September, 2012

Pastors Who Didn’t Make the Cut

Ron Edmondson

Having recently gone through the search team process of a church, I found this post by my friend William Vanderbloemen especially funny. And, true. William didn’t write this, it has been around a while, but I’m glad he shared it again. (By

Erasing the Handicap from Golf and Life

Dave Bratcher

Have you ever been inspired by a friend, or watched in amazement as a friend accomplishes great things? Courtesy Brandon Rowland is just that friend. Life was completely normal for a six year old…sports, school, being mean to sisters, etc.

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Leadership Isn’t About Checking Boxes

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth . Today’s post is a short rant, but one every leader should take to heart – STOP CHECKING BOXES. To believe leadership can be reduced to task management is simply flawed thinking.

Leaders: Give Yourself Permission to be Happy

C-Level Strategies

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a relaxed Sunday brunch in Atlanta with friends when the exceptionally intuitive woman sitting next to me said, “You’re happy but you’re not really happy.” ” At the time, I thought – all things considered – I was pretty happy.

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Investing in Women [Infographic]

Women on Business

Last month, I shared a disappointing statistic — only 15% of angel investors are women. But did you know that only 11% of partners in venture capital firms are women? Did you know that women perform 66% of the world’s work but only earn 10% of the income?

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9/11 Infographic – The Destiny Of A Nation

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Today marks the 11 th anniversary of 9/11. There is no doubt the United States is indebted to our active duty military, veterans and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they’ve made (and continue to make) on our behalf.

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The Big Picture of Business: Critical Decision

Strategy Driven

Ceasing CD production will harm an already ailing music industry, where technology is not the answer: Analyzing the music industry and changing technologies.

Your future is on your to-do list

The Organized Executive's Blog

This is a guest article by Jeff Davidson. Everyone maintains a to-do list in one form or another. In the day-to-day hustle and bustle, too often we fail to realize that the items we include on our to-do lists have a direct impact on our futures.

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How Leaders Can Quickly Take A Team From Worst To First

Terry Starbucker

It’s September, and for sports fans that means the NFL season is starting, and the Major League Baseball pennant races are heating up as they head to the postseason.

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7 Suggestions for Processing Pain

Ron Edmondson

I tweeted recently: We all make a decision how we respond to the pain in our life. It is one of the most important decisions we’ll ever make. Someone tweeted back a great question. What’s s great way to process (emotional) pain?

Which will get you Promoted to CEO: Nasty or Nice?

Great Leadership By Dan

The answer may surprise you, according to new research from PDI Ninth House. While being nasty (intimidating others but lacking consideration) will get you to the business unit leaders level, these traits will leave you out of the running for C-level roles.

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How To Choose An Executive Search Firm (Infographic)

N2Growth Blog

Infographic Embed Code. Thoughts? Leadership

Getting Back to the Heart of Leadership

C-Level Strategies

A few days ago I had the opportunity to gather with fellow parishioners at my beautiful, old, Italian church to talk about politics. I know what you’re thinking…we were mixing religion and politics, a heady combination.

The power of a template

The Organized Executive's Blog

This is a guest article by Athenée Mastrangelo. Does it feel like you’re always busy typing up letters and emails? Does it sometimes feel like you’re sending out the same emails? If you answered “Yes,” what do you do?

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Don’t embarrass your customers by embarrassing your employees

Bud to Boss

We’ve talked before about not reprimanding employees in front of other employees. Embarrassing staff members in that way damages morale and can put people on the defensive, making it less likely that they will fix their bad behaviors.

The Marriage Sermon

Ron Edmondson

9.9.12 : Families from ron edmondson on Vimeo. The post The Marriage Sermon appeared first on Ron Edmondson. Related posts: Forgiveness: A Sermon By Nate Edmondson. Jonah Chapter 3: A Sermon. Jonah Chapter 4: A Sermon. Jonah Chapters 1-2, A Sermon. Church Marriage

What Not to Do When Business Sours

In the CEO Afterlife

Most of you have heard the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” or something to that effect. Basically, the idiom advises us not to discard something valuable in our eagerness to get rid of some useless thing associated with it.

Why Burnout Should Alarm Executive Leaders

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest Post by Ben Fanning , the Burnout Specialist: Let me share with you what happened when I started my job at the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. I took over a supply chain team just a few months before the largest sales day of the year…Black Friday.

You Get a Star Every Time You.


Perform a good deed and then say nothing about it. Don't hold a grudge. Listen to a joke you've heard before. Make the shy feel welcome. Do something kind without being asked. Restrain your sarcasm. Pay attention to the other person. Stop making excuses. Don't expect others to be like you.


Build a Simple System to Achieve Success

Coaching Tip

Consider a skill you want to improve or a subject that you wish to understand better to achieve the success you desire. . See how working deeply on the basics makes it possible for you to hone your skill or deepen your knowledge at the higher levels you are trying to attain.

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The 3 Secrets To Fantastic Work

Terry Starbucker

(Note: While I’m at SOBCon NW this weekend, I wanted to repeat one of my favorite past posts (from June of 2009), that is also featured in my free e-book “ Leadership From a Glass Half-Full “ ).

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The Top 5 Dangers that Disqualify a Church Leader

Ron Edmondson

I was recently asked the question: What are the dangers that disqualify church leaders from leadership in the church? Great question. The one who asked the question had a purpose. Thankfully, it was that this young church leader wanted to avoid them if possible. I love the intentionality.

Coaching Tips for Managers – When the Bicycle Moment Occurs

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

My best boss was also my mentor. He coached me and supported my development, even though it meant I was likely to get promoted. He showed me it is possible for a manager to focus on results and develop their people at the same time.

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Leadership infographic

Talent Technologies

This leadership infographic spells out the huge gaps in leadership between what followers expect , and what leaders do. Scroll down for the infographic or you can download it here ).

INVOLVED vs. ENGAGED – What’s the difference?

Dave Bratcher

Have you ever donated money to a cause? What about given money to someone who is going on a mission trip? Hopefully you have, and hopefully you felt good about doing it. You were INVOLVED! Let’s consider another example. Have you ever participated in the cause to which you donated?

10 Questions That Should be Answered Before Any Major Change is Announced

Great Leadership By Dan

Have you ever received an email from your manager announcing a significant organizational change that left you with more questions than answers?

A Tribute to a Fallen Hero – Thomas F. Swift (1971-2001)

Terry Starbucker

(Note this post was originally published on September 8th, 2006; I’m republishing it today to honor not only the life of Tommy Swift, but the lives of all who perished on 9-11-01).

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12 Random Thoughts on Change

Ron Edmondson

Change never happens without sacrifice. Change is seldom popular with everyone. Change is always occurring…whether planned or unplanned, yet there are things that never change. It’s easier to introduce change in a culture that embraces change. Change works best with advanced preparation.

The 8 Strengths of Humility

Leadership Freak

I ask G.J. Hart, when he was CEO of Texas Roadhouse, if he could spot emerging leaders. He didn’t rule out talent, education, or leadership presence, but he replied, “I can usually tell if they have the humility to make it.” Hart’s statement so deeply impacted me that I wrote about humility in, “The Character Based Leader.” [.].

Free Website Design Spotlight: A Tool You Can Use

Women on Business

Being a small business owner myself, I understand the utter terror that grips you when you have to make a purchase for your business. Everything costs you a fortune and your cash flow is never where you want it to be. There seems to be a never ending mantra “I know I need it, but I just can’t afford it right now”. Well ladies the wait is over. We all know that to be successful in today’s global market we need a web presence and I have uncovered the best kept secret in web design. Introducing ….

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3 Tips for Career Conversations That Energize and Engage Employees

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Guest Post by Julie Winkle Giulioni. SPECIAL, In celebration of today’s launch of Julie’s new book with Bev Kaye, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go , a free copy will be mailed to three people. To be eligible to win a copy, leave a comment.

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Humility Matters: 9 Ways Confident Leaders Remain Humble

Let's Grow Leaders

“What the world needs now is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left.” ” -Oscar Levant We want to follow people with confidence, charisma and a strong sense of direction. Confidence inspires, attracts, excites and ignites. We think, “they sure do seem to know what they’re doing…” And yet, I have observed [.] The post Humility Matters: 9 Ways Confident Leaders Remain Humble appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

10 Guideposts To Leadership Success

Terry Starbucker

4 Tools to Grow People

Ron Edmondson

In my last post, “ Do You Want to Grow Leaders ?”, ”, I said that experience…good and bad shapes us as a leader. The bigger the experience…the more we grow. Continuing that thought process, how do we create the environment where leaders can grow?

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