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First Look: Leadership Books for May 2024

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Venture capitalists are known for their extraordinary ability to spot opportunities. Stanford Professor Ilya Strebulaev has devoted two decades to studying VCs’ counterintuitive approaches to decision-making and the reasons behind the successes and failures of corporate innovations.

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Venture Capitalists Are Looking for Failures

Women on Business

According to an article in the April issue of Harvard Business Review , “Failing By Design,” many venture capitalists won’t invest in a new enterprise if the founder has never undergone failure. Did you know failure is one of the biggest indicators of future success in an entrepreneur? In other words, they are looking for… failures!


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The Leader as a Venture Capitalist

Kevin Eikenberry

Paul shared a string of fabulous ideas and techniques to help everyone be more effective at both problem solving and innovation. He said that when striving for innovation, leaders should think like venture capitalists. Consider what venture capitalists do. Where does that leave us as leaders?

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0815 | Why Innovation Needs Liberal Arts with Scott Hartley


SCOTT HARTLEY is a venture capitalist and startup advisor. He has served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House, a partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, and a venture partner at Metamorphic Ventures. Listen in iTunes ] [ Listen on Stitcher ].

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The Dark Side Of Venture Capital

The Horizons Tracker

The research highlights the important role venture capitalists play in forging the culture of a startup as it moves through the developmental milestones. This creates an inevitable tension between short-term financial results and long-term socially responsible strategies. Culture unchecked.

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Research Explores How The VC Industry Is Changing

The Horizons Tracker

Venture capitalists (VC) obviously provide startups with finance, but they also provide experience and expertise to help the startup grow. “Our research hints at a potential threat to this ecosystem that could reduce the pace of innovation if the traditional long-term VC/startup relationship cycle is disrupted.”

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Mentoring Is the Secret to Innovation Say Silicon Valley’s Top VCs and Entrepreneurs

Innovation Excellence

Mentoring transforms big ideas into high-impact innovations. Having worked with dozens of the Fortune 1000 companies, coached startups, and founded three companies, I can say there’s a universal truth when it comes to innovation: big ideas are just ideas until they deliver real value to the world.