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Why Personal Branding is a Leadership Must

Women on Business

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The 12 Ways Great Leaders Build Trust

Terry Starbucker

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” ” –George MacDonald. Over the course of our working lives, how many times have we been let down by our leaders – for promises not kept, changes that are never made, money that is never spent, or raises that never come?

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Three Kinds of Remote Teams

Kevin Eikenberry

As the co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute, having worked with a wide variety of leaders and organizations with remote teams, and as a leader of a remote team myself, I believe thinking about the type of team you lead is important.

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7 Unwritten Rules which Shape an Organization

Ron Edmondson

In an organization the unwritten rules are just as, if not more, important than the written rules. I wrote about this idea HERE.

Why Your Management Information Should Be Curated In Real-Time

N2Growth Blog

Management information is that which is used to determine business direction, to make executive decisions and to set policy. It is used to respond to changes in the marketplace and react to customer demands.

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Become A Beacon Of Hope

Joseph Lalonde

Great leaders take a stand and call for others to come along on the journey. They point towards hope and say “There we go! That’s where we need to head.” ” These impactful leaders become a beacon of hope for those they lead.

7 Indicators It’s Time for Change in Organizational Structure

Ron Edmondson

I’ve been a leader in an almost 200 year old company and a new business. I’ve led in a church plant and now in an over 100 years old established church.

Don’t Complain, Create.


At the heart of living a creative life is ability to do something about things you don’t like. What we do instead is keep complaining. We all have our own circle of influence – things we can change ourselves or exert our influence to create change.

It Starts With Trust

Lead Change Blog

Everyone around the table looked at each other. There was silence in the room. This was the third time they had met off site as a team to do their strategic planning. The facilitator had just asked how they had done on their five goals for the quarter.

5 Surprising Places Young Leaders Can Grow

Joseph Lalonde

You know you’ve got to grow as a leader or you’ll become stagnant. And you know there’s places to grow. The problem is, you don’t know where those places are. Image by JD Hancock. I’ve got good news for you today.

Are You a Great Manager?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Jack Litewka : “How can I know whether I’m a Good Manager or a Great Manager?” (I’ll I’ll assume that no one reading this article is a Bad Manager.) That’s an important question that all leaders need to ask themselves. Why is it an important question?”

You Aren’t Fit to Lead if Your Greatest Strength is Seeing Weakness

Leadership Freak

You aren’t fit to lead if your greatest strength is seeing weakness. Smart talented leaders find it easy to point out inadequacies, describe what’s wrong, and explain disagreements. There’s no creativity in pointing… Continue reading → Courage Criticism Marks of leaders Strengths Taking others higher weaknesses Leadership Development organizational success Questions

Leading In The Face Of Adversity And Sorrow

Tanveer Naseer

Illustration created by my daughter Zafina in response to the terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque. As many of my long-time readers know, I publish new articles on leadership here on my blog every Tuesday.

15 WordPress Themes to Build a Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Site

Women on Business

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When Leaders Toss The Script

Lead Change Blog

It was 1994 and I was in Indiana, attending the National Thespian Convention with my high school theater mates. We were losing ourselves in plays and musicals from some of the nation’s best. “Please excuse our mess, we’re remodeling.”

10 Questions Humble Leaders Ask Themselves

Leadership Freak

Self-importance blocks leadership. The difference between self-importance and knowing you matter is ego. Humble leaders know that others make their leadership. Humility enables confidence. Self-importance reflects ego. 7 indications you might be egotistical:… Continue reading → Humility Servant-leadership Leadership Development

5 Situations You May Need to Micromanage

Ron Edmondson

The People on Your Team I prefer to be a macro-manager. I like to lead leaders. This means I try to cast the vision for a team and get out of the way, releasing each team member to do his or her work in their own individual way.

Why successful plans include a learning component

Lead on Purpose

We’re almost done with the first month of 2017. Most statistics I’ve read about people who set new year’s resolutions show that more than half have already given up by this point in the year (in less than one month). … Continue reading → Learning Product Management business processes products sales success

Guest Blogger: Denise Yosafat on The CHOICE to Communicate Effectively… in Six Steps!


Face-to-Face conversations , emails, texts, phone calls, presentations…we are constantly communicating with each other in our business and personal lives. And with each communication, we make an impression. So how can we be more inclined to make a positive one? Well, it’s all a matter of CHOICE.

4 Ways to Lead Taking-Action Meetings

Leadership Freak

The trouble with meetings is the preference for information and disinterest in taking action. How many people enter meetings prepared to take action, change behaviors, or adjust strategies? There is too much, “What… Continue reading → Meetings and agendas Meetings

7 Ways to Lose Favor with Senior Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I can be pretty hard on senior leadership. Having been in such a position for over 25 years, I know the bad side of senior leadership. I’ve witnessed it and, in full candor, I’ve been it.

Your View Of Friendship Is Skewed

Joseph Lalonde

One thousand, eight hundred and thirty-seven. That’s the number of “friends” Facebook tells me that I have. On one hand, it brings joy to my heart. There are 1,837 people that are connected to me on Facebook. The other hand feels sadness.

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Starting at the Bottom? Here’s Who I’m Hiring for an Internship

Women on Business

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5 Strategies to Convince Reluctant Leaders to Move Forward

Leadership Freak

The end is near when protecting the past is more important than creating the future. 5 strategies to convince reluctant leaders to move forward #1. Ask 3 questions: #1. On a scale of 1-10 how prepared are you to move forward today? You might wish they were a 7, but they’re a 3. Don’t fight … … Continue reading → Decisions Fear Success Vision Leadership Development organizational success

Flight Lessons: Preparing Your Leaders for Success

RapidStart Leadership

Are you giving your teammates flight lessons? As leaders, the best indicator of our success is the success of those we are responsible for.

7 Good Reasons to Measure Communications in Your Organization


When leaders call us for help with any type of communication, our first step is to understand what’s going on. We need to assess the audience and current state to identify key issues or opportunities before making recommendations.

First Look: Leadership Books for February 2017

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February. Pacing for Growth : Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-term Success by Alison Eyring. Stretch : Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined by Scott Sonenshein. Extreme Teams : Why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and Other Cutting-Edge Companies Succeed Where Most Fail by Robert Bruce Shaw. Leadership Step by Step : Become the Person Others Follow by Joshua Spodek.

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How to Practice Feedback-Seeking and Take Your Career to the Next Level

Leadership Freak

There is too much emphasis on giving feedback and too little on seeking it. Create a culture where feedback-seeking is expected, habitual, and honored. 3 principles for feedback-seeking: #1. Establish objectives before seeking… Continue reading → Feedback

Featured Instigator: David Greer

Lead Change Blog

This month we are featuring Instigator David Greer.

Workplace Addiction: Addressing and Ending Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Women on Business

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Talent Search in a Digital Age

N2Growth Blog

About six years ago when I started my post-doc programme at Harvard Business School and contacted several top executive search firms, the majority of them told me that social media does not affect their work at all.

5 Ways Judgmental Leaders Move Forward by Withholding Judgement

Leadership Freak

Enter every interaction as a learner, even when you plan to teach. One difference between confidence and arrogance is an open mind. Bring what you know, after exploring what you don’t. The only hope… Continue reading → Humility Innovation Listening Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

Leadership During Difficult Times

Coaching Tip

2017 is likely to be a year unlike any we've ever experienced. America has never been more divided, and many people are feeling alienated and anxious. Now, more than ever, it's critical to do what we can to build our capacity to be resilient. This means having the vision that enables us to see the beauty and compassion that's unfolding around us so we don't lose hope, while also staying grounded so we're ready to take the actions necessary to manage whatever comes our way.

Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish

Strategy Driven

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. A lot of modern business have turned their focus away from factories overseas, opting to make their products closer to home. Of course, this is a great selling point for a business. And, it’s one that a lot of businesses use to get customers interested in their goods.