“Competitive Intelligence” Shouldn’t Just Be About Your Competitors

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For the next year, Jessica Eliasi, then the director of Competitive Intelligence at Mars Chocolate, travelled the world running “competitive simulation” games with local market teams from Russia to Mexico to Turkey to England. Competitive strategy

Companies Collect Competitive Intelligence, but Don’t Use It

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The first requirement for being competitive is to know what others in your space are offering or plan to offer so you can judge the unique value proposition of your moves. In my experience, the competitive perspective is almost always the least important aspect in managerial decision-making.

Only Half of Companies Actually Use the Competitive Intelligence They Collect

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For more than 30 years, most large corporations worldwide have adopted competitive intelligence (CI) as a way to expedite good decisions. and European corporations, from CI-trained analysts in marketing, business development, strategy, R&D, finance, and other fields.


Use Your Sales Force’s Competitive Intelligence Wisely

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That competitive intelligence can not only help individual salespeople become more effective, it can also help your company make better strategic decisions. My colleagues and I have seen numerous examples of sales forces gaining important competitive knowledge.

A guide to great development moves

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Changing jobs is an often used and effective way to develop new leadership capabilities. While job changes can be a powerful catalyst for development, they can also lead to the derailment of a promising high potential leader.

A Failure To Act – The Leader’s 5 Most Damaging Inactions

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As we vacillate, competition can eat our lunch, or worse, as HR expert Ron Thomas points out in his article on indecision. Failure To Inform – It’s difficult enough to gain competitive intelligence; why would we withhold our own? For every action there is a reaction.

Can you force innovation?

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The process had its ups and downs over the millenniums but was it ever planned and executed as part of one group’s deliberate strategy or it happened organically as a result of many factors e.g. social developments that triggered the upswing cycle in this process? What can you use Competitive Intelligence for? Human race has been innovating ever since. That’s how we got here.

How to Actually Put Your Marketing Data to Use

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In most companies, marketers are in charge of assessing the competition. Because of this, close to 60 percent of all competitive intelligence professionals report to marketing. If you want intelligence, you will participate in the creation of that intelligence.”

How a Food-Ordering App Broke into a Crowded Market

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In 2008, he gathered four other Israelis living in San Francisco to be his cofounders and they hired a coder in Ukraine through Craigslist and paid him to develop an ordering app. That’s the “secret” of successful strategies and the essence of competitive intelligence.

The Right Way to Use Analytics Isn’t for Planning

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We must start to think differently about how business, management, and strategic intelligence works. In his best-selling book, Superforecasting , Philip Tetlock states “The job of intelligence is to speak truth to power, not tell [the powers] temporarily in charge what they want to hear.”

How to Get More Value Out of Your Data Analysts

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We don’t declare victory when a great model or application is developed – only when it’s being used to improve business performance and create new value. The key to overcoming these shortages is to develop talent in both cadres together.

Get More from Your Event Spending

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Trade groups such as the Georgia Economic Developers Association use an app that lowers the cost and distribution hassle of print material while generating enough incremental sponsorship revenue to pay for the app entirely.

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The Future Is Scary. Creative Thinking Can Help.

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Second, think creatively by developing new mental models; audit — and then question — your organization’s fundamental beliefs and assumptions. What is your organization’s competitive space, and are there ways it might be redefined? These are only sample questions — you should develop others based on the current needs of your organization. Megatrends will affect your company, your customers, your competition, as well as your family and community.

Cyber Security in the Internet of Things

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What''s more, as systems built by different OEMs interact, there is infighting among them as to what constitutes sensitive or competitive intelligence. Some of this work has been released to the public in a white paper [pdf] developed for The Department of Homeland Security.

What to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer

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“It’s important to thank the employee, and celebrate when you and your company have helped someone develop and grow, even if the time to work together has come to an end.”

American Competitiveness Demands Immigration Reform

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The perspectives and intuitive customer insights that come from having diverse employees — particularly employees who share cultural connections with customers — is real competitive intelligence. Companies with employees that represent the end user are more likely to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of customers in markets around the world. Much of the insight and global perspective American companies need to be competitive can be found on U.S.