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Inspiration and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Women on Business

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Engaging your Team: The Science of Inspiring Others to Give their All

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Suzanne Bates: When I started my first career in television news so many years ago, the term “employee engagement” had been invented. But it was irrelevant to me. I was jazzed about going to work every day. Nobody had to give me a speech about going above and beyond.

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Doing Their Best

Lead Change Blog

What if you assumed that those people who work for you are in fact doing their best? As leaders we are quick to judge those we lead and when they don’t fit what we think they should be doing, we often get resentful and angry. I believe that most of us are doing the best we can.

12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future


The rate of change in the business world today is greater than our ability to respond. In a world that is often described as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and ambiguous), there are major tectonic shifts that demand a new mindset of leadership. First, let us look at these shifts.

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12 Bible Verses Every Leader Needs to Memorize

Ron Edmondson

The Psalmist said, “I have hidden your word in my heart so I might not sin against you.” ” God’s Word can be a protection for our heart and soul. It can teach us, convict us, and challenge us. The same is true for leaders. The best leadership book is the Bible.

Do less and be more of a leader


Imagine that someone takes notice that you get things done and they see greater potential in you. They talk to you about becoming a people manager or having even greater people responsibilities if you are already a manager.

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The 7 Things A Leader Must Do To Build The Perfect Team

Terry Starbucker

On paper, and in your head, you have the best team in the world – and yet, things are not clicking. You feel like you have the “ right people on the bus “, but right now, it’s just a bus going to nowhere. What to do?

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Authenticity and Gender

Women on Business

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How to Manage 5 Difficult Personalities at Work

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Merrick Rosenberg : At extreme levels, our most admirable personality traits undermine us. Charles Dickens said it best in his novel Dombey and Son : “…vices are sometimes only virtues carried to excess!” To understand the vice , and address it, we must examine the virtue first.

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Dysfunctional Leadership: 10 Thinking Habits to Avoid

Lead Change Blog

Certain aspects of thinking and behaving like a good leader can be tough for many on the leadership development path. Our brain doesn’t develop neuropathways at the flip of a switch. New habits may takes months, if not years, to become second nature.

Pitfalls To Avoid During Organizational Transformation


Disruptive forces compel organizations to undertake large scale transformation initiatives to stay relevant. The speed of executing these transformations is as crucial as the initiatives itself and a lot is at stake.

The Power of Positive Framing

Kevin Eikenberry

An old Chinese story goes something like this. There was a farmer who tilled his fields with a single horse, until that horse escaped. This would seem to be a very difficult situation, yet when asked about his misfortune, the farmer replies, “bad luck or good luck, who knows?”

The 10 Laws of Trust

Leading Blog

I N The 10 Laws of Trust , JetBlue Chairman and Stanford Professor Joel Peterson begins by reminding us that “when it comes to building great companies, a leader’s job isn’t to make it to the top of the mountain alone.

7 Things Your High-Performing Employees Long To Hear You Say

Let's Grow Leaders

These are all real statements I’ve heard in the last few weeks: “Oh we don’t worry about observing our high-performing call center reps. We just focus on the ones who are struggling.”

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20 Leadership Tips in Tweet Length

Ron Edmondson

A friend emailed me and asked for my “top 20 leadership tips” They were doing a presentation on leadership and were asked to share 20 aspects of great leadership.

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Top Project Management Challenges

Strategy Driven

Did you know that organizations lose $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs?

The 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader (and a more human one too)

Terry Starbucker

What are the 10 qualities that make a great leader, and a more human one too?

The eyes in back of your head


Intuition: the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. Merriam-Webster. When my four siblings and I were children, Mom always seemed to know what we were up to, even when she wasn’t in the room.

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The Death of Thank You

Women on Business

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7 Ways to Build Trust and Confidence with Your Team

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Karin Hurt and David Dye When John needed something, he wanted it fast, and nothing made him want it faster than when the request was coming from his boss.

Team 139

9 Strategies to Become a Fantastic Listener

Lead Change Blog

Not long ago I was reflecting on a conversation that I had with my spouse. I thought that I had not been a very good listener in a conversation that we had about an hour earlier.

Leadership: Start With Trust


Leadership starts with influence and influence starts with trust. Ability to truly connect with others is vital for leaders to build an environment where a leader is trusted for the intentions before being respected for competence.

Powerful Leadership Invitations

Kevin Eikenberry

Think about it. Would you rather be invited to an event, or be demanded to attend? If you want to go to the event, doesn’t the demand change that at least a little bit, (and maybe a lot)? And even if you don’t want to attend the event, doesn’t the invitation feel good and perhaps […].

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5 Leadership Lessons: What if the Rules to Winning Were Different than You Thought?

Leading Blog

W HAT IF GIVING VALUE beat extracting value every time? What is seeing others succeed was the greatest reward? It is a Remarkable! culture that does that every time. A Remarkable!

4 UGLY Conversations to With Your Team Before Year End

Let's Grow Leaders

The second half of December is a great time for recognition, celebration, white elephant gifts and other fun. Yes, yes, please do all that, but don’t stop there. The best holiday gift you can give your team is to “own the ugly.”

Team 124

7 Dangers of Prideful Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I have frequently preached on the danger of pride. If you follow this blog, you know I tend to think a great deal about leadership. I have a heart for developing good leadership in the church and in ministry.

7 Things Leaders Do To Frustrate Their Team

Joseph Lalonde

A fter years of being in a leadership position, we can forget what it was like to be on a team with someone over us. We forget the frustrations we felt when we thought the boss was being unfair. We no longer remember what it was like to be, as some call it, a peon. Those days are gone.

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My Great Leadership Discovery: The Utter Simplicity At The Heart Of Any Business

Terry Starbucker

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How top leaders find their next developmental goals


I’m sure that I’m the luckiest executive coach in the world. I get to work with leaders who are already amazing and yet know that they still have things to work on. To top that off, they’re excited about getting even better at their craft because they have an open mind about learning and developing.

Goal 117

4 Simple Ways to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Women on Business

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Five Things GREAT Bosses Do Daily

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from S. Chris Edmonds : Every morning, your team members rally themselves to come to work. Some are enthused about what they’ll experience that day. They feel trusted, honored, and respected.

4 Things That Will Increase Your Optimism

Lead Change Blog

Respond to the following statements with always, sometimes, and never: In uncertain times, I usually expect the best. If something can go wrong for me, it will. I hardly ever expect things to go my way. I rarely count on good things happening to me.