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We Don’t Trust AI To Give Us Financial Advice

The Horizons Tracker

AI is increasingly being used in robotrading, yet despite the growth in artificial trading, a recent study from Griffith University explains that bank customers are still reluctant to receive financial advice from artificial entities. The irony here, is the humans are using the same technology.

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A Futurist’s Advice on Navigating through the Technology “Valley of Death”

CEO Insider

License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article A Futurist’s Advice on Navigating through the Technology “Valley of Death” are those of the author Robert P. Forward, I’m certain many thought our ideas were very far-fetched. But we were dedicated to figuring out how […].

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Career Advice You Need to Get Ahead

HR Digest

As you develop your professional career, you will come into contact with itsy bitsy pieces of career advice. Good advice will motivate and inspire you to do your best and be your best in the workplace. With that in mind, we’ve etched five pieces of career advice to help you do well in your job. Get out of your comfort zone.

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Career Advice from Female Tech Company Founders

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: Women make up half of the total workforce in the United States, but they make up only 25% of the workers in the technology industry and hold just 15% of senior management positions. Technology can be fun, creative and challenging, but its not an easy journey so don’t give up.”

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Experts Offer Advice For How To Lead During 2021

Eric Jacobson

Today, the following expert business and leadership book authors shared their advice for how to effectively lead during 2021. My question to them was: What is your advice for leaders as we enter what is surely to be a challenging 2021 for most businesses? which has given employers a deeply humanistic view of those they manage.

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Understanding the Role of Technology in Growing Your Business

Strategy Driven

The secret to ticking all of these boxes and optimizing the potential for business growth lies in investing in the right technology. So, what type of technology is necessary to ensure that financial administration is properly taken care of from month to month? Good examples of marketing software and technology include: Analytics.

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From Today to Tomorrow: Ensuring Continuity through Strategic Succession

N2Growth Blog

It offers successors an opportunity to learn on a much deeper level, extracting wisdom and practical advice from professionals who have navigated the path before them. In today’s digital age, businesses worldwide use various technological platforms to manage succession and build a sustainable leadership pipeline.