Reshaping Leadership

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New data-driven capabilities are breaking down barriers between formerly siloed business units, flattening out management structures and streamlining production processes, prompting many firms to redraw leadership roles and responsibilities, according to information-technology executives, industry analysts and management consultants.

Is Your C-Suite Working As A Team?

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They want a seamless solution that enables them to browse, select and buy products online and then have them delivered straight to their home. This is a great example of where the chief marketing officer needs to work closely with the chief information officer and possibly the Customer Services Manager so that the front, middle and back office systems all converge to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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How to Lead Massive Change: An Interview with Lockheed Martin CIO Sondra Barbour

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Sondra Barbour is the chief information officer and senior vice president of enterprise business services at Lockheed Martin. Through services and products based on the real world experience and research behind Scott Eblin’s book, "The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success," we help leaders identify what to pick up and let go to succeed at their next level.

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To Create Radical Outcomes – Make Sure Every Output Has A Purpose

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Focus on the wrong thing—such as selling her something she doesn’t need or spending too much time talking about his company or products—and she’ll become annoyed and feel like her time is being wasted.

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5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

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As a leader], you—not the IT department, nor the VP of IT, nor the chief information officer (CIO)—must understand, drive and be accountable for how technology is structured in order to reach the strategic goals of the operation….Technology Technology enables velocity—the speed of getting products to market, the speed of delivery, the speed of analytics, and the list goes on.

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In Defense of Meetings


While I can not return the hours wasted in meetings or present a foolproof method for ensuring every meeting is productive every time, I would like to mount an argument and present evidence for the following statement: Meetings make us more creative. The company reports that these events are responsible for numerous new products, software fixes and process improvements. Featured Burkus Creativity meetings productivityNo one is a fan of meetings anymore.

A Six-Second Six Pack? Really, Now…

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Don, our CEO, has been hearing some serious grumbling about Bill, our Chief Information Officer,” she groaned. Like all of the folks that buy these “miracle” products to help them get in shape, Mary wanted a “miracle” coach to change Bill — immediately! There’s no product, no diet, no exercise program and (I hate to admit it) no executive coach that can make you better. Recently, I found myself channel surfing on a Saturday morning.

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How Companies Say They’re Using Big Data

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” Survey respondents included Presidents, Chief Information Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Data Officers representing 50 industry giants, including American Express, Capital One, Disney, Ford Motors, General Electric, JP Morgan, MetLife, Nielsen, Turner Broadcasting, United Parcel Service, and USAA. The next phase will be to use data for new products and other innovations.

How a German Manufacturing Company Set Up Its Analytics Lab

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Digital startups had begun producing virtual products that ZF did not know how to compete against, and engineers in logistics, operations, and other functions were finding that their traditional approaches couldn’t handle the complex issues they faced. PM Images/Getty Images.

Top Reasons Salespeople Lose Business

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Or was our product not up-to-snuff versus the competition? There's a natural tendency to assume that the losing salespeople lacked sales prowess that the winner possessed or their product was far inferior in some way.

Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore

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The survey gathers perspectives from a small but influential group of executives — chief information officers, chief data officers, and senior business and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 firms.

Win the Business with this Elevator Pitch

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Luke Skywalker, a salesperson for XYZ Technologies, is attending a trade show and happens to be in the elevator with Norman Bates, chief information officer at Wonderful Telecommunications. Pretend that you are in an elevator at one of your industry's trade shows.

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer

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In a recent article , I suggested that the role of the CIO needs to shift from Chief Information Officer to a Chief Innovation Officer, due to the massive, rapid, multiple technology-driven transformations that are occurring today.

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More Training Won’t Reduce Your Cyber Risk

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Joint Chiefs of Staff, advises ? Most importantly, the training can help leaders be much more effective in overseeing chief information officers (CIOs), and chief information-security officers (CISOs). With training, leaders can make more informed tradeoffs between purchasing the most convenient, accessible, and affordable technology (the CIO role) and keeping that technology and a company’s critical data secure (the CISO role).

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The Dangerous Tension Between CMOs and CIOs

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For their part, IT executives believe marketers make promises they can''t keep and do not provide them with adequate information on business requirements. Identify the CMO as the "Chief Experience Officer."

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Using Data to Strengthen Your Connections to Customers

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But this data is a far cry from the specific information that retail managers need to figure out which products to put into a particular store — one of the most important frontline decisions in an organization. Marion Barraud for HBR.

The Building Blocks of Successful Corporate IT

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The job of Chief Information Officer has never exactly been easy. If they work for a product company, it may be looking to services revenue for growth. If they work for a service firm, it''s probably seeking new revenue from information-based differentiation.

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Are We Asking Too Much of Our CIOs?

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But too many organizations are stretching their Chief Information Officers (CIO) too thin. Chief "Integration" Officer: Bringing together internal and external data and systems. Chief "Innovation" Officer: Looking for disruptive technologies to drive innovation.

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A Simple Way to Map Out Your Career Ambitions

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If you want driving directions from Google Maps, your app asks you for two pieces of information: your current location and your desired location. If you want to be a chief financial officer (CFO), identify five CFOs who you admire or who are well regarded in your industry.

11 Ways Big Companies Undermine Innovation

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Chief executives and business unit leaders weave the word innovation into their PowerPoints, hoping it will magically yield better product ideas, or miraculous improvements to existing processes. Seeking more influence and power, the company’s Chief Information Officer has altered his title, becoming Chief Innovation Officer. Fear of releasing “alpha” or test versions of new products and services to get early market feedback.

CMOs and CIOs Increasingly See Eye to Eye

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For the past four years, Accenture has conducted an annual survey of chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) to understand the state of their collaboration. How can CMOs and CIOs make progress toward working together productively, rather than letting tensions spoil their teams collaborations?

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6 Ways to Keep Good Ideas from Dying at Your Company

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The result is a lot of innovation programs that can build fantastic concept cars, but have a tough time getting production vehicles onto the road. What would new product development executives or project managers in the R&D lab tell you are the organizational dynamics that ice their best ideas? The challenge sponsors picked the best ones, and they are responsible for eventually rolling out the product, service, or process improvement.

A Technique to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and IT

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Kim Verhaaf, director of customer intelligence, told me: "A few years ago customer intelligence was mainly about finding customers for our products in order to push sales and conversion rates. To learn more about emotions, the customer intelligence group took several banking products and processes and measured customers'' reactions to them. Quick: when someone says "IT," what comes to mind?

Transforming Health Care Delivery to Increase Value - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS

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Improving access to care, increasing workforce productivity, optimizing clinical operations, and managing population health are important—and interrelated steps. Increase workforce productivity by optimizing the skill set of your workforce while shifting routine work away. Close those gaps, keep them as healthy as possible,” says John Kravitz, its chief information officer.

Lessons in IT Innovation From Silicon Valley

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But our recent research has taught us a lot about how management innovations can travel — in this case, from Silicon Valley tech sector companies known for their experimentation and agility in information technology (IT) management to the much older Bay Area companies who are their neighbors.

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What Digital Change Demands of IT Organizations - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC TECHNOLOGY

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In the past, IT just provided direct services to the operating groups, according to Chief Information Officer Hector Calva. Ross, principal research scientist at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). Information & technology Technology IT Sponsor ContentThere’s no question that legacy IT systems are too slow and rigid for the agility that digital business demands.

Why Can't a CIO Be More Like a CFO?

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Information governance is not IT''s job. It''s time for CIOs to move beyond their roles as chief technology officers, and embrace the name with all of its implications: Chief Information Officer. The explosive growth of information is accelerating.

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Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

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Consider Staples, the office-supplies retailer, which had tumbled from being the market leader to being a third of the new leader’s size by 1992. The existing management team had not addressed a range of issues, including required changes to store sizes, the product range, and which geographies the company focused on. So founder and CEO Tom Stemberg hired John Wilson as head of strategy and chief financial officer. alicemoi/Getty Images.


A System for Speaking IT Truths to CEOs

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I was impressed by the way he was treated there — like a human being, not a product in a factory — and by the staff's approach to delivering bad news. CIOs need to engage with the CEO's informal influencers to gain insights into the visibility of this topic in the C-suite.

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The Right Way to Present Your Business Case

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You have to know the best medium for the information,” says Duarte. When the 2008 financial crisis necessitated painful cuts at a Silicon Valley insurance company, chief information officer Jag Randhawa knew he needed a creative solution to boost morale and keep employees engaged. He decided to try to launch a bottom-up innovation program, which would allow IT employees to submit ideas to improve customer service, business processes, and products.

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