August, 2017

How to Involve Your Team in Creating Vision and Strategy

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is thinking they are supposed to have all the answers, especially when it comes to vision. There is a natural desire to look like you are smart and know what you’re doing.

Ten Great Coaching Questions

Kevin Eikenberry

Coaching is an important part of our role as a leader, and to do it well requires that we engage the person we are coaching in the conversation. After all, it is their behavior and outcomes we are talking about. One of the best things we can do as a coach then, is ask more […].

Three Simple Secrets to Running a Remarkable Meeting

Let's Grow Leaders

“This is so stupid–they asked for my opinion and then ignored it. I don’t know why I even bother! From now on, I’m going to just shut my mouth and do my work.” ” “Arghhh. We keep rehashing the same conversations.

How to Start an Online Business

Women on Business

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5 Things I Control as a Senior Leader

Ron Edmondson

Having planted two churches anc two revitalization churches I am frequently asked about what things do I try to control and which did I release to others. And, I love that question. I think its one all leaders need to ask themselves – frequently.

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7 Steps To Becoming A Happier, Higher-Performing Leader

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by CEO Elizabeth Crook. From growing a successful start-up, to writing a book and speaking internationally about workplace culture, to making a solid attempt at being a decent wife and mother of three kids; I require an enormous amount of mental bandwidth.

How to Get Noticed as a Leader– Before You’ve Led a Team

Let's Grow Leaders

Last week “John” shared his “No Diaper Genie!” ” frustration in the middle of our high-potential leadership development program. Yeah, I get that I’m here… and the company is investing in me and all that.

Team 221

7 Popular Myths about Leadership

Ron Edmondson

This post – posted several years ago – prompted a book. A publishing friend, who had been encouraging me to write a book for years, read this post and thought there was enough here to expand into a book. That book – The Mythical Leader – released last week.

Eight Ways Mentoring Brings Out the Leader in Your Employees

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Patty Alper “Employees want to be part of something that is bigger than a company. The business culture is internally based, but the philanthropy is external. That volunteer ethos provides something more than a quarterly return on earnings.

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Wax on or get off the seesaw

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

When the moon grows, it waxes. When it declines, it wanes. Waxing is a good thing. We use it in expressions like, “He waxed eloquently“ or “She waxed lyrical.” ” But what about someone who “waxes on and on” – not so good.

How to Harness the Power of Your Intuition

Leading Blog

T HE SECRET to the visionaries we celebrate is that they made connections that others overlooked. They saw their hunches as opportunities. They are smart people to be sure, but their A-ha moments come from “their prolonged practice of being curious, empathetic and imaginative.”

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How HR Can Help Managers To Become Better Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Kelly Barcelos. Hiring employees is a tough job, especially today. Organizations in practically every industry are struggling to attract and retain great talent, especially in senior and executive leadership roles.

Why Leaders Get Stuck at Average

Leadership Freak

Some leaders think they’re good leaders when they’re stuck at averaged. We don’t automatically improve as time passes. The longer we do something the more likely we are to do it like we’ve… Continue reading → Feedback Marks of leaders Success Growth Leadership Leadership Development

The One Trait Every Leader MUST Possess

Ron Edmondson

I’ve meditated quite a bit on this question: What is a leader’s most important trait? Is it charisma? Is it intelligence? Is it wisdom? Is it people skills? Well, while I believe there are many traits and qualities a great leader must possess, there’s one that stands out among all others.

5 Tips to Increase Workplace Engagement

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Naphtali Hoff: The statistics about worker disengagement are staggering. We read all the time about how workplace engagement levels are low here in the U.S. and even lower around the world.

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Successful leaders are intensely curious

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Thursday Thoughts Successful leaders are intensely curious. Instead of giving quick answers, they ask great questions. Be curious! A good question can take you a lot farther than a quick answer! * * * * * * […].

4 Things Solitude Will Do for You

Leading Blog

W E LIVE in an age of noise. Getting some time for yourself is a challenge. But if we are going to lead effectively, we need white space. We need solitude. I know none of us have any extra time, but there is overwhelming evidence that taking a time-out to simply think is foundational to your success.

7 Surprising Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Jazz

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Laura Montgomery. Ambiguity, risk, urgency, public scrutiny: Nothing is more inevitable. Anxiety, negativity, fear, shame: Nothing is more sabotaging of success. These statements are equally valid for a business leader—and for a jazz musician. Frank J.

Path is Made by Walking


A prescribed path seldom takes you to an uncharted territory. Walking down a beaten road provides some security and certainty and that is important to an extent. We all live in a competitive world. The problem starts when we get used to only treading along the beaten path.


One Very Sobering Leadership Principle

Ron Edmondson

There is a sobering leadership principle every leader needs to know. Often we learn it the hard way, so I think it might be helpful if I prepare you for it – in case you don’t know. The fact is: Who you are in your private life impacts who you are in your professional life.

How to Conquer Negative Self Talk (And Why You Must)

Women on Business

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Don’t let team drift run your team aground

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

You might be suffering from team drift and not know it. We’ve all heard stories of individuals who wake up one morning and wonder how they had drifted so far from their original hopes and dreams. The same thing can happen to teams. One of the most common complaints I hear from managers is, “I want to re-energize […]. The post Don’t let team drift run your team aground appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. Team Effectiveness High Performance Teams Team Drift

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The Mood Elevator

Leading Blog

W E ALL have mood swings. But once we accept the fact that moods aren’t something that happens to us but are the result of our thinking , we can do something to control them—or at least manage them better.

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Making mistakes okay


If there is one thing that employees fear at work, it’s feeling shamed for mistakes they make. There is very little that is worse than feeling the sting of rejection from being called out on slip-ups.

7 Ways To Improve Your Work Culture Through Experimentation

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by CEO Matt Rizzetta. As our business has scaled, one thing that we’ve carried with us each step of the way has been a commitment to experimentation in the workplace. Some of our best ideas and biggest cultural differentiators were borne from experiments we created.

One Hard Truth of Leadership

Ron Edmondson

There is one truth about leadership every leader must understand, but is difficult to receive by some leaders. The probability is good you won’t like this truth either. Not everyone will agree with you – or even like you – if you are a leader. That’s hard, isn’t it?

5 Characteristics of High Performance Culture

Women on Business

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12 Sentence Starters that Inspire Courage

Leadership Freak

Any bully can kick someone in the pants. It takes real leadership to inspire. If you encouraged a team member once a week, you’d do it about 50 times a year. Allowing for… Continue reading → Courage Encouragement Motivation Leadership Development organizational success

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Employees Do Care – and How that Helps your Bottom Line

Leading Blog

O FTENTIMES managers and executives push for organizational change and growth, yet their businesses continue to suffer from profit loss, lack of productivity, a decline in employee morale, and frustration. Is it due to employee ineptitude or apathy? Managers sending the wrong message?

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The Self-Aware Leader

Kevin Eikenberry

There are many characteristics associated with effective leaders; you can find those lists easily, or you can just make a list yourself.

Becoming a better leader takes discipline


It’s a beautiful morning. I grab my camera, and walk out of the office to the property that surrounds it as I sharpen my sense of sight to find things that might be unusual or colorful. Something catches my attention with bright purple and yellow color.

7 Quick Tips for Handling Stress

Ron Edmondson

Stress is all around us. Every day I encountered burned out and stressed out pastors. Regardless of your career, it appears life is more stressful than ever. I would say learning to handle stress may be one of the more important things you can do to lead effectively and long-term.

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How to Promote an Outdoor Experience Digitally

Women on Business

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What Great Leadership Looks Like

Next Level Blog

In 2017, it can be difficult to find examples of great leadership. Today, though, I want to offer two of them. The first is of neighbors, volunteers, first responders, law enforcement, the National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard pulling together to rescue each other in the greater Houston area.