Doing as a Leader

Ron Edmondson

A friend asked me once to name the things I do as a leader because I have to do, but don’t necessarily like to do. He even had a term for it. He called it the “underbelly of leadership”. It was a great question. It caused me to think. There are actually lots of things I do, which I don’t enjoy doing. That’s likely what most of us call work. But, what do I “have” to do? Here’s a stab at answer the question. Here are 5 things I have to do as a leader, but don’t always like to do: Managing.

How to Love Your Next Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Leadership Freak

New Book Giveaway!! 20 free copies of Let’s Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done. Leave a comment on this guest post by Shelly L. Francis to become… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Meetings and agendas

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How to properly execute an online review management program

Strategy Driven

00As a business owner or manager, if you are thinking about assembling an online review management program, you are already on the right path to managing the reputation of your company online.

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FutureLawyer Enters an iPhone Store


If the reality TV people had any sense, they'd head for south Florida and begin a series about a lawyer with a solo practice who also is a poet and a tech wizard with parrots in his lobby and a disdain for Apple products. The first episode could involve a purchase of an iPhone. Hilarity ensues

What Valentine’s Day Can Teach Us About Leadership

Joseph Lalonde

Let me be up-front. I’m not a very romantic guy. You can ask my wife… She’ll tell you that I’m not. I’m okay with that. When I asked, okay, told her, we were getting married it was while we were sitting on a couch talking. I randomly brought up the notion of marriage.

7 Ways to Make All Teams Smarter

Leadership Freak

Teams, like individuals, can be smart or stupid.* Three factors impact team intelligence: Social sensitivity. Be aware of emotion. Bring it up when someone seems detached, disturbed, excited, or curious. Barney, this idea… Continue reading → Meetings and agendas Leadership Development Meetings organizational success

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Common Problems That New Business Owners Face

Strategy Driven

Starting a new business venture may sound as simple as having an idea or a product prototype, and setting up a base from which to sell it to the masses.

Learn and apply these leadership traits in an afternoon

Lead on Purpose

When you think about the leaders you respect and admire, you see qualities that make them great. This can be inspiring or disheartening, depending on your current state of mind. Most great leaders rose to prominence over time by doing … Continue reading → Leadership Learning apply Communication decisiveness focus Innovation Leadership Traits principles

Cloud Computing and Business

Lead Change Blog

In the corporate world, cloud computing has become a popular buzzword as companies shift more and more of their products and services onto the web. Most people understand the general concept of cloud computing, but fail to grasp the specific impacts it has on their industry. Part of the problem is that cloud computing cannot be simplified into a single application or platform.

As We Approach the Presidents Day Weekend


The excitement builds. In many homes, the fans of Warren G. Harding are retrieving decorations from the attic. In others, Buchanan and Carter advocates do likewise. The Andrew Johnson Fan Clubs normally meet in bars, sipping beer and bemoaning the evils of impeachment.

What Other Successful Business Owners Can Teach You

Strategy Driven

Have you ever considered that, as a business owner, you could learn a lot from other business owners? When it comes to running a company, all the most successful people have learnt from others and you should too.

Why Great Coaches Need Great Faith

Kevin Eikenberry

You may read the title of this article and think I’m crazy. You may think that faith is something we should keep in the religion or spirituality box, that is doesn’t belong in the working world.

Domain Knowledge

Lead Change Blog

As a leader runs an organization, it is important to hire people who have the domain knowledge of the business that they are in. These people are called subject matter experts (SME). They know the ins and outs of the business, and can help your organization traverse the landscape and develop new products or services that can help you increase your market share. Like a typical lifecycle, when an SME leaves the firm, the organization suffers some form of loss of knowledge.

A Job with Meaning


Years ago, I heard a man talk about recruiting for police officers. He said that if the recruiters emphasized pay and benefits, they got blank stares but when they emphasized community service, the applications shot up.

How To Mitigate The Risks Of Outsourcing

Strategy Driven

Visit any business-related website, and you will find articles telling you why you need to outsource. They will tell you your business will grow. You will discover how it can be a worthy investment. And on this very website, you will find out how outsourcing can save your business.

Ceremonies, Celebration, and How to Create Meaningful Beginnings

Let's Grow Leaders

Imagine the Olympics without the opening ceremonies. What if the games just started. No torch. No sexy flag carriers, no dancers. No music. No costumes. No human interest stories. No ceremonial coming together of divided political interests. Just, “Up first, curling.”