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Fundamental Management is Fundamental Psychology

Tony Mayo

People have three basic wants that make them susceptible to social influence. First, people have a hedonic motive, or a desire to experience pleasure and avoid pain. Second, people have an approval motive, or a desire to be accepted and

Mayo 79

The Positive Runs Out

The Recovering Engineer

This afternoon, I recorded a webinar on employee motivation techniques. During the webinar, I discussed a model of human behavior that helps to explain why people do what they do. The main learning point from this model is that people

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Flexibility - Adapt to unexpected developments

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's hard to switch gears when you're charging hard to implement your plan. But adapting to changes that happen along the way, rather than resisting them, can lead to an even better outcome. Brian Tracy's advice is on-target: "Be clear

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SELF-DEVELOPMENT - The Secret of Successful People

Building Personal Strength

"Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job." - Jim Rohn Whoa. That's a bold statement. But if you take a look at Jim Rohn's life and his body of work, I think you ignore it at your peril. Today I was thinking about some people I know who I think of as “life-long learners.”

Hsee's Happiness Heuristics

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo reports evidence-based, academic research on happiness form Chicago Booth

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Engaging in Alternative 'Creative Pursuit' to Be More Effective


Most people love to remain engaged in their 'core' area of expertise. They spend long hours over the years to understand, study, apply and innovate ideas in this core area. Most of the growth happens when we stick to one thing and do it

Freedom for Leg Jigglers

Chris Brady

He was jiggling his leg like crazy, he was. Up and down, up and down, and the result of his mindless entertainment was that my seat-back tray was bouncing around like a dog in the back of a pickup truck coming home from church on a dirt

Clear leadership

Lead on Purpose

This evening I had the opportunity to listen to a speaker who had just returned from a humanitarian service trip to Haiti. He told amazing stories about the trip, including heart-wrenching accounts of the devastation caused by the

Style Theory


Style theory differs drastically from trait or skill theories. Instead of focusing on who leaders are, style theories considers what leaders do. At the core of all style theories is the idea that leaders engage in two distinct types of behavior: task behaviors and relationship behaviors. How leaders combine these two behaviors determines their leadership effectiveness.

Help others answer “their” questions

Crossderry Blog

Placing yourself in another's shoes is one of the most effective ways to confront reality. I particularly like Gary Cohen's take on how you can use the right questions to not only express empathy, but to also increase accountability

Launching a Personal Finance Revolution

Chris Brady

You've probably heard it all before. Spend less than you make and make more than you spend. You've got it, already. Bought the tee-shrit. But if it's that simple, why are so many people in financial trouble

Book Review: Lead Well and Prosper by Nick McCormick


41Z1GE04FKL._SL500_AA240_[1] SL500_AA240_[1] Being a good manager (self-management and team management) is essential ingredient of success in today's business environment. Looking at all the bad examples of poor management around, we all know what good

John Kotter Video: A Quick Tool for Assessing the People Impact of.

Management is a Journey

In an earlier post, I mentioned John Kotter, the Harvard Professor, who is widely regarded as the Guru of Change Management. John has written several best selling books on organizational change. His book Leading Change written in 1996

SAP's product side is the problem « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

Hasso Plattner wants to drive a great deal of technological innovation at SAP, and did not believe it could happen under Leo's leadership, and without Hasso's very direct involvement…. The product organization is full of conflicting

Green Police

Chris Brady

Green Police. Cheap Trick was my favorite band when I was a kid. It all started with the "I Want You to Want Me" song that I first heard blaring at a gas station in South Carolina while on vacation. Maybe it had to do with all the

Seven Key Thoughts About Managing Human Resources


Here are SEVEN most prominent thoughts that stuck me this week about managing “human” resources. These thoughts can be useful if you are a business owner, a human resources professional, a project manager or a leader at any level in an

The One Question Every Successful Leader Must Answer (Even Before.

Terry Starbucker

j0441498 The supervisor is frustrated – in his mind, he has done everything right to manage his team to a successful outcome. He carefully explained the task at hand and its deadline for completion, how it was supposed to get done (and

Whose “truth” are you after?

Crossderry Blog

Continuing my Q&A with Gary Cohen, author of JUST ASK LEADERSHIP: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions… Crossderry: Coming from the other direction, how can senior leadership make it safe to ask and answer questions openly

Twitter Highlights

Chris Brady

In our increasingly fast-paced digital world, it seems more and more thought is compressed into short little sound-bites. Lengthy, well-developed tracts are hardly read by a busy public. It is becoming more and more true that

Organizational Change Management – Four Critical Truths Everyone.

Management is a Journey

There was a time when business operations were stable and change occurred infrequently. Like the Model T Ford, however, those days are history. Dr. John Kotter, who is widely regarded as the Guru of Change Management, states that the

Wonderful Richard St. John Talk on Success

Survive Your Promotion

This is a short one but it has a lot of meat to it. Watch this any time you feel like you're slogging through the mud on your way to success. Are your leadership skills holding you back? Contact me to find out what a little

Wow, Leo Apotheker's gone already?

Crossderry Blog

Unbelievable that Leo Apotheker has already fallen on his sword. There has been tons of chatter about Leo and his demise (Dennis Howlett here, Larry Dignan here, Michael Krigsman here, and the #leogone Twitter feed is here

Jump-Start Your Business

Eric Jacobson

As a leader in your business, try these ideas to give your business a jump-start: Ask for ideas from employees in all parts of your business. Don't ask for ideas only from your product development or marketing departments. Be sure all employees clearly understand your vision and the mission of your business. Brainstorm ways to take advantage of your strengths. Determine how to overcome your business' weaknesses.

Are You Measured By Results Produced Or The Time Spent In The Office

Self Help Zen

You are considered an expert in your field and you have recently changed your employer for a good package. To produce great output in your expertise area, you need to spend only a few hours a day – you don’t need to come at a fixed time and go at a fixed time but your output are just excellent. The other persons in your organization with similar experience level and position spend the whole day (and sometime nights also) to produce almost the same (may be inferior) results.

Enjoy the Moment or Plan for the Future?

Survive Your Promotion

There are two schools of thought on how to manage your life – the “live in the moment” crowd (Oprah and her ilk) and the “if you're not going somewhere you'll never get anywhere” crowd (Stephen Covey, David Allen, and all of the time


Shiny, happy objects all around

Crossderry Blog

My brother introduced me to the concept of the “shiny object” — the distracting, alluring thing on which the unwary fixate. Seth Godin uses the concept to get us focused on our goals and milestones. This post shows [again] why Seth is

Button Up Your Crisis Management Program

Eric Jacobson

It's too early to make a final judgment about Toyota's handling of its current automobile recall, but it's not too early for all business leaders to check to be sure they have a crisis management program in place. Sadly, most businesses don't have a plan. Or, don't have a plan that is up-to-date, comprehensive and/or flexible.

HOPE: Fortune Cookies That Come True.

Building Personal Strength

If you've been following my blog, you probably know by now that I collect quotes. I started doing it in graduate school when I was immersed in British and American literature, and I've continued to do it for over 35 years. I guess when I read something of value, I didn't want to lose it.

The Opposite of Love

Survive Your Promotion

Most people will tell you that the opposite of love is hate but they're wrong. Both love and hate require strong emotions – an investment of energy and passion either for or against a particular thing. The opposite of love is apathy

Trust: If You Build It, They Will Come…and Stay

You're Not the Boss of Me

Trust. It's a small word and yet, it holds the key to success in just about every walk of life. And, it's one of those things that is often hard earned yet easily destroyed. That makes it precious. From a corporate perspective


Women in the LEAD

IStock_000001271416Small[1] What's on your mind? What thoughts do you carry with you from day-to-day? These are the "fortune tellers" of your destiny. There is a law of growth written about and talked about by many of the sages in

PASSION, COURAGE, FAITH - Russell Simmons on Building a Business

Building Personal Strength

Russell Simmons is the real deal, a guy who has built several hugely successful business from scratch. What he says to The Wall Street Journal is revealing. Listen carefully. Many of the people who visit this blog are building a business.

The Simple Path to Leadership Bench Strength

Survive Your Promotion

We all know about helicopter parents – those nuts who start off doing their kids homework and end up filling out their job applications – but what about helicopter managers? I don't mean micro managers who follow their team members

Are You Measured By Results Produced Or The Time Spent In The Office

Utpal Writes

You are considered an expert in your field and you have recently changed your employer for a good package. To produce great output in your expertise area, you need to spend only a few hours a day – you don't need to come at a fixed time