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Product Management - Part 1: Managing Expectations using a Business Plan

Sidd Gavirneni

I have been having conversations with product managers from various companies - big and small - and most of them find it a challenge to balance everything they need to do. In this series of blogs about product management, I would like to bring out some topics that every product manager knows about, but might not actively think about.

Leadership & Influence

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. You cannot be a effective leader without influence. Remove these people from your network.

Innovation Creates Uncertainty

Leading Blog

We don’t like uncertainty. It’s not comfortable. We want innovation. We like creativity. It’s engaging. But innovation creates uncertainty.

The Top 10 Things Leaders Should Hear From Their Teammates

Terry Starbucker

Let’s count ‘em down, from the bottom to the top: 10. How many of these 10 have you heard? Did I miss anything? Let’s lead well!

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Leading with Character by Leading from Within

C-Level Strategies

There is no escaping the fact that when we show up for work and for our leadership roles, we bring the entirety of ourselves to the table.

3 Ways to Be a Positive Leader

Leading Blog

This is a guest post by best-selling author and speaker, Jon Gordon about the value of developing positive relationships with the people you lead.

10 Secrets of Many Senior Pastors

Ron Edmondson

I get to hang out and know many senior pastors. I was asked to give my perspective as a senior pastor, since each of them report to one. James 5:17).

Top 5 Signs Of A Toxic Culture

The Leadership Advisor

If you saw green glowing ooze with a nasty vapor rising from it, how close would you get? I think most folks would feel the same way.

10 Essential Steps To Leadership Excellence

Terry Starbucker

Every successful leader gets this question posed to them at one time or another: “How did you do it?” Period. And guess what? Lead well!

7 Actions While Waiting on God

Ron Edmondson

During the waiting period, I find I need to increase my prayer and study time, preparing my heart to receive God’s instructions.

Resources 131

Keeping It Simple

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. One of the most effective ways to order your world is to simplify everything you encounter.

My Hardest Advice for Young Leaders

Ron Edmondson

It’s actually the hardest piece of advice I have for this generation of young leaders. It was intense training. That’s not the rules.”

Advice 127

A Secret Your Husband Keeps…But Needs You to Know

Ron Edmondson

Ladies, here’s a secret your husband probably won’t share…. He needs your unconditional respect…in fact…he needs you to be his biggest fan….

Advice 127

How to Discover Your True Path in Life

C-Level Strategies

We were all moved, and many of us shaken, by the loss of Steve Jobs last week. We cheered him when he battled back from being fired at Apple.

How To 126

10 little Things That Will Make a BIG Difference In Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

There are leaders, and then there are LEADERS. Because your tone and inflections didn’t match the words. Lead well! Leadership

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Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn

C-Level Strategies

I am extremely fortunate to be able to call Greg Hartle a friend. He told me he was as well, the fortunate recipient of a kidney from his mom.

Sharpe 126

19 Revealing CEO Leadership Quotes

C-Level Strategies

And they share experiences and insights that enable them to leave with a renewed, energized vision and strategies to support it. Talent management.

CEO 126

7 Signs of a Dysfunctional Team

Ron Edmondson

Chances are, if you’ve served on very many teams, that you’ve served on one that is dysfunctional. They do have commonalities.

Team 124

Full Steam Ahead – Book Review

The Leadership Advisor

I read a ton of leadership books every year. A very broad description, but quite accurate in my opinion. When I began reading Full Steam Ahead!,

Review 124

4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Land a New Job or Client

C-Level Strategies

By Lisa Petrilli.

Blog 123

Leadership & The Expectation Gap

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. When it comes to leadership, I can share the issue of expectations is no small matter. Thoughts?

Good Leaders Will Always Frustrate You

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post from Jeff Goins. Jeff is a writer, speaker, and blogger. He’s a sharp young mind you should get to know. Ready to lead?

Sharpe 121

5 Characteristics of an Excellent Team Member

Ron Edmondson

I love team dynamics and organizational structures. This saves everyone time and speeds progress. I can somewhat agree, but not sure I do completely.

Team 121

7 Traits of an Insecure Leader

Ron Edmondson

Insecurity always shows up in a person’s life. It can be disguised, but it can’t be hidden. They are overly conscious of their clothing.

5 Right Ways to Respond to Criticism

Ron Edmondson

Let’s be honest! Criticism can hurt. There is usually something to be learned from all criticism. A companion post is in order.

Character Development + Skill Development = Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

As we work to develop and expand our global network, we continually connect with amazing organizations and professionals. Self-Awareness. Integrity.

Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership

Leading Blog

Over 30 years ago, John Maxwell began developing the 5 Levels of Leadership. It has been presented before but never to this depth and completeness.

Shaking-up Leadership

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. The same principle applies to business. Need to reinvigorate a stale enterprise? Thoughts?

How to Begin a Daily Quiet Time in 5 Easy Steps

Ron Edmondson

I often encounter people who want to begin a daily quiet time, but they aren’t sure how. It should be as free of distractions as possible. Quiet!

7 Things Healthy Teams Check at the Door

Ron Edmondson

After a recent staff meeting, I was thinking about what makes our team at Grace Community Church healthy. 7 Traits of a Great Team Member. Domination.

Team 118

7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Culture is a simple way of saying how an organization expresses itself internally and externally. No organization is without culture.

8 Killers of Motivation and Momentum

Ron Edmondson

Recently I wrote 7 Ways to Motivate a Leader. When a team loses motivation, momentum is certain to suffer loss. They stop taking risks.

5 Wrong Ways to Respond to Criticism

Ron Edmondson

Criticism accompanies leadership. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing. What else would you add as a wrong way to respond to criticism?

10 Sticky Note Reminders For The Busy Leader (Plus One from the Heart)

Terry Starbucker

For many leaders out there (myself included), sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Our leadership. I use sticky notes, and a pen.

What CEOs Really Say About Leadership in Private

C-Level Strategies

billion in sales. Nothing that was said disappointed me. I wanted to share with you what I felt were the “Top 10″ statements: 1. Thank you!

CEO 116

Top Leadership Tweeters

Kevin Eikenberry

People ask me often about my use of twitter in part, I suppose because I wrote the book LeadershipTweet. I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, and while Becky Robinson (@beckyrbnsn), our Social Marketing Director, provides direction, advice, and assists me with my tweets, I make time to read the best of the best [.]. Leadership Learning twitter

Advice 115

10 Commandments Of A Great Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Many folks have a view of the Ten Commandments as nothing more than a laundry list of things you shouldn’t do because God will be mad at you.

A Chance to Make a Difference for Dan Rockwell

Lead Change Blog

Light Your World

Literary magazine published exclusively in audio form

Six Disciplines

Last fall we featured Underwood: Stories in Sound, a magazine that's produced twice a year on vinyl LPs, so we were particularly interested when we recently came across The Drum , a literary magazine that's also published exclusively in audio form. Subscription holders get access to everything for USD 25 per year. Website: www.drumlitmag.com.

7 Issues to Address in Pre-Marital Counseling

Ron Edmondson

As with most pastors, I’ve performed a fair number of weddings. It’s a daunting task and responsibility. Find it HERE.).