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Millennials Have Missed Out On The Post-2008 Housing Boom

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Indeed, the robustness of the housing market is a clear differentiator between the Great Recession of 2008 and the Covid-19 recession. The center point of this support was the First-Time Homebuyer Credit, which provided a tax incentive of approximately $8,000 to new buyers between 2008 and 2010. Strong demand.

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (from 2008) is Back on Top — Here is the September, 2015 New York Times Business Books Best Sellers list

First Friday Book Synopsis

Ths book was published in November, 2008 – nearly seven full years ago, and I presented my synopsis of this book in January,… Read More Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (from 2008) is Back on Top — Here is the September, 2015 New York Times Business Books Best Sellers list.

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StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – Panic of 1907 vs Great Recession of 2008

Strategy Driven

He went on to describe the similarities between the banking crisis of 1907 – the one that inspired the formation of the Federal Reserve – and the more recent 2008 financial crisis. By 2008, losses from these portfolios were causing banks to fail. Bernanke said. In 1907, the fire started when F. Augustus Heinze and C.F.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Iron Man

Joseph Lalonde

The 2008 film, Iron Man, started Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, we’re going back to what started everything for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From there, the universe expanded to 23 movies ranging from the Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Avengers, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man. It is […].

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It’s Not TV: HBO

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2008: It was a very comfortable company. They vowed to follow the data wherever it took them. ❧ On HBO in the mid-2000s: It just felt like there were a bunch of people who were trying to manage for retirement. Let’s not rock the boat. Everything in the offices is first class. There’s a gym. There’s a cafeteria.

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Hancock

Joseph Lalonde

Hancock is the 2008 broken superhero film starring Will Smith as John Hancock, Charlize Theron as Embrey, and Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey. A Reel Leadership Article. It’s a fun film and you will take away leadership lessons from Hancock. What’s Hancock about? Hancock is the story of an ill-behaved superpowered person.

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Leading Thoughts for May 4, 2023

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Source: NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project Interview, May 14, 2008 * * * Look for these ideas every Thursday on the Leading Blog. I think the cool thing about it is that’s something we can do something about it. It’s something totally within our control.