What Makes a Team Great


Last week, during an internal team event, we organized an interesting activity. Team members were asked to form a human chain by holding hands. The team that passed hoop across in least time would win. The hoop signified challenges and issues that a team faces.

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Empowering The Quiet Team Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Your team is on overdrive. A team member with a trait, a quirk that gets under your skin. And it’s costing you and the team time and energy. Team engagement is always critical. It is natural to go for the obvious team drivers: the alpha, the verbalizer, the workhorse.

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Handling Conflict on Your Team

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3 Things You Need to Know to Manage a Team of Superstars

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Leadership Management

Top Project Management Challenges

Strategy Driven

Ask any project manager, and you’ll hear that one of the top problems that they face is a high tolerance for failure. Excel spreadsheets and emails are two ways to accomplish this, but most managers should use a project management methodology to stay on task.

Don’t let team drift run your team aground

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

You might be suffering from team drift and not know it. The same thing can happen to teams. One of the most common complaints I hear from managers is, “I want to re-energize […]. The post Don’t let team drift run your team aground appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. Team Effectiveness High Performance Teams Team Drift

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Team Development Is a Key Leadership Responsibility

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Too many talented individuals get overlooked when managers don’t view development as their responsibility. The post Team Development Is a Key Leadership Responsibility appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

Building Commitment on Your Team

Great Leadership By Dan

They’ll step in wondering just what kind of commitment they can expect from you, and many will wonder if they can measure up to the standards on your team. I managed to get back on the ground safely, but the effort really made me question my own competence.

8 Reasons Why Teams Fail

Lead Change Blog

We use the word team so often that it has almost become a garbage can word. Everything is a team. We have our department team, our sales team, our whole company is called a team, and we have even called the guys who meet every Friday night a team.

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6 Competencies Your Sales Team Must Master

Let's Grow Leaders

If they hire someone LIKE HER as their sales manager, I question who’s running the place. How can we be sure their project managers or contractors will be any less self-centered? ” 6 Competencies Your Sales Team Must Master.

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Who is Coaching Your Team?

Linked 2 Leadership

Who is Coaching Your Team? This is even more crucial for your customer facing teams, such as sales, customer service and marketing. To use a sports analogy, you are the owner and or general manager, but who is on the field and in the clubhouse leading the team?

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A Quick Guide To Managing Conflicts


Here’s my one big lesson about managing conflicts – whenever I tried to “react” in the face of conflict, the situation mostly worsened. BONUS: Seth Godin’s guidance on managing disagreements and on managing conflicts with our own selves.

10 Questions Managers Should Ask When Their Team Won’t Listen

Let's Grow Leaders

One of the most challenging management experiences you’ll encounter is when it feels like your team won’t listen. You share your vision of the future, what the team’s capable of achieving…and are met with shrugs and silent stares. Communication Winning Well communication credibility influence leadership listening management visionYou share a new […].

4 Virtual Team Building Ideas for Remote Teams

Chart Your Course

Team building is essential for a productive, thriving and trustworthy environment. Engaging teams through non-work-related activities is also a fun way for employees to step away from the job for a nice mental break. Insta-Team Building. Team Fitness Challenge.

7 Ways to Build Trust and Confidence with Your Team

Great Leadership By Dan

It took a few of these fire drills before the managers realized what was going on, and they were ticked. Although the managers eventually told John they didn’t appreciate the wasted effort, he never fully understood how hurt they were by his apparent need to quadruple verify their work.

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The Biggest Mistakes Team Leaders Make

Let's Grow Leaders

Which is why I’m inviting you to play along with our next crowd-sourced adventure: A look at the biggest mistakes TEAM LEADERS make. The team leader’s job is arguably the toughest job in most companies and organizations. The Biggest Mistakes Team Leaders Make.

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4 Moves Smart Leaders Make to Get Better Team Results

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Victor Prince : Teams at work are like portfolios of people with different skills and performance patterns. Here are four moves that smart leaders do to get the highest overall return from their team. leadership micromanagement team development Victor Prince

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Management Styles

Strategy Driven

Organizations should coordinate management skills into its overall corporate strategy, in order to satisfy customer needs profitably, draw together the components for practical strategies and implement strategic requirements to impact the business. Under it, people were managed.

What Your Team Needs Besides Money

Strategy Driven

But if you believe that’s all they need, you’re going to find more people leaving the team than you would like. Let’s not pretend this relationship is all about what you can do for your team. Your team does plenty for you and showing that you acknowledge and value that is important.

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What Sets Apart the Greatest Teams of All-Time?

Leading Blog

In The Captain Class , Walker describes what makes an elite captain by analyzing the leadership of sixteen of the most dominate teams in history. And so teams choose the wrong people to lead them. They explain why captains of exceptional teams are so influential.

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Put Time on Your Team

Strategy Driven

But with of all of the difficulties the passing months bring, positives do present themselves for selling teams that are effective and organized. While the concept and strategy of team selling is widely known, there is less talk about the fact that prospect organizations buy in teams as well.

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Are You a Great Manager?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Jack Litewka : “How can I know whether I’m a Good Manager or a Great Manager?” (I’ll I’ll assume that no one reading this article is a Bad Manager.) So if a leader is not taking the time to think about what s-he needs to do to continue along the path from Good Manager to Great Manager, becoming a Great Manager will always be out of reach. Good Managers Let’s begin by looking at what Good Managers do.

There’s No “I” in Team, But There Should Be

Women on Business

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Managing Your International Team Without Letting Go Of The Reins

Strategy Driven

Many business owners understand the enormous benefits of having sales teams based in their international territories. Managing your international teams can be easier than you think. Catch up on a personal level with the key members of your international team.

6 Steps To Strengthen Team Cohesion

Tanveer Naseer

As such, here are six steps that will help you strengthen team cohesion, regardless of what storms might be looming outside your organization’s walls. After all, it’s easy to care about our contributions, but what about the contributions their fellow team mates make?

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Team Building Exercises for Leaders

Lead Change Blog

If you have worked for more than one boss in your career so far then you know that there are different styles of leadership or management. Think of a boss like an excellent coach who can take his team from a losing history to a winning history in a few years.

Inspiring team vitality


If I asked your team what you could do better I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me you could take a more positive view. You want your team to have vitality. An unbalanced focus on what’s wrong won’t provide the kind or energy you want your team to have. Can you imagine what it would be like if there were more positivity and vitality in your team? What can you do to lead your team to be more vital and energetic?

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10 Things to Do When Your Team’s Not Listening

Let's Grow Leaders

She was trying so hard… to establish the right vision, to key in on the important behaviors, to scaffold and develop…and her team just wasn’t listening. Here are ten questions worth asking when you hit that wall– when your team is just not listening.

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Managing An Older Team As A Young Manager

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Sean McPheat : With more and more graduates finding themselves in a managerial role fresh out of university, it’s interesting to analyse the way that young managers are able to manage and interact with their older team members. Get to know your team as individuals.

Art of Managing—Shiny Objects and the Senior Management Team

Management Excellence

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Under New Management

Leading Blog

It is hard to let go of the thinking behind some of the management tools we still use today. David Burkus reports on a number of seemingly radical management ideas in Under New Management. He also tackles the question: Are managers necessary? Management

In Pursuit of Senior Management Team Cohesion

Management Excellence

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The Biggest Leap You’ll Ever Make: From Team Member to First-Time Manager

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The jump from the role of individual contributor to a first-time manager is one of the the most dramatic and most challenging leaps one can make. The post The Biggest Leap You’ll Ever Make: From Team Member to First-Time Manager appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

7 Characteristics Of A High Performing Team

Lead Change Blog

When I first started working with teams, I heard the phrase High Performing Team (HPT) used frequently. I understood that a this type of team produced consistent quality results and its members cared about each other. Have table teams report out. Team spirit is high.

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Avoid a Common Leadership Mistake: Empower Your Team


Leaders empower their team members and hold them accountable for delivering agreed results. However, to inspire and empower you must have a connection with your team members…a relationship. Continue reading Avoid a Common Leadership Mistake: Empower Your Team at CoachStation.

How Project Management Apps Are Fostering Remote Working

Strategy Driven

The inter-connectivity of computers worldwide and the advent of project management apps and time-tracking software has made this possible. There was also a 13% increase in productivity from the virtual team.

How to Reconnect Your Team

Michael Lee Stallard

#66 Reconnect Your Team. It can be anything they care to share with the team such as something they did outside of work that other team members might be interested in or something that’s going on at work that they want the team to know about.

5 Ways To Manage Virtual Employees

Women on Business

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Why Make Managers A Strategic Priority?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage: What would your organization be like if every employee had a great manager? In every organization, managers are a key leverage point to drive higher performance and better business results. Managers maintain service and quality standards and ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. The impact managers have on turnover and engagement go straight to the organization’s bottom line.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable to a Team

Ron Edmondson

One of my first managers frequently reminded us no one is irreplaceable. While I agree with him on some levels – even though I’m not quite sure it’s a healthy demonstration for building team morale – I think there are ways a person can make themselves more valuable to a team.

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