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AI: Where Are We Now? Report via EDUCAUSE

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Managing the ethics of artificial intelligence is only becoming more complex over time, and the stakes are high for finding a path forward. This week I am sharing a special report "AI: Where Are We Now?" published by EDUCAUSE.

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Building an Ethical Culture (Part 2)

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton One of my favorite concepts for understanding how social media is changing the visibility of organizational culture is’s report Glass Box Brands. The key point I take away from this important report is that we can no longer assume that our culture is private.

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Making Ethics Easier: The HR Guide to Compliance Success

HR Digest

Ethics and compliance are critical elements of any organization’s success. HR plays a vital role in ensuring that employees understand and follow ethical standards and comply with relevant laws and regulations. HR’s Role in Ethics and Compliance HR plays a crucial role in ethics and compliance in several ways.

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How Ethical a Change Leader Are You?

Lead Change Blog

However, what worked best was modelling ethical leadership throughout, providing an alternative approach that most had never experienced. Why I believe in ethical leadership—and why you should too. Your report gives you a benchmark to start your reflection on your ethical values and how they are influencing what you think and do.

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Untangling (Social and Mainstream) Media Ethics

Leading in Context

In the UNESCO report "The Media: Operation Decontamination," Aidan White notes that "Today, it’s not just journalists who need to watch their language and show respect for the facts; everyone with something to say in the public information sphere needs to show some ethical restraint." There are many variables complicating media ethics.

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5 Reports Say Business Ethics is Improving

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton What do Deloitte, Strategy & PwC, Dow Jones, The Ethics Resource Center and LRN have to say about trends in business ethics? Get ready for some good news: Ethical Leader Ethical Organization Trends 7 Lenses business ethics ethical leadership ethical trends ethics blogs proactive ethical leadership'

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The Growing Importance of Ethics in PR

Strategy Driven

Ethics have always been important in PR, but they have officially become more important than ever. Nearly every single PR organization follows a code of ethics. PR Council, PRSA, Institute of PR, ICCO, and Global Alliance are just a few of the boards that offer their own code of ethics. What Is Ethics?

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