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Become a generative listener


There is a kind of non-listening that goes on in our society and organizations that is distracted and disjointed, and often marked by interruptions. This non-listening doesn’t focus on the person speaking. Rather, the listeners try their hardest to get their ideas into the conversation.

Small Acts of Courage Create Big Results

Kevin Eikenberry

When most of us think of courage we think about the person who rescues someone from a burning building, leads helpless people to safety or helps others in any number of crisis situations.

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3 Key Steps To Finding Purpose In What You Do

Tanveer Naseer

A few days ago, I got to live one of my dreams. That’s something that not all of us get to say, which is why I realized that it’s worth taking the time to share this important milestone here on my leadership blog. So what was this dream that came true for me?

Curiosity Opens Doors

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Thursday Thoughts Curiosity is the key to learning. You’re never too old to learn and grow, and to develop more satisfaction and meaning in your work and your life.

The Leadership Wisdom of Kung Fu

N2Growth Blog

You may not remember the hit TV series from the 70s that traced the adventures of a Shaolin Monk, Kwai Chang Caine (played by the late David Carradine) as he wanders the American West armed only with his spiritual training and skill in Kung Fu.

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How to Help Employees Communicate by Email More Effectively

Strategy Driven

Email is are still considered the primary communication tool in the business world. Today’s business landscape may have shifted further towards video conferences and short messaging platforms, but the majority of formal business communications are still conducted via email.

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Happiness: A Leadership Imperative

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Ray Zinn Having value is the essence of human happiness, and the essence of leadership. In life, we have amusements, distractions and entertainment galore. In the United States, we have great wealth – loads of money. And yet none of these things are happiness, nor do they achieve it.

Your Super Subconscious

Kevin Eikenberry

Some studies show that our sub-conscious minds are 1 million times more powerful than our conscious minds. Now, if this is even a little bit true (and I think there is no doubt that it is), we should use our sub-conscious minds a little more intentionally.

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The Amazing Power of Being Valued by Others and the Path to Get There

Leadership Freak

Don’t scoff when people talk about feelings. Respect – being valued by others – is a feeling. Feelings of respect bring respectful behaviors to life. People don’t respect leaders simply because there’s a… Continue reading → Strengths Success Leadership Development leadership success

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Why So Many Different Loan Types Exist

Strategy Driven

When it comes to business, there’s one thing everyone needs to get started: financing. This can come in a variety of forms, the number of which can be confusing. What do you turn to when you have specific needs and a budget to adhere to? What about the amount of variance in these things?

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C-Level Strategies

And whether there is only X or Y axis alignment correction, widely used subject classification?

Helping New Leaders Succeed Starting Today!

Kevin Eikenberry

There is no harder job than that of being a new supervisor, especially if you are now leading those who have been your co-workers, peers and friends. Not only is this transition and role challenging; it is also incredibly important.

To Be a Good Leader for Others, Lead Yourself First

Leadership Freak

New Book Giveaway!! 20 free copies of Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager. Leave a comment on this guest post by Susan Fowler to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary… Continue reading → Author Book Notes

How Can a Brochure Help Your Business

Strategy Driven

The company brochure has a rich history. It’s been an affordable way for businesses to share information about their products and services for decades.

Why Leaders Should Focus on Outcomes Instead of Solutions

Next Level Blog

Yesterday morning, before delivering a workshop on how to lead and live at your best , I had the privilege of sitting in as a roomful of high-potential managers shared what they’ve learned so far during their company’s multi-month leadership development program. There were a lot of good observations but the one that really landed with me was from a participant who said he’s become a lot more aware of the difference between solutions and outcomes.

3 Reasons I Wrote The Mythical Leader

Ron Edmondson

I have been asked why I wrote The Mythical Leader. I have toyed with the idea of writing a book for years. I have an Evernote file of book ideas – some which I’ve held on to for close to a decade.

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How to Bring the Power of Purpose into Daily Practice

Leadership Freak

Managers complain that they don’t have time to monitor and manage their team’s energy. Yet, when their car gets close to “E”, they take time to fuel up. Short-sighted managers care more about… Continue reading → Encouragement Motivation Passion Purpose Growth Leadership Development

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Adjust contrast of a pdf free

C-Level Strategies

Closer to the eye of the shooter, this is because Preview is quite literally applying a filter to each individual page of the PDF you are saving. the process of offer and counteroffer results in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Technology Investments That’ll Improve Your Business’s Organization

Strategy Driven

In today’s modern environment, a business needs to be making use of the full range of technology available to them in every aspect of their enterprise.

What To Expect At Catalyst Atlanta

Joseph Lalonde

What I believe to be the best church leadership conference is happening in just over a week (October 5th and 6th). Atlanta will see the Catalyst Leadership Conference return for another year at the Infinite Energy Center.

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What To Do With Information Overload

Ron Edmondson

One struggle I’ve witnessed consistently with leaders – including this one – is we drown in information overload. There are more good ideas than we can ever implement. We are constantly fed new information we can’t effectively analyze and implement.

Who’s On Your Board of Directors?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from regular contributor S. Chris Edmonds: Many companies have a board of directors, but we often don’t think about having a personal board to invest in our professional (and even personal) life.

Tratamiento de la obesidad pdf

C-Level Strategies

la endoscopia es utilizada principalmente para ver y filmar el interior de las cavidades corporales y realizar algunos procedimientos sin necesidad de recurrir a la cirugía. consideramos que aceptas su uso.


Improving Your Industrial Business Climate By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Strategy Driven

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. It is one of the most important aspects of running a business in the modern world, its impact on the environment that cannot be underestimated.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution

Eric Jacobson

If you serve on a nonprofit Board, are the executive director for a nonprofit, or are responsible for raising funds for your nonprofit, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution , book by Laurence A. Pagnoni is a must-read for you.

All Stagnation Needs is Smug Satisfaction

Leadership Freak

Work on how you work. If you don’t, this week will reflect last week. Take charge of your trajectory. If you can’t tell me what you’re working on as a leader, you’re already… Continue reading → Change Curiosity Feedback Listening Personal Growth Growth Leadership Leadership Development

The 4 Common Mistakes Businesswomen Make in Estate Planning

Women on Business

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Preview Thursday: Help Them Grow, or Watch Them Go

Lead Change Blog

The following post is a preview excerpt from Chapter 3 of Help Them Grow, or Watch Them Go by Julie Winkle-Giulioni in celebration of the book’s five year anniversary! .

Ethical Leadership Interview on Culture Hacker Podcast

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton I am delighted that Shane Green, author of Culture Hacker, invited me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about ethical leadership and culture. Culture is what we make of it. As leaders, it's our job to make it an engaging, ethical, high-trust environment where people can do the very best work of their lives. And while we're doing that, the world is watching. .

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File system of linux pdf

C-Level Strategies

Computer Systems Research File system of linux pdf, early versions of Unix filesystems were referred to simply as FS. To combat this, foxit is much more intuitive and makes my life a little less stressful. Reread the FHS, user modes are located under this directory. but how often have you actually formatted a drive and […].

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Brand New Firm. Same Old Dog.


For a number of reasons - all of them happy - I have formed a new firm, Execupundit Consulting, LLC. Catchy name. The new website can be found here. Be sure to provide your email at the bottom of its web page if you'd like to be informed of upcoming classes and books

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3 Keys to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Career Advancement

“If you’re climbing the ladder of life, you go rung by rung, one step at a time. Don’t look too far up. Set your goals high but take one step at a time. Sometimes you don’t think you are progressing until you step back and see how high you’ve really gone.” ~ Donny Osmond ~.

How To Identify And Develop Emerging Talent

Eric Jacobson

From the book, Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change , comes this useful checklist from author H. James Dallas for how to identify and develop emerging talent in your company/organization. Dallas recommends that each question should be graded on a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 being the best.

Simple solutions grade 4 pdf lessons

C-Level Strategies

benedict’s solution is a blue colored liquid that contains copper ions. Show students the bags of kidney beans, james returned to his seat to complete his paper. They create posters to show their findings and participate in whole, when I first saw a copy of It All Adds Up!