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Efficient vs. Effective | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Efficient vs. Effective - there is sometimes a very big difference between the two.

Introducing Our New Team Excellence Assessment


How does your team stack up to a world-class heart transplant team? How about a business team noted for breakthrough innovation?

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Servant Leadership Companies

Modern Servant Leader

Poison in the Pantry

Chris Brady

Poison1 I receive many emails covering a broad range of topics almost every day. Many deserve no more than a few second glance or a quick chuckle.

Film 47

Leadership and Opportunity | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Opportunity and timing are inexorably linked. So much so, that if you don't think timing is everythin

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The New Leadership Challenge - Removing Barriers To Performance

Six Disciplines

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Ludwig Von Mises - Morals over Money

Orrin Woodward

Character is not a binary switch, meaning one cannot divide people into two Manichean groups, one with character and the other without.

Leadership Costumes

Kevin Eikenberry

In the United States Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays of the year – with total spending expected to be $5.85

Your Voice of Encouragement: Patience - Manage Your Expectations.

Your Voice of Encouragement

Patience - Manage Your Expectations of People and Events. You achieve peace of mind by recognizing what you can and cannot change

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Palo Duro Canyon - A Lesson in Texas History

Building Personal Strength

We spent an entire morning taking in the

Video 22

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Conflict - The Five Steps to.

Orrin Woodward

Over the years, I have, through reading books and studying great leaders, developed a five step pattern to resolve conflict.

A Mirror as a Leadership Development Tool

Kevin Eikenberry

We look in them each day, research says, more often than we realize. We check our hair and our smile.

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StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 49 – An Interview with.

Strategy Driven

These podcasts elaborate on the best practice

Book Review: Open Leadership by Charlene Li

Modern Servant Leader

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Conflict Resolution.

Orrin Woodward

The more animals in the barn, the more 'doodoo' to deal with.

10 Ways To Have Fun At Work. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

You work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 250 days a year, for approximately 40 years. Your choice

The One Thing Every Leader Has To Give Up (After They Worked So.

Terry Starbucker

I remember the first time I got it, only 4 months after I graduated from college. It was given to me reluctantly, out of sheer necessity. It terrified me. But on the other hand, it was what I wanted. After all, I was young

The History Channel's Special - "The Moon"

Building Personal Strength

Some time ago, I gifted myself a DVD set featuring all four seasons of the History Channel's "The Universe" series. One of my favorite episodes is their program about the moon. I've written about the moon before. Read this and you'll know why the moon is so special to me. Maybe watching the episode about Earth's moon will tempt you. So here it is!

Video 16
Video 16

6 Trust Behaviors for Leaders, Individuals & Teams

Create Learning

Trust happens on purpose within team. …it it is not an accidental property.

Actions Express Priorities for People

Modern Servant Leader


Can you depend on innovation as your only strategy?

Sidd Gavirneni

"Innovation" has been the buzz word for quite some time now. It is what companies claim to base their competitive advantage on.

Adversity (Part 2 of 2)

Leading Strategies

Let's continue from last by looking at a book by New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees titled, “Coming Back Stronger.” (If

Hard Skill, Soft Skill–Team Building Activity

Create Learning

Hard Skill, Soft Skill. TeamBuilding & Leadership.Team Building activity. Purpose

3 Ways To Grow Your Business. Today.

Rich Gee Group

I work with a LOT of companies. Solopreneurs. Small Businesses. Large Businesses. Corporations. How they service their clients

Sources of real leadership

Managing Leadership

In the course of our current review of the reasons to reject the concept of individual leadership as it is taught by its modern proponents, it is worth addressing the unavoidable fact that there really are some leaders around. So, we will nail these manifestations down, and hopefully leave them behind us as we continue our discussion. See you soon!

Leaders: The 24-Hour Rule To Firing People « Linked 2 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

Why, Why, why, why, why? WHY can't people get firing someone RIGHT THE FIRST TIME? It's embarrassing to witness

Leadership Q&A: The Stewardship Perspective

Weekly Leader

This is a column in a continuing series on The Stewardship of Gratitude. Too often the leader

How to Utilize the Team Excellence Assessment


Many people have been asking us to tell them more about how the Team Excellence Assessment works. DESCRIPTION.

Conference Leadership Impressions from SAP SAPPHIRE

Modern Servant Leader

Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: It's a Jungle in There

Leading Blog

Lead Like a Mom

Next Level Blog

One of the calls. Please click the headline to read

Jeffrey Pfeffer on Power


Leadership pfeffer

Instilling Pride: A Key to Eliciting Excellence « Linked 2 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

Eliciting excellence in others is the essence of leadership. Instilling pride has a myriad of benefits – quality of work and workmanship

Wisdom of Not Knowing…


A farmer had only one horse. One day, his horse ran away. All the neighbors came by saying, “I'm so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.”