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Are you ready to kick butt in 2013?

Women on Business

Right now, the idea of kicking butt in 2013 is probably the last thing on your mind. These could be speaking engagements, guest blogging opportunities, being part of a panel, leading a workshop or class, hosting a Google+ hangout or a Tweetup.

7 Principles of Leadership Development: Managers as Mentors

Mike Cardus

An earlier post listed the 7 Principles of Leadership Development in no specific order of importance : Necessary Skilled-Knowledge. Strategy for Leadership Development. We asked ourselves to look back at our careers. Who has served as a mentor in your career?

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Women, Invest in Yourselves

Women on Business

For me, pursuing my career in financial services has always factored into my new year’s resolutions. The wisest advice he ever gave me was to build my career based on what I want, not what others expect of me. Guest Posts Personal Development

Leaders Who Follow Rules

Lead on Purpose

Great leadership skills are those that are developed over time. Although textbooks and classes can help you improve the kind of leader you want to be, it takes real-life practice and implementation to make you great. Developing that trust can take time, but once it’s developed there is nothing the whole cannot accomplish. Act as how you’d like your subordinates to act and a well-organized team can develop.

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How to Confront an Employee Performance Problem

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was recently published on SmartBlog on Leadership: In all of the work I’ve done in management development over the last 20-plus years, if I had to pick the one thing that managers at all levels either won’t do, can’t do, should do or could do it better, it’s having the will and skill to sit down with an employee and have the tough conversation about performance. In the life cycle of management development, we tend to view this as “supervision 101.”

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Why You Should Conduct Talent Review Meetings and 10 Best Practices for Doing Them

Great Leadership By Dan

This one sheet of paper is all any manager should have in front of them – not a stack of employee profiles, organizations charts, development plans, and other forms. However, they caught on quickly to the importance of managing talent and most learned to be world-class talent managers themselves (or they didn't last long). I've seen and heard of a lot of organizations that just assess their talent, but never get around to discussing how to develop their talent.

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Extreme Leadership Summit, 2014!

Steve Farber

Career expert. business change the world Events Extreme Leadership Leadership Professional Development I’m thrilled to announce our speakers for The Extreme Leadership Summit 2014, coming April 11-13 in Chicago (Please note the new dates.).

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Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

Their influence was so great that I wanted my career path to follow their footsteps. All of this helped me to learn practical skills in marketing, business development, project and client management, and community building, among other things.

The Big Picture of Business: The Colonel and Me

Strategy Driven

Business development. He told me that I must think like a world-class visionary, grow into the role and not just remain a radio DJ. ” KFC was a watershed in my career (at that point 21 years long).

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Six Classes Your Employer Wishes You Could Take

Harvard Business Review

Were I advising aspiring top-tier universities — or their students on what they should expect from their high-priced education — the following classes would represent excellent starting points for fundamental curricular reform. Business education Career planning Education

Adolescent Rites of Passage - Something of Monumental Importance Has Been Lost

Building Personal Strength

At age 18, after 12 years at the top of my class, I gave the valedictory address at my high school graduation. In other words, I was involved in a process that helped me develop personal strengths that would help me throughout my life and careers -and be recognized for doing so!

How to Explain Your Career Transition

Harvard Business Review

Shifting careers is often hard to explain. The most important step in getting others onboard with your career transition is crafting a compelling narrative. My whole career, I''ve been a bit of a nonconformist," he says. Career planning Managing yourself

How Military Veterans Can Turn Their Skills into a Corporate Career

Harvard Business

Transitioning from a military career to the corporate world can be a fraught process for the nearly 360,000 U.S. In addition to networking their way into new professional circles and learning new cultural mores, veterans have to face down the even more fundamental questions: what career will best suit them? “I felt very intimidated” by undergraduate classmates who had gone into more traditional corporate careers, he told me.

Idea Entrepreneur: The New 21st Century Career

Harvard Business Review

Because people have a hard time responding to an abstract idea, the idea entrepreneur develops practices (and personally models them, too) that lead people to the idea through action. The idea entrepreneur gathers people into the development, expression, and application of their idea. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak , based in Delhi, believes that world-class sanitation is necessary for India to realize its full potential. Career planning Entrepreneurship Leadership

How to Break Through a Career Impasse

Harvard Business Review

Many of the successful managers and professionals who come back to business school at mid-career are looking for more than honing their leadership skills. Many are stuck in their careers. One class discussion that gets the light-bulbs flashing is a case study analysis of a brilliant functional expert, Harris (not his real name), who gets sent to an elite business school’s general management program with the promise of a promotion into a P&L role upon his return.

10 Extraordinary People and Their Lessons for Success

Harvard Business Review

Here, some of our favorite lessons from the class of 2013: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on having long-term colleagues: “Treat people well. ” Career planning Managing yourself

Truths for Our Daughters

Harvard Business Review

As a mother watching her 18-year old college freshman daughter contemplate her summer job options and future career, I want her to be exposed to success stories — not to what women lack or haven''t done or can''t do — because I know these successes exist and we need to share more of them.

Companies Should Help Veterans Get Skills to Work

Harvard Business Review

Led by GE, along with partners such as Alcoa and Lockheed Martin, the new Get Skills to Work (GSTW) program convenes manufacturers and educators to prepare and place veterans in long-term careers in advanced manufacturing. Career planning Military GSTW

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How to Reinvent Yourself After 50

Harvard Business Review

It’s true: reinvention is different later in your career. If you’re still earning for retirement, you can absolutely pursue reinvention, but may want to consider more subtle shifts, such as taking classes on the side to expand your skills, rather than taking several years off to get a doctorate. Career planning Managing yourself

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Women Need to Realize Work Isn't School

Harvard Business Review

But the very skills that propel women to the top of the class in school are earning us middle-of the-pack marks in the workplace. Welcome a less proscribed, full of surprise, career path. A career path is far less scripted, and often full of surprises.

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The Importance of Spatial Thinking Now

Harvard Business Review

There are too few classes that enable learners to improve their spatial reasoning abilities, with maps and visualizations being of course the most central artifacts to such improvements. In its 375 years, Harvard has only ever eliminated one entire academic program.

Should MBAs Learn to Code?

Harvard Business Review

MBAs who lack programming skills often ask this question when they pursue careers in technology companies. After HBS, I became one of the lead developers at my startup, which has saved the company several hundred thousand dollars.". Communicating with Developers.

Hiring Veterans Is Good Business. So Why Don't We Do It More Often?

Harvard Business Review

Class 1, 3 and 5 are now available at FARP Foxtrot, over. These skills are augmented by the help of Dr. Tim Butler's CareerLeader , which helps students understand and plan for a fulfilling career, not just a one-off job.

Lean In — To a Balanced Life

Harvard Business Review

Last year, in my junior-level management class, I showed Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk, in which she presents the main ideas from her book Lean In. Grrr), it was a great class experience. We had an in-depth discussion about gender and career choices. By doing so, Sandberg argues, they limit their abilities to earn or to rise to positions of leadership – and ironically, many fail to establish the career trajectory that would allow them to better control their work lives.

7 Policy Changes America Needs So People Can Work and Have Kids

Harvard Business Review

I recently published research from the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project , comparing Wharton’s Classes of 1992 and 2012. Provide World-Class Child Care. ranks among the lowest in the developed world in the early childhood care we provide.

Want to Use Business to Make a Difference? Get Experience (But Not Too Much)

Harvard Business Review

Many leaders of social enterprises are career-switchers. Take, for example, David del Ser, the former Vodafone software engineer and Columbia MBA who transitioned, mid-career, into the social sector. Career planning Entrepreneurship Social enterprise

Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent

Harvard Business Review

To achieve impact, it's critical that social entrepreneurs attract, retain, and develop skilled talent. Year Up is empowering urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support to move them from poverty to professional careers in one year.

New York City's Culture Will Shape the Next Tech Sector

Harvard Business Review

Our intention for Hook & Loop was not to hire the best and brightest software developers. The center also reports that between 2008 and the beginning of 2013, New York saw a 24 percent gain in the number of venture capital deals, while Silicon Valley dropped by 21 percent.

It's Time for Tenure to Lose Tenure

Harvard Business Review

Taylor, chair of Columbia University's Department of Religion and author of a book critical of tenure , estimates that a college ties up between $10 million and $12 million of its endowment to support a single tenured professor for a 35-year career.

The Eight-Minute Test That Can Reveal Your Effectiveness as a Leader

Harvard Business Review

I know I have some weaknesses (as everyone does), but are any of them so appalling as to derail my career? But as a first step that you can do on your own, we''ve developed an abbreviated self-assessment which you can take here. A score in the 10th percentile (meaning you''re worse than 90% of the people taking the test) may indicate a flaw so profound it could derail your career. Leadership Leadership development

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Guide for the Terrified

Harvard Business Review

It’s where we can grow, learn, and develop in a way that expands our horizons beyond what we thought was possible. Early in my career, it was public lecturing and participating in departmental meetings. I didn’t say a word in nearly all of my undergraduate classes, and uttered very little in professional meetings at for a long time. So in this new year, how can we get the courage to take this leap — and develop the skill and ability to actually pull it off?

How to Write the Dreaded Self-Appraisal

Harvard Business Review

Smart employees use self-appraisals to lobby for career development opportunities. You might ask to be included in certain brainstorming meetings or request funding to take a class on data analytics. This is my one time of year to push for my career growth," Darin says.

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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship in B-Schools in Three Charts

Harvard Business Review

At INSEAD, two students Philippe Dongier and Katie (co-author of this post) sent a school-wide email asking if anyone was interested in cultivating coursework and careers related to nonprofits.

Would You Work for a Tobacco Company?

Harvard Business Review

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a class of second year MBA’s, and one of the most outstanding questions students raised was whether they should take jobs with companies that they considered to be socially irresponsible. But thinking about it explicitly is well worth doing at any stage of your career. Career planning Corporate social responsibility Ethics

We Are All Part of the Work/Life Revolution

Harvard Business Review

When Slaughter's Atlantic piece — chronicling the difficulty maintaining a high-powered career while still being able to nurture her teenage sons — became the most read article in that journal's history, the field of work/life, long in the shadows, catapulted to center stage. When asked to describe their dream jobs at the start of my class recently, one man said, "Stay-at-home Dad.". We must catch up to other developed nations.

What Corporations Can Learn From a 4,000-Person Parade Extravaganza (Seriously)

Harvard Business Review

The result is spectacular, and Brazil’s carnival parades have become a world-class show transmitted by TV to over 100 countries. Sena, a supervisor in a company that sells credit to the upcoming Brazilian middle class, thinks corporations underplay this element and rely too much on the motivational power of financial incentives. Leaders have a large degree of autonomy and consequently develop the sense of ownership crucial to success.

Hiring and Big Data: Those Who Could Be Left Behind

Harvard Business Review

One of the developments that will undoubtedly cement the relationship between big data and talent processes is the rise of massive open online courses, or MOOCs. What is the difference between the pattern recognition afforded by big data, and profiling on the basis of gender, race or class?

Class 11

Hire a Great Chinese Engineer by Impressing His Girlfriend's Mom

Harvard Business Review

They are the legacy of China's one child policy, sometimes referred to as the "six pocket" generation, since they grew up with two parents and four grandparents (six pockets of money) focused on their educational and career success.

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How General Mills Uses Food Technology to Make an Impact in Africa

Harvard Business Review

We've recruited world-class companies to join our effort, including our U.S. How can you apply what you do best to reduce poverty and increase economic activity in the developing world? They then help develop and implement projects that PFS volunteers can address back home.

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Leading Teams Toward Success Using People, Products, and Profits

Leading Blog

World class products and services don't create themselves. Careers can be short or long. and his first book, This Is Rage: A Novel of Silicon Valley and Other Madness , was published in 2013 by The Story Plant. For more information please visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. * * *.

Who’s Running Your Business in China?

Harvard Business Review

And that means providing world-class training, clear and lucrative career paths and, increasingly, a work-life balance that allows people to enjoy the fruits of their success. How Chinese Companies Can Develop Global Brands.

Can You Push Diversity Without Creating Resentment?

Harvard Business Review

Over the next decade, the global economic pie will grow, and the developed world's share of the result will shrink. BCG predicts a billion middle class Chinese and Indians by 2020. The explosion of dual careers is making managers everywhere less mobile.

Can Building Great Products Help You Build Great Teams?

Harvard Business Review

Great managers can help improve job satisfaction and employee retention by leading their organizations with a strong vision, strategic execution and opportunities for career growth. In my 20 years leading product and user experience teams at several world-class companies, including LinkedIn and Google, I’ve come to adopt what I call my “Seven Principles to Product Bliss.” Innovation Managing people Product development