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How to Lead when Company Growth has Stalled

C-Level Strategies

Have you had the privilege of leading a team while your company was experiencing rapid growth? What about the challenge of leading when growth has stalled? If you’ve experienced both, you know that maintaining perspective and staying focused on your vision is critical.

5 Leadership Lessons: Where Negative Emotions Come From

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Brian Tracy and Christina Stein have written a book— Kiss That Frog —to help you root out the causes of the negative thoughts that are influencing your attitudes and behaviors more than you realize. It’s a critical issue for leaders. All emotions, especially negative emotions, distort evaluations. A person in the grip of a negative emotion is incapable of thinking clearly or rationally.”

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Conquering a Leadership Paradox

Kevin Eikenberry

It happens all over the world, every day. Josie is a great performer. She is very good at her technical expertise, and for that she is rewarded with a promotion. Her supervisor calls her into her office and gives her the good news. Congratulations Josie, you are now the supervisor! Excited, perhaps surprised, and maybe [.]. Leadership Learning focus productivity promotion

February Management Journey Carnival

Management is a Journey

Welcome to the February 2012 edition of the Management Journey Carnival! Topics for this month’s Management Journey Blog Carnival include time management, employee engagement, project management, interpersonal effectiveness, social business, generational management, innovation, organizational learning, teamwork, leadership skills, customer relations, self-improvement, and other related topics. This blog carnival presents 21 top posts from thought leaders [.].

5 Aspects of the Heart of a Leader

Ron Edmondson

Let’s consider the heart of a leader. Someone asked me recently what I primarily look for in the hiring of a staff position. I said, without reservation, first and foremost, I look for a heart.

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Leading Can be Simple

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development The following post is adapted from a post on the Random Acts of Leadership Blog in December, 2008. It’s time to demystify leadership. Opportunities abound for leading in any given moment. Yet all too often we don’t even see the opportunities let alone take them. Perhaps we have set our sights on the grand gestures [.]. Leadership Coaching Leadership Development action actions simple leadership

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The Quality Most Valued in Leaders? Strategy Execution

Six Disciplines

In the Best Companies for Leaders survey , management consultancy Hay Group identified the top 20 best-in-class companies as well as what makes these companies known for great leadership. Key findings of the Hay Group's research: When asked what organizations value the most in leaders, 83 percent of the best-in-class organizations as compared to others said “ execution.” ” Organizations value leaders who can achieve results through others.

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Performance Measures ? Guidelines For Developing And Using Them

Michael VanBruaene

Goal Setting for Leaders: Why Bother?

Linked 2 Leadership

The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently at the end of any year. And by March, many people have given up on them. Have you already stopped trying to achieve the New Year’s resolution that you set late last year? Or did you not even bother to write down your goals for 2012 knowing that you [.]. Leading & Developing Other Leaders Organizational Health Professional Development goal setting goals planning Strategy

Goal 31


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I thought everyone would like to see my grandson Josh lifting weights in the pool. Why not do 2 things at once? Can't see the writing on it but it looks like about 10 Kg. He must have superpowers.

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How Good Leaders Become Bad Bosses


In his work on the perils of success , John O’Neil (1993) provides leaders with a handy way to follow their own progress on the path to burnout and entropy. He compares this path to an S-curve, where entropy begins near the top. As we move toward the top, we start to change the way we behave. Our days seem mindless, we experience more anxiety and our less likely to be growing and learning. In addition, we find ourselves in conflict more with our environment and peers.

Can’t Find a Job? Create a Career Map.

Women on Business

Guest Post by Ginny Clarke (learn more about the author at the end of the post). You’ve put a lot of effort into a résumé, an elevator pitch, company research and traditional networking, but you’re still coming up short in your job search or career progression. You’re understandably disappointed, but here’s the good news: it probably isn’t the tools you’ve created, but the lack of a detailed job search plan or map that is inhibiting your success.

Customer Disloyalty and Business as We Shift Toward Subjectivity

First Friday Book Synopsis

I had three different people recommend a book to me last week. The book, Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose by Rajendra S. Sisodia, David B. Wolfe, and Jagdish N. Sheth is about a lot of things, especially the power of passion and purpose in business. But it is also [.]. Randy's blog entries customer disloyalty customer loyalty David B. Wolfe Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose Jagdish N.

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Don’t Destroy Your Community’s History (and Traffic) by Deleting Old Contributions

Managing Communities

photo credit: KJGarbutt Some community managers ponder deleting old, long inactive contributions, due to a lack of technical resources or a belief that those contributions somehow take away from what they are currently trying to accomplish. This is something that smaller operations are more prone to do because they may be hitting the limits of [.]. Developing Your Community

Barbara Corcoran’s Recipe for Getting Out of a Funk

Your Voice of Encouragement

Barbara Corcoran, star of Shark Tank No matter how much you believe in yourself and the value you bring to your work, you’re going to have moments when you temporarily lose your spark. You’re human, after all, and it’s impossible to sustain consistently high levels of enthusiasm 24/7.

Social Media is Just That – Social

First Friday Book Synopsis

I am not surprised at all to see the statistics published on February 20, 2012 by the Pew Research Center that reveal very few Americans receive political news from social networks. Where do we get our information about politicians, campaigns, platforms, etc? It’s not from social media. Here is the breakdown, when Americans were asked to identify [.].

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Opportunity to meet entrepreneur Celia Gates and prizewinning marketing gurus Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan

Chartered Management Institute

Following the success of the CMI Management Book of the Year competition, we are pleased to announce that CMI and The British Library have teamed up to deliver the Management Book of the Year Road Show. Date: Tuesday 6th March 2012. Venue: British Library Conference Centre, London. Time: 17.30. Celia Gates - author of From Brainwave to Business. Celia is the founder of Doctor Cook Ltd., and distributes her award winning cookware range in over 15 countries.

Serial Innovators: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Serial Innovators: Firms That Change the World Claudio Feser John Wiley & Sons (2012) How and why continuous innovation and adaptation can help an organization “live” longer What we have here is a “hybrid” narrative that develops on two separate but interdependent levels: a fictional account that focuses on Carl Berger (CEO of American Health [.]. Bob's blog entries Amos Tversky “Analysis of the Top 50 U.S.

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Who does what by when?

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Photo: visual26/ resource: You should always define objectives , action plans and work assignment with clarity and precision – for projects or when delegating. As already described in my last article. Delegating correctly: There can only be one!

Keeping Newspapers from Going the Route of the Milkman

First Friday Book Synopsis

Today, I picked my newspaper up off the lawn and brought it in to my house to read with my coffee. I didn’t have to take my daughter to school because of President’s Day, so I came back inside my house. From all indications, this ritual is on the road to extinction. Many reports predict that all newspapers will [.]. Karl's blog entries advertisers cell phone Good-to-Great Hedgehog Concept Jim Collins Macy's President's Day Schwann's tablet Wall Street Journal

'Cult of the Leader' sparks debate on The Guardian web pages

Chartered Management Institute

CMI Management Book of the Year prize winner Christopher Bones' commentary on the L'Oreal Generation' really seems to have stirred up a big debate on The Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ pages. To follow the state of play go to: [link]. Related Content: Opportunity to meet entrepreneur Celia Gates and prizewinning marketing gurus Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan What have the Archbishop of Canterbury, a boy who makes jam and the author of a book about getting more out of the public sector got in common?

Exalting Leaders

Leadership Freak

Encourage and exalt leaders don’t pull them down. But you may say, “Won’t arrogance destroy them.” Destruction: Leaders hungry for power are dangerous. Arrogant leaders stop listening, grow autocratic, and become self-protective narcissists. Like boxers in the ring, protect yourself at all times. Never trust them. They’ll slice you down and sacrifice stakeholder value for personal [.].

Impact Bias


In a TED talk, Dan Gilbert asks the audience if they would be happier winning the lottery or becoming paraplegic. If you’re like most, you’d answer lottery winner. And you’d be right…for a while. It turns out that a year after winning the lottery or becoming paraplegic, people are equally happy. We synthesize happiness, so awful events don’t have the horrific, long-term impact that we imagine.

Exalting Leaders

Leadership Freak

Encourage and exalt leaders don’t pull them down. But you may say, “Won’t arrogance destroy them.” Destruction: Leaders hungry for power are dangerous. Arrogant leaders stop listening, grow autocratic, and become self-protective narcissists. Like boxers in the ring, protect yourself at all times. Never trust them. They’ll slice you down and sacrifice stakeholder value for personal [.].

Putting Quality on the Line

Marshall Goldsmith

I have a unique compensation system in my job as executive coach: I only get paid if my clients get better. Better" means my clients achieve positive, measurable change in behavior, not as judged by themselves but by their key stakeholders. My coaching process usually takes about 18 months and involves an average of 16 stakeholders. I have been asked many times where I came up with this "pay only for results" idea. The answer is from Dennis Mudd, who was my boss 43 years ago.

I wouldn't work without (WWW)

Jason Womack

When was the last time you thought of something to tell someone.but, they were not "right there?" You know, you're at home, and you think of something to tell someone at work. Or, you're out at a movie, and you think of something to tell a work colleague. Well, what do you do? Call them? IM them?

The List of Two


There is one project I need to complete today in order to be prepared for a meeting tomorrow. There is another project that I'd like to complete today but, if pressed, it could be done tomorrow. And there are around seven other minor projects that are jumping at my window.

Choices That Matter

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Resources Self Leadership Every day is filled with choices. Some choices are simple in the moment. To Wear The Red Shoe or The Cute Boot? To Eat Vegetables or Chocolate? To Shop or to Save? To Sit or to Dance? To Work or to Play? Some choices require a little more risk. To Laugh or Cry? To [.]. Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Resources Self Leadership actions Growth Leadership Responsibility

Alford Book is Revealing and Not Salacious

First Friday Book Synopsis

Over the last few weeks, you have undoubtedly heard the publicity surrounding the newsest revealed mistress during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Her name is Mimi Alford, and over the past three weeks, she has appeared on practically every news and talk program that you can access. I read her book this weekend. It [.]. Karl's blog entries Wall Street Journal John F. Kennedy Random House ABC JFK Mimi Alford The View Dave Powers Once Upon a Secret JFK mistress affair with President Kennedy



I will do this. Well, I mean I'd really like to do it. I'll certainly do it if other matters don't interfere. And if I have the time. And if there are enough resources because, you know, things are pinched right now. Of course, I'll have to be in the right mood. Or else I wouldn't do it justice. After all, I want to do it right. But you can bet that I'll do it. Some day for sure

Key Value Drivers: Do’s & Don’ts

First Friday Book Synopsis

A key value driver (KVD) is any variable that drives value for shareholders. But few firms can identify their KVDs and thus use them for forecasting and improvement. Identifying your KVDs requires a deep understanding of your business and much trial and error. Often, value drivers are combinations of variables. Alfred Rappaport, the founding father [.].

Washington: They Knew the Man


Historian David McCullough on the greatness of George Washington


21 Ways to Kill Your Creativity

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Michael Michalko, author of business classics that include Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius (2001), Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques, 2nd Edition (2006), and Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work (2011). Here are [seven of] 21 suggestions, recommendations and habits to help you [.].

Leadership Caffeine-What Do You Do with a Team that has Failed?

Management Excellence

We’re often too quick as leaders to throw in the towel on teams that have whiffed. That’s a mistake that may be more costly to performance and morale than the initial and temporary failure. Here are 5 signs that your failed team merits more time: Crisis Leadership Leadership Leadership Caffeine Performance Project Management Executive Sponsorship Team Leadership team performance teams